The Homosexual Argument

05 May

Today I am going to go through an article found on Huffington Post and I do so because it demonstrates the unrealistic perspective the homosexual community has of itself and its desires. You can read the whole thing at the following link:

For many years now I have noticed an utter dishonesty in the arguments made by unbelievers, whether they be homosexuals or not. I say dishonesty not because they are lying but because they cannot represent the other side of the issue correctly nor use examples that they claim support their argument in an honest and wise manner. Hopefully you will see that as this article progresses.

#1. Welch was appalled by McCarthy’s callous disregard and despite McCarthy’s power, challenged him by stating: “Until this moment, Senator, I think I have never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness.” He concluded by saying “You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

There is a vast difference between the McCarthy era and the current opposition to legalizing same-sex marriage. The first difference was that communism was a real and viable threat to the Western way of life. As much as traditional marriage supporters claim otherwise, same-sex marriage does not threaten opposite sex unions.

Second, in the McCarthy era, people’s lives were actually ruined by the purge that that Senator had carried out. The blackballing and other targeted measures was tragic during those years BUT no homosexual is being targeted, blackballed, imprisoned nor are their friends being asked to rat them out for a lighter sentence and so on.

The only thing being done to the homosexual community is that they would be told ‘no’ and then denied the right to openly marry.  No one is stopping them from being homosexual, no one is stopping them from living together, owning businesses or being employed. No one is threatening to evict them from their homes. All that would be done to them is deny them a piece of paper.

The homosexual community is being over-dramatic and hope  to make themselves out to be martyrs when all that is being done is the Supreme Court would end the catering to a selfish and spoiled minute group of people.

#2. In the recent marriage equality case, Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and Antonin Scalia argued that marriage equality opens the door to polygamy, underage sex, and incest between brothers and sisters. This is the modern equivalent of McCarthy red-baiting and deserves the same response.

This is just not true. What was being done was the homosexual community were being told the truth about their actions and push to legalize same-sex marriage. Every argument the homosexual community uses to defend and justify their demand for entry into the institution of marriage can be used to support any other perversion who desires such entry.

There is no red-baiting but an honest assessment of what the slippery slope actually looks like yet the homosexual community does not accept that but decides to spin it to look like their opponents are evil and depriving the innocent little homosexual of happiness.

#3. The cruel, illogical, heartless and hateful arguments of Alito and Scalia give considerable support and inspiration to right-wing groups who literally demonize our sisters and brothers and sons and daughters who seek only to marry their same-sex partners just like the rest of us.

As you can see the rhetoric gets a lot worse and honest opposition is now ‘cruel, illogical, heartless and hateful’. This is what I mean about those people, who want to practice alternatives to what is right, moral, and normal, not being honest in their representation of the other side’s arguments. It is manipulation at its almost best. Instead of being honest with themselves, the homosexual needs to alter the intent and meaning of the Justices’ words by adding their own inflammatory adjectives.

If anyone is being hateful, illogical, cruel and heartless it is the homosexual community as they cannot handle the fact that people do not agree with them nor accept their chosen lifestyle. What the author of that article is missing or willfully ignoring is that that desire to marry the same-sex is wrong, sin, and destructive.  Right and wrong, morality and so on just does not figure in their thinking.

#4. It is one thing to have these fringe haters outside on the courthouse steps. We allow the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazi parties to demonstrate out on the steps. It is another matter entirely when they are in the exalted position as members of the court and while there feeding the fires of hatred in their public arguments.

So the only people who can hold ‘exalted positions’ are those who only agree with the homosexual community? This is another unrealistic argument made by the homosexual community– those who oppose them are instantly labeled haters and spreading hatred wherever they can. That is just not so. They forget that it is normal to disagree and oppose something that one does not believe to be right or accept as normal.

For some reason the homosexual community is the only community to be allowed their own opinion. At least according to that logic in that quote. Yet, if we take a close look at these points of view we see that the homosexual community has become just like the Klu Klux Klan and the Nazis of old as they deny others the right to free thought and choice.

#5. It is past time for family, friends, lawyers, legal associations and law schools to ask Alito and Scalia to halt and to answer the question “Have you no sense of decency, sirs?”

Actually that is a question we need to ask the homosexual community.  Must we have their preference shoved down our throats at every turn in life? Must we be forced to view a homosexual character every time we turn on the t.v. or go to a movie? Must we always have to endure a ‘gay pride’ parade or history class or week just because the homosexual feels the need to make their activities public instead of showing some decency and being discreet about their preference?

Obviously what they ask of Scalia and Alito they have no intention of doing themselves. Why must the majority of people be sickened by the public displays of the perverted? The latter is not the only one with rights yet according to this article and the homosexual community it seems that they are.  So we need to ask, when is the homosexual community going to allow for the rights of others to come into play during life’s situations?

We certainly see no decency from the homosexual when a business who opposes same-sex marriage is ganged up on and bullied by not only the homosexual community but the elected government officials who have the duty to represent all people not just the homosexual. Nor do we see any decency by the homosexual when people presenting their dissenting opinions on public forums are abused, insulted and personally attacked by members of the homosexual community.

Obviously, the homosexual community thinks that the rules of life do not apply to them and they probably won’t if the Supreme Court justices approve of same-sex marriage. They are the last to talk about decency when  that word does not appear anywhere in their public behavior or words.

#6. Alito argued that approving the right to marriage equality for gay and lesbian people would open the door for 12 year olds to marry, for brothers and sisters to marry, and make polygamy possible for four lawyers who all want to marry each other. Alito’s problems are so often raised and widely known that they are characterized as his “polygamy perplex” by The New Yorker.

Alito’s fallacious slippery slope arguments, transparently couched as questions, were so ridiculous that they prompted John Stewart to ask whether, in the case where women fought for the right to vote, Alito might have asked “What if one day a dog wants to vote? How about that ladies?”

The problem for this point by that author is that we have already seen the slippery slope in action. It is not as absurd as that author or the homosexual community make it out to be. We already have had 3 women and 3 men get married to each other so the homosexual community needs to take the blinders off and see the result of their demands.

Comparing the selfish demand to marry the same-sex partner to a real violation of a person’s civil rights is laughable and truly absurd on the part of that author. The homosexual has access to the institution of marriage and the denial of their demand to marry someone of the same-sex is not a violation of their civil rights. The homosexual has the right to marry an opposite sex mate and gain entry to the institution normally BUT they reject that option and the exercise of their civil right to marry.

They have equal protection under the law but they do not want to follow the rules to gain that protection. They want to change the rules instead but if we changed the rules every time someone didn’t want to play by them, we would have anarchy and no social order.  Why can we draw the line at heterosexual unions and not admit the homosexual version? Simple. The definition of marriage transcends American law and culture. The union  has been defined as between a man and a woman since the beginning of time and envelopes ALL cultures of the world from the most ancient to the most modern, from the most primitive to the most sophisticated.

It is a universal definition, not a man-made one. A divinely created one that tells all people what is the right thing to do when it comes to uniting with a mate.

#7. As one wise friend pointed out, our country still has the Ku Klux Klan but we do not take their arguments seriously. And there are no respected people openly espousing their arguments on the Supreme Court. No respected person openly argues that blacks and whites should not marry. Nor do any people argue openly that women do not deserve the right to vote. Yet, there are people on the Supreme Court who continue to openly repeat the brutally crude applause lines of right-wing anti-gay hate groups. It is time that stopped.

What needs to be stopped is the support of sin and evil by the world and have everyone tell the homosexual community that they are not right, not normal and they do not belong in the institution of marriage. Telling the homosexual the truth is not espousing ‘right-wing, anti-gay hate’ but letting them know that they need to change because their preference is wrong and an abomination to God.

It is the homosexual who has to change–not the rest of the world and most importantly, not God. But since that community buries itself into so much unreality it will be difficult to get them to realize that they are the ones who have erred and been led astray.

What also needs to stop is the vicious attacks on opponents to same-sex marriage and homosexuality. It is clear by their actions and attacks that the homosexuality enjoys no company with God. Their hatred goes far beyond what they accuse Scalia and Alito of having as they have no remorse for ruining people who abide by their faith and stand with God on this issue.

Decency? The homosexual community has no right to ask Welch’s question of anyone.


2 responses to “The Homosexual Argument

  1. Will Blue

    May 5, 2015 at 4:37 pm

    You know the same argument was used in Loving, and your are right 50 years latter the gays want the same thing. BTW the reason that Loving and LGBT marriage are similar as court cases is that the Govt. has no compelling reason to not sanction them. Your other down slope argument items the Govt. does have reasons not to sanction them.

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