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24 May

Here are a lists of websites who are talking about the Duggar situation. I do not have time to go through them all and analyze what they are saying nor have I taken the time to categorize them all into good pieces or bad. I would rather you make up your own minds on this issue.  The key is are you thinking out of your own emotions and feelings or looking to God to help you address the issue correctly.

What I have found out over the years is that for most people rational thought, logical thinking, common sense and justice are the first things tossed when the age of victims is under that of an adult and when the crimes are sexual in nature. This observation hasn’t failed and the worst offenders are the ones who demand that God and Christians pervert the idea of love and accept them as they are, even when they do despicable things.

I have not read them all and only glanced at most but I have a problem with the last two. Again, the owner of that blog, advocates his own ideas instead of pointing people to God and his ways. His words are all about his ideas and some very misguided thoughts

Sexual abuse is a serious crime and is not something that can ever be handled as a private family matter or as an internal church matter.

Those are actually the best first two choices you can have yet that author denounces them. The last people you want over-seeing this problem are unbelievers who do not follow God’s ways. We have seen how the government handles cases like this involving church people and if we follow that person’s advice we might as well re-open the Roman coliseum for business as usual.

The reality is however, that sexual abuse is never a private family matter and it’s never a matter for your church to handle internally. Sexual abuse is serious.

He repeats himself by changing the word order. Every sin is serious and if the Christian and the church is not equipped to handle sin then no one is.

So what’s the first thing a member of the clergy should do when suspecting or learning of a case of sexual abuse? You immediately notify the appropriate civil authorities, that’s what.

No, you go to God first and let him direct you to the right people who will solve the issue correctly and justly.  You do not go to sinners first.

Meanwhile, my hope and prayer is that we will be praying for the victims in the family and those who continue to be oppressed by the patriarchal quiverfull movement.

First, this took place 12 years ago, let’s not act like it took place last month. Hopefully the victims have dealt with this by now. I do not appreciate his swipe at patriarchy as if men are all wrong, all the time. We get enough of this crap from the secular world. All it is, is evil attempt to break down God’s order and the family. Men need prayer not to be made the joke of life.

As I said in the previous post, the outsiders cause most of the problems in these issues as they are not calling for justice, honesty or even fairness, but for some form of revenge.

The ‘what about the girls’ article is another good example of this misguided outsider thinking mentality

This is what comes of fundamentalism.

Instead of blaming sin and the devil, that author goes after a religious viewpoint as if the devil does not exist and only God causes evil. it is tragic as that author continues her ranting about fundamentalism:

Fundamentalism is how Jim Jones got a tragically large group of people to “drink the Kool-aid.

Somehow that author forgot that Jim Jones was a leader of a cult and not a christian church

Fundamentalism is why so very many children have horrific stories of being abused by Catholic priests; and fundamentalism is why so few of those priests are in jail (so far).

Her confusion is deep as she mistakes Catholicism for fundamentalism and the two share very little in common. These are simple examples of how rational and logical thought are lost in viewing these issues. The only people to blame are the Christian and God when what was done was done by one boy who gave into evil’s temptations. The secular world and most alternative believers do not grasp the real issue here but use these instances to further their own causes

Who’s looking out for the girls?

Obviously not that author as she or he went on a rampage against anything and everything he or she hates. Then we have the article on 5 ways the Duggars show everything wrong with America article. Originally I thought it brought out good points but then I took a second look at the piece and discovered it was just another alternative rant against systems the author does not like.

The fact that this case is the one that is splashed all over the headlines when the reality is that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused by the age of 16 tells you something very sad about our nation’s obsession with “celebrities” – specifically, that celebrities somehow matter more than everyone else.

This was probably the best point of the 5 and it does make me wonder why this 12-year-old problem, that has been dealt with, is such a big issue.  There are so many anonymous victims to be cared for who are being ignored because some people decided that they hate Christians , successful ones at that, and felt that the boy was not punished enough so they took matters into their own hands.

What a waste of space and people’s involvement. Why not post about those victims who are NOT getting justice and seek aid for the capture of those criminals who have not repented and paid for their sins. The author has his or her priorities screwed up here because they too attack, the Duggars, Republicans, Christians instead of the real culprits–satan and his demons.

Or how about attacking his own progressive beliefs for undermining God and his instructions? If these pseudo- Christians want to point a finger then they need to point it at themselves as they preach how irrelevant God, his revelations and church instructions are and seek to alter them to make Christianity and God after their own image instead of lifting up the Most Holy God and state his word needs to be respected, accepted and obeyed.

No they prefer attacking everyone else who did not commit any crimes nor supported them.

What about those girls who could possibly face a lifetime of physical and mental issues because of the trauma they’ve had inflicted on them?

That author exaggerates and blows the whole issue out of proportion. He or she assumes that nothing has been done for the victims and that is a very bad leap to a conclusion but a good way to distort the situation. We do not know what help they received because the issue in the public is Josh Duggar’s sin not the victims and their lack of help. But then I have never met an atheist, evolutionist or alternative believer who are honest so why start now.

What bothered me about the ‘Web has known…’ article is the following:

According to the police report and InTouch, a Duggar family appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2006 was cancelled after a “61-year-old woman” emailed Harpo Studios to warn producers about Josh’s sexual misconduct. Harpo Studios forwarded the information to the Department of Human Services hotline, which trigged an investigation by the Springdale Police Department.

As I said, some people cannot keep their noses out of other people’s business and decided to do it on their own. If you read that article you will notice the absence of one very important detail. That woman was not led by God to make the disclosure and that is the rub. These type of people act on their own initiative or satan’s influence and not God’s direction.  If they followed God’s direction they would have gone to the Duggar family first and talked to them before heaping dirt about them over the airwaves and internet.

Those are my comments on these slate of articles. My conclusion is that the victims were not helped by the resurrection of this already dealt with problem.

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