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18 May

Recently I have been involved in discussions on the website called slacktivist, a decidedly unchristian website , though many of its members will disagree with that classification. Being someone who stands with God and his word it was not long before all the insults, personal attacks and false accusations were hurled my way by unrepentant members, along with having my words twisted and distorted innumerable times. These were often followed by the usual denials and failures to take responsibility for being worse than they demand of others.

It is sad that one cannot have a decent discussion with alternative believing people, though scriptures tells us it is impossible to accomplish, as that crowd certainly does not want to hear the truth. They will do Olympic class gymnastics to avoid even acknowledging that the truth was told to them, so discussion with them is frustrating at best.

What is doubly sad is that many of the members there will call themselves Christian, even labeling the owner of that website as one, though from what I have seen that is a giant leap to a conclusion, yet they will attack God at every turn. The owner seems to open God up to mocking and criticism by his weekly series WTF. This series is constructed of different simple biblical passages that the owner does not understand posted on the website with the title WTF and then he lets the members go for it.

Anyone who is Christian would not do that to God nor his word. They would not stand in judgment of God nor use any terrestrial subjective, fallible, corrupt immoral standard to judge God’s actions but these people do.  It is not a pretty sight to see take place.

As I said, many on that site call themselves Christian yet if you recall, the word Christian means like Christ so a brief look at Jesus’ life is in order if we are going to get a true picture of those members spiritual status. First off, Christ never put the OT up for open mocking and judging. He defended God’s word calling it true. Jesus never questioned the OT nor over-turned, altered or corrected one passage thus he knew it was okay as written.

Christ never ridiculed the OT, nor called God a mass murderer, genocidal maniac or immoral but many people on that website do all of those things. Jesus never stood in judgment of God or question his actions but those people feel that they are greater than God and their ideas of right, wrong and morality trump God’s. Jesus never did those things either so it is clear that those on that website certainly are not like Christ and should refrain from calling the website and themselves, whomever uses that title there, Christian.

There is nothing ‘Christian’ going on at that location. When you challenge them on their use of earthly standards for judging God’s actions you get a chorus of responses declaring that they are entitled and have the right to judge God via their pitiful ideals, even though God doe snot restrict his behavior to their standards but uses his own holy one to mete out punishment. They seem to have no problem in using their corrupt, sinful, subjective ideas as standards to ‘interpret’ God’s divine and just punishment in ways that make them look superior to God and God worse than the devil.

To me it is disgraceful, immoral, wrong, unfair, and unjust of them to do so but they do not seem to care. They just need to justify their rejection of the Trinity and the Bible and feel good about how they live their lives and treat others. Their words and actions are unfair as they fail to see the whole picture but use distorted, out-of-context passage to feed their hatred for God and those who stand with him.

They fail to listen to reason when one points out that the people were given a just punishment. They think their ideas of what is just and fair is sufficient when in reality their ideas are far from just or fair. The also refuse to see that God has given the punished sinful people a way out of receiving that punishment for their sins.

From Noah and his family who instructed their descendents of the correct path to take to Melchizedek in Salem to other witnesses for God’s way, God has provided an escape from this tragic end.  They refuse to see that ,like them, the ancient people had free choice and free access to the alternative but, like those at that website, they chose to go with evil over salvation. God is not the one who did anyone wrong here.

The members of that website also refuse to see the patience of God as he gives people ample time to repent and teach their children the right way to live. The pre-flood world had a couple thousand years approx., before God put Noah and his family on the ark. The Midianites had at least a thousand or so, I am not sure how long they were in existence as a people but it was not like God only gave them a month to live and then change.

The people of Sodom had hundreds of years as well, and the post-resurrection world has had 2000 years yet with each age and people we see the same results– man loves darkness rather than light. So we see that they are punished instead of rewarded.  Their attitude and behavior certainly brings no joy to this writer and they accuse me of being there to evangelize but to tell you the truth I do not go there to evangelize. I am not an evangelist. I see errors of thinking not only in the articles posted and in the comments made by the members so I go in and present the truth.

They do not like that at all. Even when the discussion changes from the morality of God to evolution. A couple of members have appointed themselves ‘my teachers’ on evolution, being like all the other evolutionists I have encountered over the years– thinking I never heard of evolution before and was in need of ‘enlightenment’. They were and wrong, of course, as I thoroughly understand that theory– The processes of evolution and natural selection do not exist and never has. The whole theory of evolution is nothing but a lie meant to deceive people and lead them away from the truth.

It is so funny to see them make the tired and worn out accusation– you do not understand evolution– over and over, and it is hilarious to see them scramble to alter their theory whenever they cannot explain anything or come to a problem like being refuted and shown that their theory just cannot work as claimed. The evolutionist relies upon two main principles– observation and replication– but the evolutionists’ problem is that those two principles come from them and are not given by a divine or superior authority as the correct principles to use in determining if evolution is true or not.

Those rules come from the evolutionist themselves and they have no way to know if they are correct in using them for we all know that observation doe snot necessarily provide the correct information about any results and depends upon confession to verify its suggestions. Unfortunately for the evolutionist, none of their specimens can provide confession thus the evolutionist is left with unsupported and unconfirmed principles to use in their work.

Replication fails for it cannot prove that evolution or natural selection are responsible for the results they observe,no matter how many times they repeat the experiment. They may get the same results but no clarity on who directed ultimately produced those results– evolution or God’s design corrupted by Adam’s sin. Getting the same results can mean that they are making the same mistake over and over but you do not hear an evolutionist admit to a mistake in their work.

You do not even hear of the failed predictions that forced them to continue working on their experiment until they find a prediction that backs up their claims. Evolutionists present a false front in that they tell the public that they know what they are doing and everything is perfect but if the truth were known we would be able to laugh the evolutionist out of the classroom as their work represents a bad keystone kops impression.

It is not a good moment to hear the evolutionist talk about how science is self-disciplining, and how great the peer review system is and so on, as a believer knows how untrue those claims are. We know how corrupt the secular science systems are and how flexible they can be, and I say flexible to be polite. But the evolutionist doe snot want to admit error or realize that they have wasted their life on a theory that does not provide them the alternative from the truth & God’s judgment that they seek.

When you talk to them you get the impression that they do not care if they will be sent to hell for their sins and rejection of Jesus as their savior. But they will care when they see that hell is a reality and that at that moment they realize that it is too late to change their minds for there will be no final opportunity to repent of their sins when this life is over.

For some at that website, it is already too late to escape their eternal destination but not all have passed the line of no return yet. I take no joy or pleasure in knowing this as God did not want to send his creation to hell but because of their thorough rejection of Jesus as their savior, he has no choice. He set the rules and it would not be fair or just to let those who rejected Jesus as their savior into paradise to enjoy what heaven has to offer with those who did follow the rules and live their lives according to God’s ways, especially those who were persecuted and martyred for their decision and faith.

God is holy and just, not an evil trickster who plays games with his creation. There will be no favoritism and women will not be able to hike their skirts, lower their dress straps to get an exception to God’s rules. Everyone, including alternative ‘Christians’ will face the same rules and the unbelievers and those alternative ‘Christians’ are without excuse. They have their chance and they are blowing it.

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