Obviously He Does Not Know

12 Jun


California Pastor Who Went to Church With Bruce Jenner Says ‘Caitlyn Knows Who Jesus Is’

If he knows who Jesus is, then why did he mutilate himself and make all those changes?  He did so because he is like the homosexual community and other alternative groups who focus on one small aspect of Jesus to justify their actions. They like to point to the words ‘Jesus is love’ and then claim that Jesus loves them as they are but they are misguided, deceived and using that aspect to give themselves permission to pursue that which the Bible has said is sin and wrong.

Jesus is love and he loves us as we are BUT he also said ‘you need to be born again’, ‘you need to repent of your sins’, and so much more.  But these aspects of Jesus are ignored by Jenner and others because it means that if they actually listened to Jesus, they would not be able to pursue their sinful desires and feel good about it

She was there at church almost every Sunday, sitting in the front row and singing along to every song if he could. She would chat with me before services and make fun of how I wore sandals every day,” Cobia wrote.

This is a great example of looking on the surface and no really knowing the Christian faith, God or seeing the heart of the person. Anybody can go to church and sing songs. Those activities do not make one a Christian nor does joking with the pastor.  It seems that that pastor does not what it means to be a Christian or he is just too accepting of people and does not want to ‘offend’ them by telling them the truth.

The pastor does Jenner and the Christian world a dis-service by calling Jenner a ‘she’. Jenner is no more a woman than I am and he is missing certain functions to be able to call himself a woman thus all we see is a deluded and deceived person in desperate need of help.

She listened with great intent to the sermons at my church. I could tell she just loved being there.

Loving where one is at does not make them a Christian either, no more than loving being in a garage makes one a car.  I feel that that pastor has failed Jenner and I think that too many Christians fail the world because they are either too afraid to tell the truth or simply ignore it for whatever ideology will ease their lives. The question is: How can Jenner or the secular world know Jesus or even take God seriously when those inside the church do not?

That is the problem for the church today. Most of them do not know Jesus, who he is or how he wants the Christian life thus people are led astray and God and his rules are not taken seriously. The end result is we have unrepentant homosexuals, people like Jenner and even those advocating women as pastors and church leaders entering the church and declaring themselves good and holy when they are not.

If the church people cannot take God and his rules seriously, then how can they expect the unchurched world to do so? The Bible says you reap what you sow and we see the church, for the most part, reaping sin because they have sown sin. It is not a good situation to be in as we blaspheme God and his ways simply because the secular world demands inclusion in a kingdom they are not entitled to until they follow the instructions correctly and those instructions include, giving up all sin.


The Duggar family of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting” reality show has been hit by a new investigation in which the Department of Human Services in Arkansas reportedly called 911 after the family denied agents access to one of the children.

“We have an investigation and I guess they’re not being cooperative. We have to see the child to make sure the child is all right. So we just need police assistance,” a Washington Country DHS employee is heard telling a 911 operator on May 27, according to information obtained by In Touch magazine.

A 911 call? Seriously? From whom a family member or someone who doe snot like the Duggars?  This is what bothers me about government these days. They only need an excuse and they will take it wherever they can get it.  I also find that those who profess some sort of Christian faith are highly more likely to be investigated by the government than anyone else.

The Duggar family has been dealing with a molestation scandal in the wake of separately released reports that revealed their eldest son, Josh Duggar, molested four of his younger sisters when he was a teenager.

I wouldn’t call it molestation nor a scandal because it was handled years ago, whether properly or not is not my call nor anyone’s call for that matter. I do not think any of us are not living in a glass house when it comes to parenting. I do think that this whole situation has been blown out of proportion and only because the people are famous Christians. Then while the government does have the authority and right to investigate, their investigations need to be honest, just, and biblical.

One 911 call is not enough to spark an investigation especially since the family has exposed their lives on t.v. for everyone to see for years and have done nothing wrong in all that time.

Jill Dillard, one of the victims, added: “This is something that’s already dealt with. We’ve already moved on. It’s not the truth. Everything is distorted.”

I agree and the only people who haven’t moved on are those who think their emotional ideas trump real justice or those who want to see the people hurt by a decade+ old incident that probably wasn’t even molestation. But then many people over-state what took place because they want their pound of flesh and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

I do not care how you view certain acts, if you let your emotions replace your common sense and wisdom and intelligence then you are not helping matters but only making them worse. Too many people stick their noses in where they do not belong and cannot mind their own business even though they would not welcome such treatment if they were the ones subject to these attention and investigation.

“I was stunned and shocked that the victims were exploited in this by the media for their own interests — there was no interest in the media to protect those girls, there was no interest to make sure their interests were served. And I think your interview pointed out that they had a very different reaction to all of this than did their critics who were out to destroy their families,” Huckabee told Megyn Kelly on “The Kelly File” on Monday.

And again I agree. I certainly cannot say it any better.  T.V. news is all about ratings and money. It is no more about real journalism or investigative reporting. it is all about getting people to tune into their program. Most websites on the internet are the same way. ‘Good journalism’ are bad words these days as it is all about getting those internet clicks.

If the government knew God, they would be doing things a lot differently than they are. They would be stopping busybodies and other interlopers from wasting their time and ruining families.  It isn’t about how many charges we can bring against people but how to do it all correctly, justly and fairly

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