If You Claim To Represent God…

01 Jun

Then represent him as he represents himself, not as you want him to be. I say this because of the following


There are many decent and good souls among you but you’re slowly pushing them underground or out simply to pander to a tiny minority.  You should stop it.

Those are Jim West’s words and while he may make a good point I have another issue to deal with. You can read the whole story at the following link:

Regardless of the fact that the picture makes that woman look arrogant, haughty, and like she could care less what God thinks there is a bigger problem in the Church of England than that.

Support is growing within the Church of England to rewrite its official liturgy to refer to God as female following the selection of the first women bishops.

Growing numbers of priests already insert words such as “she” and “mother” informally into traditional service texts as part of a move to make the language of worship more inclusive, it has been claimed.

But calls for a full overhaul of liturgy to recognise the equal status of women have already been discussed informally at a senior level.

This is a problem because God does not refer to himself as a female, nor does Jesus refer to him as a mother. Yes you can argue that the ‘male’ writers of the Bible made God male for their own purpose but that point of view does not enjoy any historical or manuscript support.  It also does not enjoy any evidence supporting that there was a male conspiracy to make God to look masculine. That point of view has nothing to stand upon and its supporters can point to no legitimate ancient Church father who wrote that God was really female nor does any historian, secular or religious point to any conspiracy controversy.

But there is something else that is important to mention to those women who succeed in getting promoted to a position they are not allowed to hold– their promotion does not change God from male to female and if they are going to represent God in any Christian capacity then they need to represent him as he represents himself–male. They also have to represent him as Jesus represented him–as a Father and they cannot import or shoehorn any feminine identity ideas into the texts of the Bible because they are not there.

One of the things that bothers me about the woman as pastors issue is that they feel that they need to make God something he is not in order to bring people to church but if they do that then they are not bringing people to the God of the Bible but to a god of their own making who has nothing to do with the Bible. If they change God then they are not representing God thus they fail in their stewardship duties by lying to the people they teach or preach to.

God is not the author of lies and calling God a ‘she’, ‘her’ or ‘mother’ among other feminine pronouns is not only an insult to God but a lie and God said ‘thou shalt not bear false witness…’ You cannot be a pastor if you are going to lie to the people about God. To make matters worse for that woman and others who call God by a feminine identity is that no scripture verse grants permission to anyone to do that and no biblical verse states that God is feminine.

If God did not identify himself with feminine identities then those who represent him cannot either.


A regional body of the United Church of Canada will interview a clergywoman who is an outspoken atheist to see about her “effectiveness.”

When I read that article, my first thought was– ‘you are kidding me, right?’ The problem here is many fold and where to start is difficult. I shall set aside the lack of spiritual presence in the UCC for this post because we all know how bad that church is. The point I want to make according to the theme laid out in the title is that the UCC still calls itself a church and a Christian one at that (regardless of its reputation) thus if you are going to represent yourself as a representative of God by saying you are a church that belongs to him and if you are going to claim you are Christ-like then you need to stop with the practice of sin, get rid of the false teaching and false teachers and repent to get right with God.

Jesus made it clear that the unbeliever does not know God, doe snot have the truth nor the aid of the HS thus to seriously consider putting an atheist in the pulpit is beyond ridiculous for even the UCC. A dead blind man can see how wrong this all is and how the following two quotes cannot be reconciled in any format:

1. Allen said these specific questions are “Do you believe in God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and do you commit yourself anew to God?” “Do you believe that God is calling you to the ordained ministry of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care, and do you accept this call?” and finally “Are you willing to exercise your ministry in accordance with the scriptures, in continuity with the faith of the Church, and subject to the oversight and discipline of The United Church of Canada?”

2. According to her website, Vosper came out as an atheist back in 2001 and wants the UCC, which she describes as “probably the most progressive Christian denomination in the world,” to be more welcoming of atheism.

It is obvious to the same dead blind man that Vosper cannot answer any of those questions in the affirmative as she has confessed to believing that the Trinity does not exist, therefore she cannot support the Bible as the word of God written by him. How can this person represent God as God represents himself when she has voluntarily decided that God is non-existent?

God says he exists, we have real evidence to that fact and we have a textual record showing us that his word has not changed over the millennia, so an atheist cannot represent God and if they try, they have to preach the God of the bible not of their own choosing for then they are not representing God but again, a god of their own making. To say the following

After I spontaneously preached a sermon in which I completely deconstructed the idea of a god named God,

provides the evidence that she is not representing God as he represents himself and that is another failure of the stewardship duties given to the office of pastor. IF you claim to represent God then represent him in all of his glory, in all of his power (creative and miracles), in all of the ways that God represents himself. To do so is not failure nor being a bad steward but being a good and faithful servant.

In dealing with these matters, church officials, any church organization, needs to get braver and stop trying to protect the evil doers but get them out of the church as fast as you can. The following i snot recommended:

Allen told CP that being place on the DSL(D) has many steps and is “lengthy process because we want to be extremely careful out of concern for both the minister and the church

We have allowed false teachers to occupy Christian pulpits and classrooms far too long and it is time to remove them post-haste. We need to protect our people, the integrity of the bible, biblical message and God’s identity; along with getting the truth back into the church and academic institutions and presented to our congregations & students. Atheists, unbelievers, alternative believers do not have the truth nor the HS thus we cannot let them lead any church or educational outlet.

We need to make a strong stand and represent God, Jesus, The HS and the Bible as they truly are and not mince words or compromise our efforts.

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