Much To Talk About- 124

22 May

#1. A Piece Of Good News

The U.S. district judge that has been overseeing the case of an imprisoned creation science evangelist has granted a motion for acquittal surrounding a contempt charge involving the contesting a property lien while incarcerated.

I am not a fan nor a supporter but I have endured his seminar and if you have seen it, you may understand why I use the word ‘endure.’  But for those who are fans, this is good news and shows that prayer can overcome the legal system.  I thought that Hovind was fairly convicted in the first trial but these new charges seemed excessive, over-the-top and prejudicial. I am glad that he own acquittal.

#2. We Need Objectivity

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg officiated a same-sex “wedding” last weekend as the nation’s high court deliberates a monumental case that will decide states’ rights regarding the definition of marriage.

When it comes to court room affairs.  Judges are not to have personal opinions about the cases they try and I feel that Ginsburg’s open support of same-sex marriage tells the world that opposition to same-sex marriage is an unfair fight. There is no honesty being used in this issue and I have seen that unfairness and dishonesty on all actions involving homosexuals.

Why so many people support homosexuality is beyond reason as that sexual preference brings nothing good to society. Doesn’t matter how you dress up homosexuality so that it looks good, it is still only putting a dress on a sow.

Judges should know better and this act on Ginsburg’s part only undermines the authority of the Supreme Court and drives away any confidence that it can actually take care of business correctly. The battle lines are drawn and believers need to truly pray for the right result because the secular government and legal establishment will not seek the correct verdict on their own.

#3. There Is So Much Wrong With This

A prominent evangelical college is defending its decision to allow the formation of homosexual student group on campus.

it isn’t just this decision that I am referring to. This one is bad enough as Christian institutions should be leading the way to God not away from his teaching. But what is worse are the lead sentences in the following quote:

The first group, “OneWheaton,” seeks to “affirm LGBTQ individuals and the relationships that are a natural expression of their identity,” according to the group’s website. Members of OneWheaton maintain that same-sex sexual attraction is to be celebrated. In a letter distributed across the Wheaton campus in 2011, the organization encouraged students with same-sex attractions to emerge “from the closet” and embrace their homosexuality.

This group is saying that their alternative sexual preferences are ‘normal’ which is in direct contradiction to God’s word. No Christian church , institution or organization should agree with those words or allow them to be practiced within their areas of jurisdiction. There is nothing ‘normal’ about LGBTQ preferences and if there were God would have made it clear that those preferences were okay with him.

Wheaton Provost Stanton Jones said the formation of Refuge demonstrated that the school had “evolved” on the issue of homosexuality.

“The [Wheaton] Community Covenant does not condemn homosexuality; it condemns homosexual conduct as one example of sexual immorality,” Jones said, according to a report from The Wheaton Record. “So that’s one of the fundamental ways that we have to in a sense ‘clean up our language’ and try to be rigorous in the way that we think.

This is merely splitting hairs and it is an activity performed by many who do not want to follow God’s rules or the rules of Christian organizations, etc.. Those students who think they are homosexual should be seeking help on how to be healed from that alternative preference not embrace for the latter only makes evil happy.

Soon after Wheaton assumed leadership of Refuge last year, the Wheaton Chaplain’s Office hired Julie Rodgers, a “celibate gay Christian,” to lead the group as student counselor. Rodgers believes God uses her homosexuality to glorify Him.

How is God using her homosexuality for his glory when he clearly told his followers to execute such people?  This is the depth of the deception that has a hold on such people. They are convinced that God uses them yet cannot even produce a single scripture to support such thinking.  They need to be made aware of the passage about the devil appearing as an angel of light so they get to have perspective on their situation.

“We see no conflict between our institutional standards and our attempts to support, whether individually or in groups, same-sex attracted individuals who concur with our biblically-grounded standards,” he stated.

The question is, Wheaton has held to an anti-homosexual teaching for decades so how can someone identifying as homosexual ‘concur with their biblically-grounded standards’? Sounds like an excuse and an attempt to avoid the persecution that will come by the supporters of the homosexual community because Wheaton dared to make a stand against that sinful practice.

It is disappointing to see so many ‘Christians’ go against God in this issue.

#4. When Science Lies To The Students, It Is NOT Science Education

A bill introduced in the Alabama legislature that would allow students to learn the strengths and weaknesses of scientific theories is being criticized and ridiculed by evolutionists as an attempt by “religious fanatics” to “undermine the integrity of science education.”

All the evolutionists actions tell me is that the evolutionist does not want anyone to see how fraudulent  their theory really is. If evolution were true then this bill would not threaten them nor make them afraid that the students are going to find out that they have been lied to over the years by evolutionists. Religious fanatics are part of the public and they have a right to say what is taught in the science classroom just like evolutionists do.

#5. Even More Wrong

A United Methodist body approved proposed legislation that would, among other things, allow clergy to perform gay marriage ceremonies and local conferences to ordain non-celibate homosexuals.
The Connectional Table voted 26 to 10 in favor of proposed legislation that would allow clergy to perform gay weddings without concern of facing church discipline or to be “openly self-avowed practicing homosexuals.”

The church is not left in doubt about how to act in this issue nor are they left without guidance. God is right there waiting to be consulted yet no one seems to be listening to his side of the issue.

#6. The World Does Not Want Christ

And no amount of calm will dissuade critics, such as the Lynn, Massachusetts, school board member who compared Gordon College to the KKK and dismissed their work among the city’s poorer children out of hand.

When they do not want Christ, it doesn’t matter how much good a believer does, it will be ignored. The unbelieving world is unfair and dishonest in its assessment of Christians, Christianity and God.

A Gallup poll found that 45 percent of respondents had either a “mostly unfavorable” or “very unfavorable” view of “religious fundamentalists.” In another poll, 30 percent of Americans said they wouldn’t want to have a fundamentalist as a neighbor.

The problem is not always with the Christian. The Gallup Poll does not take into account what distorted information influenced the respondents’ answers. A lot of people do not really understand what a fundamentalist is or what they actually do but they have heard the term and the negative comments about them then unfairly make up their minds against the believer.

They do not care about the ramifications of supporting evil as most of them do not believe that sin, evil or even God exists and do not grasp the whole picture of life and think their rose-colored view is the whole picture. I would not worry about the results of polls as those questions can be manipulated in order to gain a desired result so you cannot trust any claim that the poll is objective or even honest.

If Christians lived as God wanted, then they would see a different public view of them and their faith.

#7. False Testimony

Photographs show the two raising their hands as they sat down to the witness table and laughing as Warren issued the caution to John. The incident drew concerns from Christians across the country.

“Elton John, the man who has worn more wigs and dresses than Marilyn Monroe, we expect this from. But Rick Warren claims to be a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ,” wrote Geoffrey Grider of Now the End Begins.

“Here was his perfect opportunity to lovingly and graciously tell not only Elton John, but all of Congress, that without being born again they will die and go to a Devil’s Hell. But instead, he holds hands with a gay man, and jokes about kissing him,” he said.

If you say you stand with God then stand with him and stop pandering to those who will not believe no matter how far you bend over backwards to accommodate them.

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