Much To Talk About- 138

15 Jun

#1. I will be taking care of some personal things this and next week so I do not know how much time I will have to post here.

#2, What Makes You A Christian

I suppose it may be surprising to you and your friends, but I think it will be helpful for generative, faithful dialogue to let you know that I’m a seminary graduate and a practicing Christian who has read, studied and ardently prayed over her bible for decades.  I’ve done hard work in community with other Christians and weighed my understanding on the scales of the saints and theologians who are far more learned that either you or I

Many alternative believers think that if they go to church, talk about God’s love, graduate from a Christian institution and so on then they are accepted by Jesus in spite of his words in the Bible. They feel that their alternative ideas are accepted by God because God is love but both instances are far from the truth as Jesus said in John 3:3 “ye must be born again’ (KJV) which means that one must give up all sin to receive eternal life and then Paul said

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. (2 Cor. 5:17)

If a person is still practicing things from the old self, but calling themselves Christian then they have not been mad a new creature and spit on Christ’s redemptive work. You cannot hang onto sin and still think you have been redeemed. The Gospel of Mark backs this up:

No one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment; otherwise the patch pulls away from it, the new from the old, and a worse tear results. No one puts new wine into old wineskins; otherwise the wine will burst the skins, and the wine is lost and the skins as well; but one puts new wine into fresh wineskins. (2:21-2)

One cannot remain homosexual if they are in Christ.

#3. I Do Not Like Even Hearing The Word Welcome

Trend or not, the disenchantment can be traced to six things that people need to hear from churches, but are rarely said:

Churches try very hard to greet visitors and I am sure some of them like the special attention they receive when they walk through the door of a church. I am not one of those. In fact, I prefer to be left alone, not talked to and especially I do not want special attention. Just let me find my seat and leave me alone. I do not warm up to people right away and I do not enjoy aggressive people so for me, not hearing the word welcome is a good thing.

You can find God here.”

If God is there at that specific church, then the visitor will know it and nothing needs to be said.  The Bible speaks about giving your own testimony thus it is not wise to say things like this for such self-descriptions may not be true.  Let the guest make the determination and heap praise on your congregation instead of exposing your need for self-praise.

What do you feel God is calling you to do?”

This should be done between the pastor and the person when the latter requests a private meeting. It should not be done by the general congregation upon the first attendance of the guest as the church needs to see some fruit first before welcoming a stranger with open arms.

You have gifts and we are incomplete without them.”

When I read lists like this, and especially words of such blind acceptance, my immediate thought is that the alternative believer is trying to get his or her false teaching into the church unexamined. They are trying to be Christian without following all of God’s rules and expect to be accepted as such without performing according to biblical regulations.

The last quoted words do not need to be said at all as there are other, better ways to communicate that thought.

#4. If They Are Then You Need To Bring Them Back To The Truth

The non-affirming, behavior-focused, religious gatekeepers are scratching their heads at the departure of an increasing number of Christians to the clutches of the growing Jesus-following, gay-affirming church!

No we are not scratching our heads, we are shaking them sadness as we now that they are being led astray and they refuse to listen to the truth. Most of those 15 items are nonsensical but there are a few that can be an indicator of your friend straying from the straight and narrow and heading off into the broad path to destruction.

They start saying “our LGBTQ brothers and sisters” instead of “those homosexuals.”

This one is a good indicator as the LBGTQ community does not contain Christians, unless there are a few rare exceptions.  This community of people cannot be our brothers and sisters in Christ until they have repented of their sins and given up their perverted sexual practices.  If they don’t then they have not been redeemed nor let go of sin. Now of course, there will always be a few exceptions depending upon the circumstances but those few exceptions do not justify the rest of the group.

They talk increasingly about how unconditionally loved they are by God and how their heart longs to love others as they themselves have been loved.

But that unconditional love does not relax God’s rules for salvation of inclusion in his kingdom. Then if they truly understood the word ‘loved’ then they will realize that they are not loving their homosexual friend or whatever, they are doing them a dis-service instead by not telling them the truth.

They realize they didn’t have a choice in being straight.

Actually that idea is not true but I do not want to go into further details right at this time.

They start saying “handful of falsely interpreted passages” instead of “the Bible” when they talk about scripture that condemns homosexuality – and they start to realize that the Bible actually does not condemn homosexuality.

It does but the pro-homosexual crowd refuses to accept that teaching. This is a good sign that your friend is changing colors as lying about what the Bible says is not a sign of a Christian.

They discover that more people they know, maybe even a family member, are gay.

So? This does not change God’s view of homosexuality.

The more they look, the more they see happy, joyful, loving LGBTQ couples and marriages.

People being deceived do not look like sad, gloomy people or have  troubles in their marriage. That atmosphere is not a sign of a Christian or that God has changed his mind.

They feel more and more uncomfortable with the term ‘evil gay agenda’, having realized that the ‘gay agenda’ is really about love, family, game nights, puppies, great friends, good wine, and warm cookies.

The last part is definitely not true. The homosexual couple can have all of those things without trying to pervert the institution of marriage or having a same-sex partner. Their agenda is to have their sin and sinful lifestyle thought of as normal, right and so on. It has nothing to do with those items.

#5. Again I Am Different-

Behind closed doors clergy often ruefully observe that they would rather officiate at a funeral than preside at a wedding.

That sounds harsh, but I’m convinced that it’s because most of us watch in frustration as weddings, as well as marriages, get off on the wrong foot.

I do not think it is the clergy’s place to say much to a couple when they are getting married. These things need to be said by the couple’s parents or family members and they should be taught by the parents when their children start dating.  Unfortunately, many parents do not do so and a few counseling sessions with a member of the clergy will not undo years of negative lessons, especially when the couple talks to their parents and friends about what the clergyman said.

I was not appreciative what a pastor said to me when I was searching for a minister to perform my wedding ceremony. He said, ‘I wouldn’t feel comfortable if I didn’t counsel you two after all I am responsible…’  No the clergy is not responsible for the marriage or the wedding. He is simply someone who performs the ceremony and signs the official marriage license and that is it. The couple is responsible for their own actions, motivations and reasons for marrying each other.

Conducting a ceremony does not place any responsibilities upon the clergy for they have no say or authority over the words and behavior of the couple. The minister does not give an account to God on their actions but his own. Too often, people take on needless worry and concern when they adopt responsibilities for things that are not theirs to be responsible for.

As a teacher I never took on responsibility for my students learning the material. I took on my own as a teacher and sought to give them the best material the best way possible so that the students would not have an excuse if they were challenged by their parents on their lack of progress.  The learning of the student is on the students’ shoulders not mine, being a good teacher and ding my job is on mine. The same with marriage. The duty of the minister is to perform the ceremony correctly, the duty of the couple is to work to have a good marriage. The minister cannot do the latter at all, he needs to work on his own marriage and set the right example.

Couples have free choice and if the minister doesn’t like that, it doesn’t matter. It is the couple’s marriage not the ministers’.

Oh, I do not have any trouble with most of that list, I just think that telling the couple how to have a good marriage falls under the parent’s duty not the minister’s.

#7. He Does This Every Week

Speaking of …

Every week the owner of that website puts up a passage of scripture without commentary telling his readers what he thinks is wrong with the passage. His readers call him a Christian but no Christian puts up God’s word to be mocked, ridiculed or misunderstood, and if they do I will challenge their claim to being a Christian. I spent weeks commenting on that website before they banned me and not one of the readers could hold a decent discussion on any issue, let alone that series of posts.

They would not accept any answer other than their own distorted ideas about the passage even when it was pointed out that the passage was out of context and the poster and readers lacked the understanding needed to grasp what was going on. All those type of posting show is that people think they are greater than God, have no respect for him and his word.

They do not want to follow God’s rules to gain understanding of why God recorded what he did. They prefer to abuse those who side with God and attempt to present a contrary argument to their points. Keep in mind I am not talking about his words on the movie just the passage of scripture and if you check his writing out, you will see he says nothing on the passage he claims to be weird.

Alternative believers and unbelievers just do not accept where they stand in the world nor why that standing is the cause of their troubles with the Bible. They all think that God has to humble himself to them and give them personal explanations which they get to stand in judgment of. it just doesn’t work that way but then that is why they are alternative believers and unbelievers, they just want to have everything done their way

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