Einstein Was Wrong

28 May

This is something to think about.

#1. Here is a quote from Igor Novikov:

Albert Einstein discovered that time is not immutable. Strong gravitational fields– for example,the strong gravitational field of a neutron star– slow down the pace of time. Clocks in the strong gravitational field near a neutron star’s surface tick much slowly than do clocks far away. (pg. 58, The Future of Spacetime Ed. Cal Tech, Can We Change The Past by Igor Novikov)

Actually Einstein did not prove any such thing for the simple reason that Time is a separate entity outside of the governorship of gravity. What he proved was that strong gravitational fields have an effect on the mechanisms measuring the passage of time but these mechanisms do not own time, do not produce it, nor control it thus gravity’s effect is not on time itself.

Time is, just like gravity is and the one does not rule the other nor places undue influences upon each other. The passage of time does not change simply because a clock slows down or is forced to slow down by outside pressure. It has been said that a person who flies at the speed of light for 40 years would look much younger than a person who lived those 40 years on earth at normal speeds when the two get back together again but I disagree.

The former may look younger than the latter but that is due to lack of wear and tear on the former not because time has stood still for him. He still aged 40 years but that aging process was just not as harsh as the other person’s aging process. We see this difference all the time in just normal life, the person living on the street ages far faster than those who have a comfortable and easy life.

But getting back to time, it is a mistake to think that what monitors an activity also produces it and controls its movements.Time is a non-material essence not a mechanical material object thus gravity would have no effect upon it like it would the mechanical material object. Clocks merely monitor time, and not that well for most of those devices, which means that time exists outside the realm of material objects and is not subject to the same laws of other forces that exist in this universe or world.

This means that the laws of physics probably do not apply to time.

Now you may think I am criticizing Einstein’s work in physics, but I am not. His math equations are probably correct for his theory but they are not correct for the reality of time and this universe. They only work if time was manufactured and governed by clocks.

#2. Here is a quote from Stephen Hawking:

Even if it turns out that time travel is impossible, it is important that we understand why it is impossible (pg. 101 The Future of Spacetime Ed. by Cal Tech, Chronology Protection by Stephen Hawking)

The simple answer to Dr. hawking is this: Time travel is impossible because time only exists in the present and what is past is gone, over and not running in perpetually; then what is future does not exist yet.

To assume that time travel is possible one must assume that the past continues to exist in some form that is accessible by those living in the future. Then to travel into the future it has to be assumed that the future has already been lived and exists now in some format that is accessible by those living in the present. But time is a non-material entity with no properties to store past events so that they may be accessed by curious scientists and no ability to capture what has not yet taken place.

Time travel needs life to be lived previously in order to access the future and not disappear in order to access the past. It would mean that Christ would never have died for our sins.

The other problem for those who want time travel to be a possibility is that their theories ignore that groups like ISIS or people like Hitler, or some other dictator, and so on, do not receive access to it at all and cannot pollute the time the time traveler wants to go to. Time travel wishful thinkers want time travel to lead them to the perfect utopia but that is also impossible for sin would still exist in their new location and the time traveler’s paradise will be ruined by greed, and other deadly sins.

In other words, the wannabe time traveler wants to avoid the simple task of repenting of their sins and accepting Jesus as their savior in order to get to paradise and it just won’t work. To get to paradise one must follow God’s rules found in John 3:16 & 17 then correctly follow what is found in the rest of the Bible.

Secular science does not have the answers for this world. No matter how hard they try they are only looking for alternatives to avoid the only reality we have. Secular science doe snot want God thus ideas about time travel appear attractive but when you look at the reality beyond that first blush you find that time travel does not allow a person to escape what already exists nor does it find an alternative answer for the solution to the problems of the world.

There is only one Jesus who died for our sins and there is only one solution for the problems of the world and that is following biblical instructions correctly, humbly and without ulterior motives. Time travel only leads a sinful person to other sinful people and environments not to utopian ideals or an alternative universe where sin, evil, the devil and his demons do not exist.

One postscript: The two authors I have just quoted kept using the word ‘imagine’ throughout their essays but all that tells us is that they do not have anything real to work with. There is nothing wrong with  a person’s imagination if they use it correctly. For example, if before the invention of the airplane one looks at the birds and says to a friend ‘imagine if a person could fly.’

There we have a person who is looking at something real and working with it to make another possibility a reality– flight for mankind.  BUT with time travel, we have nothing in this world or universe that can time travel thus there is nothing real to work with. It is all imaginary and only wastes time not constructively helps society. There are no real principles of time travel to manipulate in order to allow humans to practice that option. Any talk about time travel and making it real is pure speculation which has no hope in becoming a reality.

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