CBE’s Equality Statement

31 May

Let’s not hold to any illusions here, I disagree with what they have written at the following link:

This post will look at some of the problems with their thinking.

#1.The Bible teaches the full equality of men and women in Creation and in Redemption

The Bible does teach that BUT it does not extend that equality to the same duties. Throughout the Bible we see that men have different duties than women but that fact has never been shown to make women second class or inferior to men. The women who go with Christian feminism are saying that they are not content with who they are, how God made them or what roles he has for them. They want more and will use the bible to fill that sinful desire.

#2.The Bible teaches that God has revealed Himself in the totality of Scripture, the authoritative Word of God

This is true BUT this revelation has little to do with equality and who leads the church or family. Where it does relate is that we see God throughout the bible placing men as the head of the church, the family and their wives. This will of God is not a mystery.

#3. We believe that Scripture is to be interpreted holistically and thematically

Just so you know what they mean here are a couple of definitions to use:

– thematically– Of, relating to, or being a theme:

-holistically– Emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts. (

If you want to take that approach then one must be prepared to not see their pet ideas supported by biblical passages and for CBE not one theme or verse supports their views of equality. As shown in the previous article, every verse talking husband and wives points to submission by the women to their husbands and the husband being the head of the family and church.

CBE needs to be honest with itself first before attempting to change the church and Christian faith.

#4.We also recognize the necessity of making a distinction between inspiration and interpretation: inspiration relates to the divine impulse and control whereby the whole canonical Scripture is the Word of God; interpretation relates to the human activity whereby we seek to apprehend revealed truth in harmony with the totality of Scripture and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Where are they going to draw the line and who draws it? Obviously they are not happy with God drawing it as they seek to alter scriptures to get it to say something it does not. These words seem to allow CBE people to pick and choose what they consider to be inspiration and what is human interpretation. If they do not like the meaning of one passage they now have a loophole to claim that it is a human interpretation and they are free to alter it as they see fit.

They do not realize, in my opinion, that the last line describes their activities to a ‘T’. They will ‘apprehend revealed truth’ because it does not tell them what they want to hear.

#5. To be truly biblical, Christians must continually examine their faith and practice under the searchlight of Scripture

Uhm… no. The true believer seeks for the truth and accepts it once it is found with the aid of the HS. To be truly biblical we do as Jesus said, not appease those who want something different from what the bible teaches us.

#6. The Bible teaches that both man and woman were created in God’s image, had a direct relationship with God, and shared jointly the responsibilities of bearing and rearing children and having dominion over the created order

This statement is misleading as the passage they use says nothing about those responsibilities or was to do what.  If the CBE people want to interpret holistically and thematically then they need to wait till Chapter 2 to get a better idea of the role and responsibilities of men and women. Chapter 2 clarifies the woman’s role whereas Chapter 1 does not. So far, they are not being true to their statement in point #3 above.

#7. The Bible teaches that woman and man were created for full and equal partnership. The word “helper” (ezer ) used to designate woman in Genesis 2:18 refers to God in most instances of Old Testament usage (e.g. I Sam 7:12; Ps 121:1–2). Consequently the word conveys no implication whatsoever of female subordination or inferiority.

This quote is selective in its use of the meaning of the Hebrew word. The ISBE says:

Eve is spoken of as “a help meet” for Adam (<010218>Genesis 2:18,20). The
idea in “meet” is not so much “suitability,” though that is implied, as
likeness, correspondence in nature (Vulgate, similem sibi). One like
himself, as taken from him, the woman would be an aid and companion to
the man in his tasks.

The word ‘helpmeet’ does not mean leader, co-leader, equal roles and so on, it does mean a suitable helper in that he is not alone.Then if we use the rules set down by CBE we only need to look at Paul’s words in 1 Cor. that state that ‘woman was made for man’, in other words she was not made to be another leader. BUT then no scripture ever states that women are inferior to men, they just state the different roles both have been given by God. The two may be equals but they do not have the same duties.

#8.The Bible teaches that the forming of woman from man demonstrates the fundamental unity and equality of human beings (Gen 2:21–23). In Genesis 2:18, 20 the word “suitable” (kenegdo) denotes equality and adequacy

BUT CBE is not interpreting scriptures according to their own rules as Genesis 3 has God telling the woman that her husband will rule over her and Paul tells us that man is the head of the woman. If you are going to have rules to follow then you need to be consistent and follow your rules. What the verses state in Genesis 2 is that men and women are equal as people , in their image of God, their humanness but again those verses do not address the different roles God has for both men and women.

CBE is equating roles with equality and they are very mistaken here.

#9.The Bible teaches that man and woman were co-participants in the Fall: Adam was no less culpable than Eve

BUT that has nothing to do with their roles in life. It just means that they both sinned and if CBE looks closely at the curses God pronounced that day, guess what– they are NOT the same. CBE also does not address the issue where Paul places the blame for sin, death and corruption on Adam’s shoulders; if CBE wants equality then I guess they need to advocate that Eve gets the same amount of blame. But they do not, because they only want equality where it benefits them.

#10. The Bible teaches that the rulership of Adam over Eve resulted from the Fall and was therefore not a part of the original created order. Genesis 3:16 is a prediction of the effects of the Fall rather than a prescription of God’s ideal order

This is an argument from silence as we do not know all the instructions God gave both Adam and Eve or how they conducted their lives in the garden.  CBE is reading into the passages what they want to see there, not taking out what is there. In the garden they did not know right from wrong as we know it as they did not know that they were naked so we cannot say that the Bible teaches equal leadership roles for both.They were like little children.

No, Genesis 3:16 is not a prediction but leave it to CBE to alter what scriptures says in order to justify their ideology. Read the words for yourselves–there is no prediction there but a clear statement of fact, intent and how things are going to be.

#11.The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ came to redeem women as well as men. Through faith in Christ we all become children of…

That fact does not change God’s rules for order in the church or the family.

#12.The Bible teaches that at Pentecost the Holy Spirit came on men and women alike.

Uhm…no. There is no mention that women received the HS at Pentecost and I will emphasize the word ‘at’. For if you read the passage, only the word ‘they’ is used for whom received the HS and Peter spoke to Men. There is no mentioning of women speaking to women in their own tongues. But that doesn’t mean women do not receive the HS nor spiritual gifts but those realities do not change God’s rules for the family or the church. It just means that women are included in receiving gifts and blessings from God but not promotion to offices God has left instructions omitting them .

#13. The Bible teaches that both women and men are called to develop their spiritual gift s and to use them as stewards of the grace of God (1 Peter 4:10–11). Both men and women are divinely gifted and empowered to minister to the whole Body of Christ, under His authority.

Again true but those development does not mean that the rules are broken or made to be broken. Breaking God’s rules means one sins and they hamper God’s efforts and their spiritual development . Developing one’s spiritual gifts does not mean we get to sin and disobey God. The instructions God left via the other NT writers are not moot, over-ruled, canceled or changed.

#14. The Bible teaches that, in the New Testament economy, women as well as men exercise the prophetic, priestly and royal functions

Women are allowed to exercise their spiritual gifts but it is supposed to be according to God’s rules as in  CBE’s use of 1 Cor. 11:5, we see one of those rules but they also misuse 1 Peter 2 as well as those verses do not give women permission to be priests, pastors or any church leader. CBE misapplies the meaning of the word ‘priesthood’ their in order to justify their demands. There is nothing in that passage that allows women to be church leaders or heads of the family but it does allow them to teach other women, share the gospel and other Christian duties.

#15. The Bible defines the function of leadership as the empowerment of others for service rather than as the exercise of power over them

Again, no. CBE reads into the passages what they want to see and ignores the criteria Paul set out in 1 Tim. & Titus on whom can be a leader of the church. Also, CBE puts in the words ‘power over’ but do not properly define what they mean as leadership doe shave a certain amount of authority over others, to maintain order, to maintain heading, to discipline the rebellious and so on.  They need to do a better study on leadership and what it entails before going off the deep end and look like they are responding to faulty human leadership and not God’s ordained style.

There is a difference between the two and no one said that the humans in the church are all following God’s way of leadership and we do know that CBE is not doing so thus they really cannot say anything at all about how men handle the church.

#16. The Bible teaches that husbands and wives are heirs together of the grace of life and that they are bound together in a relationship of mutual submission and responsibility

They are wrong again in the second half of that statement as the Bible does not teach that and I checked all those verses before writing those words. The Bible, while teaching that men and women are heirs of grace, etc., clearly puts the man at the head of the family and constantly reminds women they are the ones who are to submit. We do not have verses telling us ‘husbands, submit to your wives’ for that would be contrary to what God has taught throughout the Bible.

#17.The Bible teaches that both mothers and fathers are to exercise leadership in the nurture, training, discipline and teaching of their children

BUT again, CBE is reading their own philosophy into those verses and think that that instruction over-rules other biblical ones placing man as the head of the family and over the woman. It means that the mother cannot be a slacker and just let their husbands do all the parenting. They are leaders of their children but followers of their husbands. God’s order is not changed because women get certain commands.

#18. In the church, spiritual gifts of women and men are to be recognized, developed and used in serving and teaching ministries at all levels of involvement: as small group leaders, counselors, facilitators, administrators, ushers, communion servers, and board members, and in pastoral care, teaching, preaching, and worship

One of the problems with dealing with people and groups like CBE is that they mix truth and error together in their statements. Yes women can develop, exercise and be recognized concerning spiritual gifts but they are limited to where they can do those things. The home is one of the best places for them to use their spiritual gifts as their children need to have a solid example of faithful women but  again, spiritual gifts do not over-rule God’s instructions on who is a church leader.

Women are to obey God’s rules just like men, if they want to have equality and those rules limit the offices they can hold. Ushers has nothing to do with church leadership but the other positions have restrictions to them and those restrictions are place din the Bible for all to read.

#19.In the church, public recognition is to be given to both women and men who exercise ministries of service and leadership.

Just so you know, in this point and the last one, CBE provides NO biblical verse supporting their ideology. They can’t because the rules for leadership are clear and women are excluded from those positions.

#20. In the Christian home, husband and wife are to defer to each other in seeking to fulfill each other’s preferences, desires and aspirations.

The Bible does not teach that and in this point, like the last two and the next two, they provide no scripture to support their views so we must conclude that this is their own desires not God’s. The husband and wife should communicate honestly, thoroughly, then plan and decide on a course of action but the final decision rests with the man. We see no scripture supporting any of these points CBE has put forth.

#21. In the Christian home, spouses are to learn to share the responsibilities of leadership on the basis of gifts, expertise, and availability, with due regard for the partner most affected by the decision under consideration

Again, this is not a biblical teaching but a bad attempt by women to usurp authority from their husbands.

#22. In the Christian home, couples who share a lifestyle characterized by the freedom they find in Christ will do so without experiencing feelings of guilt or resorting to hypocrisy. They are freed to emerge from an unbiblical “traditionalism” and can rejoice in their mutual accountability in Christ.

First, the only way to avoid the guilt is to obey God correctly and stop following those who bring false teaching to the church. Second, CBE has no authority to ‘free anyone’ as they are merely trying to convince people to reject God’s ways and adopt theirs. The freedom people have in Christ does not lead them to disobey God or his rules; it leads them to obedience and to correctly following God’s biblical teaching.

This means that the husband and wife are on the same page, one is not the dictator of the other, they work together to get God’s instructions correct with the wife submitting to the husband. CBE ignores one important instruction to men

25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her, (Eph. 5)

There is a wealth of information in those few words and those few words give great guidance to men on how to treat their wives. They do not, however, elevate women to co-leader of the family as we see by the following words in Ephs.:

23 For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church, He Himself being the Savior of the body. 24 But as the church is subject to Christ (Eph 5)

Those verses do not promote men to being co-leaders with Christ thus any person saying that women are co-leaders of the family are reading their own ideas into the passage and trying to take control and have power over someone they are not allowed to have those things. Those who advocate for women in leadership ignore passages of scripture that stop them in their tracks. They do so because they are not humble nor obedient to God and only want what they want for whatever reason they have.

Kathy Escobar told me that CBE would have a strong biblical explanation for her and theirs alternative ideology but I do not see it. I see excuses and justification to practice sin, to disobey God and do their own thing. I see a lot of wishful thinking, eisegesis, arguments from silence but nothing from the Bible that explicitly states their view is correct.

All the Bible verses point to something other than their ideology, they point to order in the church and home, good leadership styles, the right way to go but in this issue, like the homosexual/same-sex issue, women do not care about right and wrong, they care about getting what they want. Also, they do not care about God or his desires for his church.


2 responses to “CBE’s Equality Statement

  1. Reality

    June 1, 2015 at 8:11 am

    CBE’s financial disclosure (their stated purpose, a good read):

    I see $661,565 solicited and receipted from charity. Over 10% $79,555 went to soliciting costs, $78,471 went to pay Mimi Hadadd to do something, $262,096 went to pay other people, $73,931 for conferences; with the rest going to other, rental, printing, postage and overhead.

    I remember something about moneychangers in the bible (Matthew 21). I remember something about rebuking with all authority (Titus 2).

    Maybe someone has time to approach the Minnesota Attorney General about this issue? I see no charitable purpose and failures of this organization to even meet the requirements of law. Maybe they can get a job and promote their own ignorant ideologies. Maybe they should stop the discriminatory practices and cease social terrorism.

    Maybe we are to docile and fail to do our jobs (Ahab’s).

    • theologyarchaeology

      June 1, 2015 at 9:03 am

      interesting facts, i will have to see if CBE wants to respond

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