Much To Talk About– 123

22 May

#1. Women & The Church-

I have been involved in a discussion on women and the church the past few weeks and it is discouraging to say the least as I see so many supporters for women preachers ignore biblical instructions and promote that their way is correct. They never appeal to any actual biblical verse to support their argument. They always appeal to scholars, ancient non-biblical writers, church history anything but the Bible.

They cannot even point to one verse that has Jesus or any biblical author granting permission for women to be the head of a church, let alone a preacher in one. Whenever you point out scriptures that contradict their arguments, they simply dismiss them and say that the person making such points is either prooftexting or simply in error. It is very sad to see this ignorance and willful disobedience to God and his word.

One gets the idea that these people think that they own the church instead of God.  here is a quote from my main point, which will let you know when you hit the right discussion:

Someone on here accused me of coming to my position via prooftext but that is a wild tired and old accusation made by those who do not like the biblical restriction.

if those people who support women ministers and leaders of the church were honest, they would look first at God’s instruction to Moses on who could lead the temple in the OT times. Not only did those instructions exclude all women but they excluded most of the men in the Israelite nation.

God is not treating women as second class or inferior but has a specific order for his church. THEN they need to look at Jesus and his instructions. AT NO TIME did he give permission for women or non Levite men to lead the temple nor over-turned God’s instruction for that leadership.

HE ALSO GAVE NO instruction or permission to lead his church. HE called 12 MEN to be his disciples and leaders of the church. He did not call one woman.

On top of that, you will find NO NT writer giving permission for women to be pastors or leaders in the church nor changing Paul’s instructions to both Timothy and Titus.

Some of them wrote AFTER PAUL so you do not see them disagreeing with him.

Finally, every first century example used by supporters of women ministers,etc., do not disobey any of God’s instructions. They are all exercising their gifts and talents in obedience to them.

Any idea that they were ministers or church leaders is read into the scriptural examples not taken out of those passages of scripture.

Those examples show women of today HOW to use their gifts without disobeying God and are not examples of over-turning God’s instructions for church leadership or Pastors.

If Jesus did destroy God’s instruction for the leadership of the church and if God had changed his mind, why did God allow the HS to inspire Paul to write those instructions? Paul’s words are not occasional writings but the real instructions for the church to follow.

#2. Everyone Has An Opinion On This

I am tired of this trash. I am pregnant, about to be a mom myself, and I am sick of women making it a point to prove how motherly they are or how womanly they are by parading this all over the place. It’s yes it’s natural, yes I will be doing this myself as well as bottle feeding too. But it’s not necessary to have your tits out all over magazines, endless articles, and endless celebrity breast feeding pictures. It doesn’t make me a hater or or a prude to not want to see this. And even worse, I don’t hear women shaming women for wanting to breastfeed. The biggest bullies I know are the breastfeeding mafia who would dare shame other women for bottle feeding. They shamed my friend who couldn’t physically breastfeed her kid. How dare you use a bottle. That’s what they said to her. There is more of a cult around these women then there are shaming of breast feeders. Sick of it.– Candice Alström

That is not from the article but from the comment section underneath and I think she has nailed it. I have spoken on this topic before (  #2) and I do not have anything different to say on the issue. Yet I find that these constant articles on the topic annoying and that the pro- breastfeeding, the pro-homosexual, the pro-same-sex marriage, etc., supporters will not be satisfied until they force everyone to think like they do.

I do not respect any woman who feels the need to share her body with the world no matter what the activity and that includes wearing a bikini on the public beach. Nice to look at but it doesn’t compel me to respect them. The thing that bothers me about this issue is that so many women complain that men do not take them seriously, make cat-calls at them and on down the line the complaints go; yet these same women refuse to cover up, be modest, or be discreet. These same women plant the seeds for the activities they despise.

i remember an episode of 8 Simple Rules where the youngest daughter dressed in a very provocative manner and when she saw that her boyfriend was staring at her chest, she got all upset and said to him, ‘don’t objectify me!’ Well if you do not want the stares or be objectified then don’t dress or act in a manner that incites men to do those that.

You can’t have it both ways.

#3. It Is Going To Happen

U.S.-led airstrikes against the Islamic State and other militants in Syria killed two young girls in November, the military confirmed Thursday.

When you are at war, children are going to be killed. That is the reality and it is not more tragic than any teenager or adult being killed. Here in Korea, there is a nice park near the DMZ that has a monument honoring all the children who died during the Korean war and yes, lots of children did die during that conflict. The same for any war. When God had his biblical writer pen the words,

And inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment, (Heb. 9:27)

he was not saying that children would not die. They get the same restrictions as adults do making life fair for everyone. Children are not a protected class nor are they superior to teenagers or adults but sadly the western world has developed what the late George Carlin called, ‘the cult of children’ and I have to admit I like that observation.

In this country a fad has hit this country, well actually parents in this country. On the back windows of their vehicles we see a constant declaration that their ‘baby is in the car’ as if that means anything to anyone but those parents.  I do not care that they have their baby in the car but when their driving hinders traffic and makes driving extra unsafe because the parent of those babies can’t drive according to the rules of the road, then it becomes a problem.

The world doesn’t stop because two people have children, life doesn’t change because two people have babies and parents need to get used to the idea that children are not special and are not privileged over any one else. If you recall the flood, God made no special exemptions for the children being sinful. They received the same escape route and the same penalty for refusing to use that escape route.

This means that children are going to go to hell for they failed to repent of their sins and if that makes you turn off of God then it is not God with the problem but you as you want special rules for children and that is not right. I have seen charitable organizations play favorites in their carrying out their good works duties and it is not right. Men, especially single men, deserve the same treatment as given to women, single mothers and children. They are humans and unfairness or special treatment to others is NOT of God.

You will find no biblical instructions telling believers to treat some people better than others. Yes Jesus said, ‘let the little children come unto me’ but that invitation did not remove the invitation to teenagers and adults to do the same thing. The only way our children are our future is if we teach them correctly and make sure they follow what is right, fair, and just.

#4. Time To Stop Supporting The Boy Scouts

The national president of the Boy Scouts of America, Robert Gates, said Thursday that the organization’s longstanding ban on participation by openly gay adults is no longer sustainable, and called for change in order to avert potentially destructive legal battles.

In a speech in Atlanta to the Scouts’ national annual meeting, Gates referred to recent moves by Scout councils in New York City and elsewhere to defy the ban.

I am saddened by this announcement because it means that another organization has failed God and capitulated to evil.  It is not that their ban is not sustainable, it is the fact that they refuse to discipline their individual troops for violating their rules. Rules were not made to be broken but when people fail to discipline correctly then that sends the message to the rule breakers that the rules do not matter.

God has sent a different message which says that his rules do matter but too many people ignore those messages because they want to do evil and not abide by God’s rules. Unfortunately, the church has failed to discipline correctly thus opening their congregation sup to false teaching, alternative ideas and shoved God to the corner, only to pull him out for Sunday services.

I know that churches are afraid to discipline because they are afraid of losing members and the offerings that come with those memberships. Discipline is a biblical teaching and churches should be trusting in God to make up the slack when they act biblically when they move to stop sinful behavior or ideologies. Churches acting under God’s guidance have nothing to worry about when they discipline. God i snot going to get angry with them for doing church discipline correctly.

It is when we do it wrong that we need to worry.  Just because secular culture accepts and supports sin does not mean that the organization or church is on the wrong side of history when they refuse to go along. It means they are on the right side of God and that move is far more important

#5. We Do Need To Pray

Prominent evangelist Franklin Graham wants Ruth Bader Ginsburg to finally “see the truth of Scripture” and vote against same-sex marriage as the Supreme Court gears up to rule on the matter next month.

Graham, who is the son of famous evangelical leader Billy Graham and president of the Samaritan’s Purse charity, took to Facebook to “pray” for Supreme Court justices as the vote approaches. Though nothing new for the staunchly anti-gay Graham, the evangelist showed particular audacity in his prayer for Ginsburg, which stated:

“Those who support same-sex marriage consider her an ally in their fight to toss God’s Holy Word aside. … let’s pray that Justice Ginsburg’s eyes would be opened to the truth of Scripture and that she would not be deceived by the arguments of those who seek to impose their ‘new morality’ on our nation.”

 BUT let’s not make it a news conference prayer or declaration. Christians need to sincerely, honestly and humbly pray for same-sex marriage is an important issue and it should not be legalized.  When you pray, follow biblical guidelines not political ones. We do not need to create more stumbling blocks to Christ than are already out there.
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