Photo Essay- 3 Tombs

05 May

Though the style is changing because space is becoming limited in this country, you will always find traditional tombs in Korea and you do not have to leave your car to see them. Many times they  are right beside the road. Probably the most famous tombs are the ones found in Gyeong-ju, where many of the Silla Kings were buried and which have become a popular tourist attraction

That is not the only royal tomb complex in Gyeong-ju or Korea.  Yet these type of tombs were not limited to just royalty, as you will see from the following photos:

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The last two are Royal tombs found not too far from the city I currently live in, which is far from Gyeong-ju and Yeoju has a couple, including the famous King Sejeong’s.

As you can tell, most of these photos were taken from my car and are from several different cities.


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