When They Say It Better Than Me – 4

15 May

As I said in the previous post, I like Craig Blomberg and he says a lot of good things. This post is highlighting just 3 of them. They all come from the same book, From Pentecost to Patmos.

#1. Interestingly today, the big bang theory of the universe’s origins resembles creation ex nihilo (pg. 480-1)

I have to agree as astronomers continuing state the case that something came from nothing or magically appearing for no reason. But then we must remember that astronomers and evolutionists are restricted to providing an alternative theory to what God already has done. They cannot create their ideas to reflect anything different from God’s work because the truth keeps them within boundaries.

Evolutionists are stuck with man being the top of the evolutionary chain because God put man at the top of creation.  If evolution were true we would see a vastly different world than the one we do now. One where there would be NO extinctions because the flood would never have taken place. There would be no ice ages either in the evolutionary development of man for the same reason.

The current environment would not exist either and we would be able to see evolution inaction without resorting to blindly following elitists scientists who declare that only they can see this process in action. Oh no, if God didn’t create as he said, this would be a vastly different world and most likely the human would never have existed.

The following is the most important point of all three

#2. Second Peter provides the classic New Testament answer to the problem of evil. Why does God delay in righting all the wrongs of the world… he waits because the only way he can do away with evil is to do away with this world as we know it and that will mean an end to the opportunity for any one more to be saved. So while he delays we must do all we can to bring as many as we can to Christ,thus giving meaning to this otherwise unjust world. (pg. 482)

I need to add to those words this little reminder– we also need to place top priority on teaching those new converts the truth of God ensuring that they will remain committed to Him throughout their lives. We cannot just focus on evangelism anymore. We need to get new believers to steps 2 to infinity in the Christian faith.

#3. False teachers, however, will arise in every age to dispute or radically redefine scriptural teaching to suit their personal fancies…Their real motive will be their unwillingness to adopt biblical morality… (pg. 482)

We see this now with the surging support for woman as preachers, leaders of the church and for accepting unrepentant homosexuals into the church as well as many other issues. Many people do not want God’s morality nor God’s rules. They feel that they are qualified to govern the church and set new rules but as we all know, they are not.

We see today how the supporters just for those two issues try to redefine what scriptures say in order to get their way and how they reject simply humbling themselves and obeying God’s instructions. In some comments I have seen on Ms. Evans website Dr. Blomberg’s point is on point and very true.

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