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03 Jun

I am not done yet as there is still much to discuss and tomorrow will have its own problems.

#1.They Can Try All They Want To But... —

There is no ‘yes’ in the Bible to same sex marriage.  It simply isn’t there.  Mr Achtemeier can change his mind all he wants and embrace any ideology he pleases and so can everyone else.  But he CANNOT, he MAY NOT claim biblical support for that view.  It simply doesn’t exist

but the answer will never be ‘yes’.  You will have to see the image at West’s link as he addresses yet another flip-flop on the part of an ‘evangelical’ concerned over same-sex marriage. You can read more about that book at the following link

Readers will discover how reading snippets of Scripture out of context has led to false and misleading interpretations of the Bible’s message for gay people. Achtemeier shows how a careful reading of the whole Scripture reveals God’s good news about love, marriage, and sexuality for gay and straight people alike. (Taken from Amazon’s webpage)

It is the same old story, those who read the Bible correctly are wrong and in error, while those who practice and support sin are infallible in their reading of the bible.

#2. Transgenders Do Not Need Support…They Need Help

That was a good day, but the last couple of days were better. . . . This shoot was about my life and who I am as a person. It’s not about the fanfare, it’s not about people cheering in the stadium, it’s not about going down the street and everybody giving you ‘that a boy, Bruce,’ pat on the back, O.K. This is about your life.”

What you are seeing is deceived thinking in action. The deception is on the part of Jenner, Vanity fair and all those who think it is courageous to change your sexual identity. It is not.  It is allowing for sin to take hold of a person’s life and watch that life be destroyed. The transgender person needs help not encouragement and they need to get that help when they first start thinking this way not long after the fact.

Discussing one’s sexual identity and preference is not for the faint of heart or the embarrassed but for wise men who can lead the afflicted person to the truth and help them make the right decision, using compassion, understanding and other biblical characteristics. Then if they still decide to make the transition they must be told the truth, that no matter how many changes they make, they are still the gender they were born and nothing can change that.

Jenner is not ‘she’, ‘her’, ‘a woman’ or anything feminine no matter how many operations he has. He was born a male and he will die a male.

#3. Saying What Is Right OR Wrong Is Not Judging

Yesterday the internet exploded as Caitlyn Jenner was introduced to the world. While so much of what I saw online was a kind and loving reception for her, much of it was not. From the Christian community, there didn’t seem to be any shortage of condemnation, calls for her to repent, and a tendency to push back on any Christian who spoke of her without being judgmental.

Alternative believers and unbelievers really do not understand what ‘judging’ really is and they make no effort to learn the true definition. Here we see the owner of that website misapplying the word ‘judging’ because he supports sin not God’s truth. Believers can state what is right or wrong without sinning if they are honest about it and there is no law stating that one cannot declare what is truly right or what is truly wrong.

Believers do not have to be ‘without sin’ to make that declaration either.

Jesus once told the Pharisees that they needed to “stop judging based on a person’s appearance” but instead to “judge righteously” (John 7:24).

Of course that owner misapplies that scripture as well, as no one is judging Jenner’s appearance but his actions and his actions are getting people to lie about him as he lies about himself and last I looked lying is still wrong.  Transgender feelings are deceptions from the devil and the sooner people start to realize this the easier it will be to provide those people with the correct help they need. BUT supporting them in their altering of their sexual identity is not right and supports evil.

Too many parents fail their children by encouraging these transgender feelings instead of directing their children to the right way to think and be. But that is because they too are deceived and do not know what is right or wrong any more. The church is failing society because they have stopped declaring what God has declared right and wrong and gone to other less offensive declarations.

#4. He Really Is Anti-Christian, Just Read His Words

I don’t think I am anti-Christian…But i have never seen it this way. In my view the only thing I am attacking in my writings is a fundamentalist and a conservative evangelical understanding of Christianity

In other words, he is anti-christian as those two ways of religious thought basically hold to the tenants of Christianity; all alternatives do not.

It is one of the major problems with fundamentalism that it recognizes no other form of its religious tradition as authentic than its own narrow version.(McGrath’s words)

True Christians cannot recognize any alternative for those alternatives are not Christian, not what either God or Jesus taught and far from the truth. The alternatives are a part of the broad way to destruction not part of the narrow road to eternal life. This fact is what Ehrman, McGrath and others fail to realize. They also fail to realize or do not want to think about false teaching or being a part of that category. They all want to go to heaven or think they are part of the true faith but in reality they will not and are not.

My view is that everyone should be what they, on the basis of hard thought and consideration of all the information, should decide what they really think or believe.  They should not think or believe what they were told by someone — their parents, their teachers, their pastors or priests or rabbis, their Sunday school teachers, their school teachers, their friends, their lovers, or anyone else.  They should think through everything carefully themselves, and make an informed decision.

In other words, give the false teacher their chance to screw with your mind and beliefs.

#5. They Just Do Not Understand

I saved this one for the last because it is very long and there are many points to address and I am not sure I will get to them all here in this format. But as I said in the title to this section, unbelievers (and many believers) just do not understand hypocrisy, the actions of others and especially biblical teaching.  Sure, too many Christians play favorites, act unjustly and so on but those are personal choices not a product of true Christianity.

#1. The rhetoric of religious freedom and the ‘war on Christianity’ — so often used as a justification for discrimination against LGBTQ people — has nothing to do with religion or faith. While it is painted to look like an argument for the freedom of conscience, it is a medieval attempt by a group of people with money and power to assert control

Actually if that author was honest, he would see that supposed discrimination does have to do with religion and faith and nothing about control.  The difference between the Duggar situation and homosexuality issues is that Josh Duggar took steps to change and repent of his sins while most homosexuals do not and they demand that others provide them services even though those services violate the faith of the others.

#2. Or, let’s look at the story of Josh Duggar. Multiple Republican presidential hopefuls were photographed with Duggar, as far as I know these all happened before the story of his molestations broke.

The problem here is that the author doe snot forgive someone who has successfully dealt with his problem. He holds it over his head even though it took place 12 years ago and was properly, I hope, dealt with. Josh Duggar’s actions are blown out of proportion by the emotionalism attached to the sin committed, not by fact or fairness. The fact that he is a Christian makes this all the more horrible in unbelievers’ eyes and that perception is prejudicing the issue with preconceived bias on the part of the unbeliever.

#3. The Duggar family, the Republican hopefuls and their conservative base like to promote the idea that opposite-sex couplings are required to raising healthy and successful children. They ignore multiple long-term studies that show children are most successful with same-sex parents than with opposite-sex parents.

That last line is just not true but then we do not expect honesty from those who disagree with the normal lifestyle.

#4. While the Duggars encouraged the idea that gay people are somehow morally suspect, inferior or outside of ‘God’s plan,’ they kept their own son’s predatory behavior a secret until after the statute of limitation expired.

This is what gets me, the author wasn’t present when the issue was committed or dealt with but he still feels free to label it ‘predatory’ when in reality it could just be curiosity or hormones that drove him to fail to resist temptation. The distortion to the issue renders his assessment of the Duggars’ views non-credible. He speaks with a very jaundiced eye and not with honesty or truth.

#5. Despite how hollow their anti-LGBTQ rhetoric becomes, they persist in offering a self-righteous and judgmental version of Christian ‘compassion’ in which they condemn the ‘sin’ of homosexuality. This view is rooted in bigotry rather than religion.

But the Duggars did not commit hypocrisy as they did not accept their son’s actions but condemned them as well and then took appropriate action to change him. The only bigotry is found in the author’s views as he does not point this out but distorts what took place so he could attack the Duggars and Christianity.

#7. Jesus ate with prostitutes, lepers and sinners. He said those who suffer and are downtrodden would be welcomed into the kingdom of God. He withstood the judgments and condemnation of those who rigidly enforced the old religious laws, who were the ones to later turn Jesus over to Pontius Pilate.

That author distorts scriptures to make his point but lying to his readers as he omits the most important parts of those scriptures. Jesus never accepted their sin, told them to repent and change and that the only way to heaven was through belief in him not through being downtrodden or suffering.  if the unbelieving could make an honest argument then maybe their objections could be considered but since they are dishonest there is no way to consider anything they say because we know they will not listen nor will they accept the truth or the reasoning behind the actions.

#8. While there are passages in the New Testament that may refer to male homosexuality, female homosexuality is conspicuously absent. And, despite whatever condemnation the Bible may have for homosexuality, or how people may interpret these things, none of it came from Jesus

Despite his objections female homosexuality is addressed in the NT and all scriptures come from Jesus via the HS.

#9. So, too, are those of people who quote the Bible in saying that homosexuality is an unforgivable sin while ignoring the similar prohibition on eating shellfish. While right-wingers love to pretend that marriage has been defined the same way by all cultures throughout history, that isn’t only inaccurate in our current world, but it is absolutely contradicted by the many ways marriage is defined in the Bible, not just in behavior and the roles of husband and wife, but even in the composition of a marriage.

The Bible tells us that homosexuals are ‘given over to their lusts’ not that it is an unforgivable sin and the Bible also defines marriage only one way–between a man and a woman only.If the author was honest, he would see that every time a biblical person took more than one mate, it was always heterosexual unions not a homosexual venture. Just as the Bible defined it.

#10. Biblical scholars and people of Christian faiths have denounced the idea of a single Biblical definition of marriage in recent years. Some Christians also make compelling cases that the Bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality, and even supports marriage-equality.

That author commits the academic ‘sin’ of generality. Which biblical scholars, what are their true beliefs, which ‘Christian’ faiths and what are their doctrines? He uses their ‘identifying as christian’ to his advantage and not in an honest way.

#11. Whatever your personal interpretation, it is clear that the kinds of judgments made by the Duggars are absolutely against Christ’s message of love.

These words and the rest of that paragraph demonstrate the author’s lack of understanding what love is and how wrong homosexuality really is; plus it shows his bias and hatred towards anyone who does not agree with him and his homosexual supporting views.

#12. They could, instead, be drawing attention to our broken foster care and adoption systems, the suffering of starving children here and abroad or bring attention to people suffering under unjust authoritarian regimes. Instead, they’re interested in elections and imposing their conservative social values on public policy.

And instead of writing about the Duggars and their friends, this author could do the very same thing.

The last two paragraphs are just basic rehashing of the arguments already made in the body of the article.and basically are just anger laden comments that are dishonest and wide of the mark. The hatred against Christians and Christianity is evident in that piece and it influences that person’s perspective so much that he got it all wrong and only makes things worse. He provides no real honest unbiased solutions but just added another article to the already overly-tall pile of articles spewing the same hate-filled rhetoric against those who do not believe as the secular world but stand with Christ as best as they can given the teaching they receive.

Homosexuality, same-sex marriage and other similar issues are wrong because God made them wrong not because some humans decided to pour water on someone else’s parade.  It is not about power, control or even money, it is about doing what is right and stopping others from doing what is wrong. The latter need extra help because they ignore the lessons of God’s judgment on sin given throughout history.

What doesn’t help matters are authors like the one examined here who think they have the right to give their two cents worth in something that is none of their business. The Duggars stating this publicly does not give observers permission to stick their noses in and demand that the Duggars do things their way but probably did so because they want to be honest and not hypocritical.

It is just that the when the age of the victims are very young and the nature of the crime is considered so vile by society most people lose control and forget about what is right and wrong in this issue. As far as I am concerned this was handled 12 years ago and it need to be left alone because ITS 12 YEARS OLD AND DEAL WITH.

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