God Protects

21 May

Yesterday I broke my car or I broke it the day before but didn’t realize it. I had known about a crack for several months now but my mechanic quoted my a $600 price tag to fix it and I just couldn’t spend that much on the car so I put off the repair. I went into Seoul yesterday and noticed I had severe wheel alignment problems and that my car wanted to go left instead of straight most of the time.

I had to go to Dongducheon area later so I waited and did my errand in the capital. I knew that there was an English-speaking mechanic in that town and they were honest so I waited before checking the car out. I went through Seoul rush hour traffic, regular traffic, then Uijeongbu heavy traffic and finally made it to the mechanic I knew without any incident though I was expecting to hit the guard rails from time to time.

I go there around noonish,I do not remember the exact time, and told the guy what was going on and it didn’t take him more than a minute to figure out what I had done. In certain make and model cars of the early 2000s there is a square of steel that joins different parts of the wheels, suspension, and stabilizes and it i snot a light piece of equipment and since my care is older, it was fairly well rusted but it still did the job, until the other day.

When the mechanics took the old one off, they showed my what I had done. It was a mess and if God had not been protecting it, any number of bumps, sharp turns, stops could have sent me into the wall or oncoming traffic.  You should have seen my two front tires. The steel is showing through and the tread is rubbed bare. it was a miracle that i drove the car at all.

It took the mechanic the better part of two days to fix but their price was $350 which made me happy. God not only protected but made sure I got the right price for the part. Saturday, I will replace the two worn tires as they could not find any used ones in the city to replace the old ones.

God does protect so have confidence in him.

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