Much To Talk About- 131

03 Jun

I was gone yesterday so I have a lot of catching up to do and I will be gone Friday as well so I need to get ahead.

#1. I Do NOT Care What A Celebrity Advocates-

They are wearing orange to ‘fight’ gun ownership but that is about as effective as all those celebrities and nobodies who strip down to nothing to ’empower’ themselves or someone else.  Neither methods do anything but attract the wacko or the perverted looking for freebies or some way to feel legitimate. If you really want to do something for others then go get trained in whatever field you are protesting or want changed, looking to God to learn the truth so you know what you are talking about and then look to God to learn where you can be placed and get involved.

The wearing or lack of wearing clothes does nothing but display a sense of ignorance of the issue and the laws involved. It also ignores the fact that people have free choice and that forcing your views upon others for no other reason than you do not like what is taking place is not justification enough to force your ways upon others.

For gun control, it is not gun ownership that is bad, it is the sin nature directing that ownership that is bad and to solve that issue, you need to do something most celebrities will not do–bring in Jesus and the gospel message.

#2. We Have A Modern Origin Account Of Mankind

Years later I went back to H. G. Wells’ Outline of History. Right at the beginning—he wrote it at the end of World War I—he says exactly the same thing, that we need a history of humanity, because as long as we teach history as a story of competing tribes, wars are going to repeat themselves and all the horrors of World War I are going to repeat themselves. I’d stumbled on the same sort of idea: We need a history of humanity.

Both H.G. Wells and Mr. Christian are in error. We have a modern account of mankind’s origins the trouble is very few people want to accept it. The Bible may not provide a blow by historical account of every people on earth but it provides the true origins of all people, languages, sin, and much more. A secular history doe snot do that for so many ancient records are lost, or no one thought to write everything down because they were not concerned with what a bunch of unbelievers were going to think 5,000 years later (they had other more pressing issue son their minds at the time)

And you can’t write a history of mankind for as Dr. Albright wrote in one of his books, no ancient people knew their origins save for the Israelites. Even the Korean people do not know where they came from but they do have a myth about a bear and a tiger which doesn’t come close to how the Korean people became a people. They also have been in the same land for 5,000 years which would have made record keeping easy but they do not know how they came to be.

Too much is lost so instead of calling the project Big History, they should call it Our Version of History (excluding God). That article should also change its title to–we think science is God– for that is how they treat that field of research.

#3. When Someone Tells You…–

It’s not religion people fear, it’s science gone mad and out of control.

…’if you are so against science why are you using the internet, typing on a computer’ and so on point them to the facts. Science and scientists could not achieve anything without (1)God providing the raw materials used by scientists in their research and inventing, (2) the curiosity God gave them to explore different areas to see what can be improved or invented and (3) the intelligence God gave them when they were conceived.

Science can do nothing without God and sadly we see what happens when science and scientists ignore God and follow evil. First they want no moral or ethical restraint for they think ‘all science is good science’. Second, even though unbelievers and other secular science enthusiasts trumpet all the ‘good’ science has accomplished, they will ignore all the bad things that were produced by scientific research. Things like–

bombs, tanks, guns (yes the ones the celebrities are protesting), mustard gas and other chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, DDT and other pesticides which give everyone cancer, fertilizers which do the same, medicines that are worse than the disease itself, side effects from medications that are dangerous, and so much more.

Neither West or I went far enough in demonstrating the bad side of science. I will agree with West on the following:

Religion doesn’t invent weapons- science does.  Religion doesn’t teach people that they’re merely animals, science does.


Perhaps Mr Dawkins and the other angry atheists ought to look in the mirror instead of pointing at religion.

Dawkins and other unbelievers should look at their sin nature and do something about it before attacking Christians. They should also recognize the existence of Satan. They might get the real picture then about this world and secular science.

#4. The List Is Not Telling The Whole Story

Christians are known more for what they are against and for having perfected culture war tactics–and the grotesquely fearful and hateful versions of Christianity peddled by ambitious politicians doesn’t help the Christian image one bit.
There is plenty of bad press out there about what Christianity is more the problem than the solution to world problems.
On Easter Sunday, however, I heard a sermon I was glad to hear–on what makes Christianity “good news.”

The problem with making lists is that those things can leave out some very important information in the compiler’s haste to produce something factual.  That list looks good in its general format but which people, organizations and churches are actually truly Christian?  If you put Newton on a list of Christians in science, as the complete list does (, one needs to remember that Newton was a Deist not a Christian. Deists do not believe the same things about God as Christians do.

Or if you are going to say ‘the church’ but really mean the Roman Catholic Church, then one needs to remember that while there may be individual Christians in that organization, that denomination itself is not a Christian church nor are the majority of its members. That denomination includes far too many false doctrines and excludes far too many biblical truths to be considered a true christian church.

Yes it is great to be given some good press for a change but the true church really doesn’t need good press because those in our neighborhoods and sphere of influence already know we are Christ-like. The word will get out if we let it. Lists are great and a great motivator UNTIL you investigate those who are on the list and see beyond the surface.

Doing good works are the acts of a good Christian but they are not what makes one a believer in Christ. That comes from God’s grace through faith in Jesus who died for our sins.

#5. God May Not Be The One Telling You to Do Something-

God told me to write it.
My friends told me not to.

I am sure his 10 reasons are said mostly in jest but in having read excerpts I can tell you that #5 is a lie. The Bible tells us to ‘test the spirits (1 Thess. 5) and every believer should as they could get themselves into a lot of trouble for crediting God when it was not God who told them to call him a liar or change the Bible. People today do more assuming and interpreting than ever before and they have not learned how to clarify or make sure they got the message or the sender correct.

This is why we have so much trouble in the church today. People do not make sure and just run with whatever feeling they get no matter whom they hurt or what scripture they violate.

#6. The Only People Who Misunderstand Peer Review…–

Dudley Chapman has written a really helpful blog post, addressing a popular misunderstanding about peer review – and thus also the way some have misunderstood the significance of retractions and other such things that have been in the news lately.

…are those who advocate it as some infallible step in the scientific process. There is so much that can go wrong with the peer review system that one just cannot list them all here. Suffice it to say that the system is too easy to manipulate and corrupt.  I get tired of people who tell me what peer review journals has anything biblical been published in as if peer review was some sainted standard which actually censored out error and only kept the truth.

Actually the reverse is true. The peer review system keeps the error and filters out the truth.  Those people who advocate that system ignore the fact that the system was constructed by sinful, fallible, deceived men and women who wanted to protect their ideas while avoiding the truth. They cannot even agree on how peer review came to be:

The good news is that the peer review process is not at the heart of the scientific process

The quote is from the link at McGrath’s website and I put it here because it contradicts just about everyone I have ever had contact with who have pointed to the system as an integral part of science. I also put it here to show that the secular world will change the importance of one of their holy grails when they need to and will change it back again when they need to.

When does this process end? Never. All published articles will remain under this kind of scrutiny forever until no one is interested in any of it down the line.

Same source and this tells you that the peer review process has no interest in the truth or answers but simply want to keep on wasting every body’s time while making money ‘doing science’.

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