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10 Jun

#1. This Is 1 Reason Why We Do Not Call For Boycotts

Evangelist Franklin Graham may want to look a little more closely at the financial institutions he patronizes.

Graham, who is president and CEO of his father’s Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, announced last week that the group would no longer use Wells Fargo because the bank had run an ad featuring a lesbian couple. He also urged Christians to boycott other LGBT-friendly companies.

But Graham failed to take his own advice, choosing a new bank that’s also supportive of LGBT causes.

It can backfire on you.  At the end we may get a glimpse of the real reason behind the switch on Graham’s part:

Graham said Monday that his evangelical association would save $100,000 a year on lower fees at BB&T, so maybe it’s all just about the money.

If you are going to call for a boycott make sure there are no hidden reasons that can be discovered which will undermine your message to the people and your own credibility.

#2. Tipping And The Christian

Hopefully, such stories are rare. But we do have reasons to be concerned when church members and Christian leaders treat restaurant servers and other service employees so poorly. Allow me to outline seven key concerns.

Ranier told a story about an older Pastor influencing a younger one to tip then seeing the young man go back and pick up his tip. I do not like Ranier that much because he talks about his way not God’s and though I will not call him a false teacher like the owner of Formerly Fundie, he is preaching mostly his own ideas.  Those 7 ‘concerns’ do not work outside of the west so his thinking is pretty limited.

I like the Asian way,a no-tipping culture, because I feel that the owner of the restaurant should be paying his employees wages and not rely upon the customer to pick up his responsibility. I do not base that thinking on scripture, it is the conclusion I have come to after years of hearing how poorly restaurants and other service industry businesses pay their people. The ‘do unto others…’ verse applies to restaurant owners as well, they do not get a free pass because they are a business.

I have little patience for people like Ranier who think a good Christian is someone who obeys his whims and demands. Also, I do not care if you tip or not; but which ever action you choose to follow, do it with the leading of God as he is the one you are to please.  Being a good christian is not limited to tipping

#3. There Is Only One definition Of Marriage

The only argument for conjugal marriage they’ve ever encountered has been the wooden proof-texting from the Bible. And besides, wrote Rine, “What the article names as a ‘revisionist’ idea of marriage—marriage as an emotional, romantic, sexual bond between two people—does not seem ‘new’ to my students at all, because this is the view of marriage they were raised with, albeit with a scriptural, heterosexual gloss.”

Everything else is a perversion. I say this because there is such a thing as right and wrong and that standard also applies to the institution of marriage. There is a right way to do and define marriage and there is a wrong way. The latter comes when people who do not accept the biblical definition of marriage and seek to have their own desires used to create a marriage.

I do not like some of the words used in that quote, like ‘proof-texting’ but then when people disagree with God’s definition they will look, for any term to help them ignore what is right and what is wrong. What bothers me the most, now, about the same-sex marriage demand is that the homosexual community and its supporters are trying to wipe out what is right and wrong in hopes of deluding themselves into thinking that they are okay.

Some people may point to the pluralistic marriages some biblical people enjoyed but keep this in mind– not one of those pluralistic marriages were same-sex. They all followed the real definition of marriage and that being between a man and a woman. I am not endorsing pluralistic marriages just making a point.

#4. Women & God—

When we use only male language for God we reinforce the idea that God is like a man and, in doing so, suggest that men are therefore more like God than women,” WATCH member Rev. Emma Percy, chaplain of Trinity College, Oxford, told The Sunday Times. “This means that women can see themselves as less holy and less able to represent Christ in the world. If we take seriously the idea that men and women are made in the image of God, both male and female language should be used.”

There is the old joke Why did God create women last? Because he did not want to be told how to create everything else. Well maybe it isn’t a joke after all as some women who have become bolder in their positions are now trying to change God and how people address him. That woman’s arguments are not realistic, let alone biblical but it is the last line I want to address.

If we take seriously the idea that men and women are made in the image of God, both male and female language should be used.”

NO. Her confusion is great as she does not understand what ‘being made in the image of God’ really means. Here is what the ISBE has to say:

It lies in the nature of the case that the “image” does
not consist in bodily form; it can only reside in spiritual qualities, in man’s
mental and moral attributes as a self-conscious, rational, personal agent,
capable of self-determination and obedience to moral law.

It isn’t how men and women were made that teaches us to address God; we address God as he represents himself and he never refers to himself as a woman.

#5. God & Homosexuals–the-bible-faqs_b_7523704.html?utm_hp_ref=religion&ir=Religion

June is Gay Pride Month. It is a time for parades and for festivals, for rainbow flags and for dance tents. It is a time to recognize the amazing progress that has been made on LGBT equality as we recommit ourselves to continuing the struggle until liberty and justice for all really means “all.” Everywhere.

Yet if we demanded true equality and asked for a Christian month, the homosexuals and their supporters would be up in arms in protest. They want their way and do not want to give anyone else the same things they demand. But that is not why I picked this article for inclusion here. I picked it because a supposed clergyman wrote it and got all the answers wrong and taught very unbiblical things.

Tell them that Jesus said absolutely nothing about being gay,

The pro-homosexuality people love to pull this argument out and we can be snide and retort “well Jesus did not say anything about airplanes thus flying one into the ground and killing all the passengers is not a sin.’ Jesus also did not say anything about dogs, their worth and ownership so is owning a dog wrong? These may seem like absurd examples but they are just the right type of example for that argument for that is the slippery slope that comment opens up.

The people who support homosexuality are deluded, blind and deceived , even if they are going to a church or belong to the professional ministry. The Bible speaks volumes against homosexuality, it is a sin, it is wrong and it is not to be supported or accepted into the church.

#6. I Disagree

Visitors will have the thrill of witnessing firsthand the historic construction of Noah’s Ark, being built according to the biblical proportions described in Scripture. Our guests will safely observe the Ark from a viewing spot just outside the actual hard-hat area. It will be their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see an Ark being built, which will become the largest timber-frame building in the world,” Ham said in a statement.

It is not historic and the only biblical aspect to it are the proportions described in Genesis 6.  We do not know anything else about the ark, how Noah and his sons put it together, what materials they used beside gopher wood and so on. I really wish they had never went into this project because I do not see it as a tool for Christ and like the Hobby Lobby Christian museum, I think it is a great waste of money.

Hobby Lobby’s Steve Green hopes his planned $800 million Museum of the Bible in Washington and its priceless collection can satisfy both scholars and casual visitors.

I am beginning to think that the ‘ark park’ is a Ham ego or vanity project because I have a hard time accepting any idea that God led him to build this monstrosity. But make up your own mind son these two ventures.

#7. Bible Museum

Asked what he would do if researchers delving into the collection discovered something about the Bible that went against his beliefs, he said: “I want to know what it is. It claims to be God’s word, and if it’s not I want to know that.”

It is the same link as found in the previous section but there was something I wanted to talk about, which I quoted above. The Hobby Lobby people are placing their trust in the wrong people for there are very few scholars who can actually say what is biblical or not.  Most biblical scholars are not believers and they can find anything they want and make the claim that it i snot God’s word.

Most scholars view the Bible as a human authored work and has little to nothing to do with God so his attitude is wrong and opens himself up to being led astray


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