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26 May

I have a bit of a busy schedule this week so I need to keep to this format right now.

#1. Pulling Rank

Most of you who know me, know that I did my doctoral thesis on women in the NT with C.K. Barrett at the University of Durham in England. My first three published scholarly books were on this very subject. One of the reasons I did that thirty some years ago was because of the controversy that raged then over the issue of women in ministry, and more particularly women as pulpit ministers and senior pastors. Never mind that the Bible does not have categories like ‘senior pastor’ or ‘pulpit minister’, the NT has been used over and over again to justify the suppression of women in ministry— and as I was to discover through years of research and study, without Biblical justification. Now of course equally sincere Christians may disagree on this matter, but the disagreements should be on the basis of sound exegesis of Biblical texts, not emotions, rhetoric, mere church polity, dubious hermeneutics and the like.

You have all seen it done I am sure. Someone posts, I am a doctor thus…., or I studied this for 20 years thus… and so on. I have even done it myself  as somehow we all think such words add weight to our own rhetoric. What bothers me about Witherington doing it here is that he i snot going for the truth. If he wrote his doctorate like most students then he would have studied fallible, sinful sources, to gain his information.

He would be using human authors to decide what the divine Bible actually says which mystifies me as so many alternative people complain that the bible was a human work and can not be trusted. So why would Witherington, who is not an alternative believer, resort to more human authors to determine God’s instructions concerning the church and who can lead it?

Why wouldn’t he be relying on the HS to get to the truth so that the whole world can know it and know what to do? Appealing to human authors who have no authority to change God’s word or appealing to secular culture to reframe God’s message is not a smart thing to do. This quote above has some comments that are troublesome such as the following:

Never mind that the Bible does not have categories like ‘senior pastor’ or ‘pulpit minister’, the NT has been used over and over again to justify the suppression of women in ministry

This is just semantics at work and ignoring that the Bible covers ALL positions of church leadership and doe snot have to be item specific to apply to the situation. If we want to get technical, since the Bible does not refer to those positions, then those positions are not scriptural nor to be included in the church. His argument works both ways.

Women are not being suppressed by excluding them from church leadership. They are being kept from disobeying God which is far more important than trying to force a false sense of equality upon the church.

and as I was to discover through years of research and study, without Biblical justification.

Really? Then where are the biblical verses granting women permission to obtain those positions? In his paper there he does not cite any but does rework ones we already know to make them say things they are not saying. And that effort is a human work, human authorship so why are people not using the human writing argument against those conclusions like they do against scriptures?

The hypocrisy destroys their argument as does the lack of an ancient textual record supporting their views. Every ms. says the same thing so we know that women cannot be pastors or church leaders because there are no other instructions from God at any point in history saying otherwise.

Now of course equally sincere Christians may disagree on this matter, but the disagreements should be on the basis of sound exegesis of Biblical texts, not emotions, rhetoric, mere church polity, dubious hermeneutics and the like.

Uhm…We who disagree with women church leaders and pastors are the ones using sound exegesis and biblical texts. I have asked the person I have been having a discussion with on Ms. Evans’ forum to produce those verses that grant women permission to hold those offices. He has failed to do so and keeps referring me to external human sources who either read into the texts their wishes or alter them to fit their ideologies. They do not have biblical texts to point to in order to support their point.

Pulling rank is not a criteria God said to use to learn about his word. As you can see Christian scholars can get it wrong very easily and we should not let their years of study, experience and so on keep us from the truth and implementing that truth into the church.

#2. Feminism— The End Of Men by Hanna Rosin

I do not have nay quotes from this book as the whole thing was just terrible as it distorted what was happening in the world today by that author’s biased feminist views. What I can say is that feminism is a tool used by evil to destroy God’s order for the countries of the world, the family and the church. Christian men need to stop turning a blind eye to their wives pursuits and start checking to see if they are adhering to God’s way, after all the man is in charge of his family not the wife.

He is to lead her to the truth not be led from the truth because his wife is discontented with her role in life. We cannot approve of any feminist action in the church or the family no matter how many secularists complain and hurl insults at us. This disapproval does not mean that women are locked up in the home and not allowed to work outside. It means that we guide women to the right biblical action that has them obeying God humbly and submissively.

We set a bad example for our children and teenagers by allowing disobedience to God in the family and the church.

#3. Are Denominations Good Stewards?–

The Church of England is considering adding a ceremony its services for “transgender” persons who seek to be re-baptized in their new gender identity and under their new name.  According to reports, Chris Newlands, the vicar of Lancaster Priory, recently proposed the addition to the General Synod after being approached by a girl who identifies as a boy who wished to be baptized again under her male name.

“I said, ‘Once you’ve been baptized, you’re baptized.’ He said, ‘But I was baptized as a girl, under a different name,’” Newlands recalled to the Guardian. “I said, ‘Let me have a think about it.’ So we did and then we created a service, which was an affirmation of baptismal vows where we could introduce him to God with his new name and his new identity,” he said.

To answer the question– obviously not. We have ignored God’s instructions and warnings about supporting evil and have corrupted our position by these type of acts. Doesn’t matter what the issue, if it goes against God, the Bible and their instructions to the church then we are not being good stewards of the office God has granted unto us.

Churches and believers represent God, they are not doing a good job of that representation by altering God’s rules and instructions to allow those who do not want to obey into the church and Christian life.

#4. They Have Free Choice As Well

President Barack Obama has been urged by the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya, comprised of 700 pastors, not to “preach” and impose his views in support of same-sex marriage on the Kenyan people when he visits the African country in July.
“We would like to send a strong message to the U.S. president that the homosexuality debate should not become part of his agenda, as it has been his tendency whenever he comes to Africa,” Bishop Mark Kariuki of the Evangelical Alliance, told the Kenyan Daily Nation newspaper on Monday.
“[Obama] should respect the faith, culture and people of Kenya when he comes in July,” he added. “He should not put [homosexuality] as one of his main agenda[s] in the country…
Kenya, a majority Christian country, does not allow gay marriage and criminalizes same-sex acts, as is the case in a number of other African states.
The Inter-Religious Council of Kenya has also said that it is wary of Obama’s upcoming visit.
“We are not prepared to accept, hear or listen to anyone lecturing us on how our culture is good or bad,” said IRCK Chairman Adan Wachu

Free choice is not a one-way street and those that oppose homosexuality and the permissiveness that has been granted it in the west are not excluded from exercising their right to freely choose. Some people are allowed to choose if they want to legalize homosexuality instead of having it forced down their throats by a legal system who has chosen to ignore the rights of those who oppose such legalization.

America and its presidency are not  missionaries or evangelists for homosexuality nor should they be used as such.

#5. Lean Not To Your Own Understanding-

Some pastors regularly go to extreme lengths to fill the pews — opening up their church and their homes to reality TV camera crews and conducting services in a bar are just the beginning. Last year, Religion News Service came up with 12 crazy ways pastors have tried to boost attendance at their churches.

Bishop’s daredevil tactic got us thinking about a few other times the spirit moved religious leaders — maybe a little too far — to experiment with ways to spread the word.

I think the title says it all. I am not a fan of gimmicks as I stated yesterday even when some people may turn to the Lord. Yes God works in mysterious ways and can use gimmicks to further his kingdom but pastors and church members really need to think things through before using them in the church and make sure God is behind them before doing them.

Let’s not use gimmicks to justify doing what we want over what God wants.

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