Much To Talk About- 117

22 Apr

#1. Motives

Because, though the case is closed concerning the Talpiot tomb, it isn’t closed the way Nir and Simcha want it to be.

Remember when journalists and documentary film makers reported the facts after mining sources and responsible experts?  Well those days are gone.  Now journalists and film makers attempt to skew the facts to suit their own absurd biases.  And worse, they pretend to know what they’re talking about

While I do not totally agree with West here or the way he has put things, there has to be some boundary that stops journalists from exploiting their readers and keep them reporting the news objectively. I have not liked the recent changes to the field of journalism as most of it seems to be headed to tabloidism but when they start touching on biblical issues I really do not like the way they handle the stories.

In the case of the Talpiot tomb, and I will let West speak first:

There is not ONE SHRED OF REAL VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE that Talpiot is the family tomb of Jesus of Nazareth.

There is not one extant historical document that remotely hints or points at Talpiot is the tomb of Joseph of Arimarthea or Jesus. Having names in a tomb that are similar to Jesus’ family and friends is NOT evidence of it being Jesus’ tomb. That idea is read into the discovered ossuaries not taken from it.

There is nothing in the tomb itself pointing or hinting at it being related to Jesus of Nazareth and his family, just a bunch of old ossuaries with badly inscribed names on it. James tabor won’t let this idea go though as he writes  a couple of article son his blog defending his and his friend’s campaign to make Talpiot Jesus’ tomb

It isn’t tomb fatigue any of us are suffering from. It is stubbornness fatigue as the only people who do not know they are wrong is Jacobovici, Tabor and company.

#2. Medieval Elitism Strikes Again

One of my dearest friends and colleagues told me that years ago and whilst I then did not fully agree, having seen both historically and in the present what people do to distort Scripture to their own ends and for their own purposes, I tend to now concur.

From the very moment that unlearned, unskilled, unspiritual interpreters laid their foul and unclean hands on the Bible they have done very little but befoul it.  From the dim and ignorant Spiritualists of the 16th century to the Unitarian Universalists who followed them to the panderers of the present who use Scripture not for its proper purpose but to bolster their ideology with reprehensible cherry picking nonsensical pseudo-procedures.

West is one of those people who thinks that the Bible belongs in the world of the scholar only and was written for scholars only. That is the exact same attitude that the old medieval RCC priests used to think. They did not want the Bible to be in the hands of the common people for they felt that they alone were qualified to read its pages and interpret God’s word.

Sadly for West and the old RCC priests God wrote the Bible for everyone and gave them free choice as to follow his words correctly or not. Those of us who truly believe the Bible (and West does not) must endure and sort through all the crap alternative believers and the secular world throws our way.

Putting the Bible in the hands of the masses hasn’t resulted in a better, purer, Church; it has resulted in a diluted, ignorant assemblage of self appointed scripture blathering imbeciles who believe, in their corrupt and blackened hearts, that their understanding of Scripture actually has merit and EVEN rises to the level of adequate.

I guess West hasn’t heard of training the faithful to read the Bible correctly and then applying it to their lives first or that deception by evil influences people’s reading and implementation of biblical instruction.

Either way, the people need to read the Bible for themselves for the HS is there ready and waiting to guide them to the truth. If we left getting the truth from people like West, archaeologists, bible scholars and other people like them, we would never hear the truth for that group of people do not believe the Bible and throw away much of its content to fit their personal beliefs.

What West’s rant boils down to is this- he is complaining about himself and people like him.

#3. Marriage

Hardly anyone today in North America practices the ancient institution of marriage as it was understood thousands of years ago, or even traditional marriage as it existed a few hundred years ago as reflected in period dramas. And that is not as “unbiblical” as might first appear.

People like McGrath like to distort the issue of marriage, its biblical foundations and its heritage simply because they do not want to practice marriage as God intended or they support people who do not want to practice marriage as God intended.  He forgets that there are millions of people who do practice marriage like it was intended and practiced thousands of years ago, he just doesn’t want to admit to it.

If you believe that marriage is so sacred why then is divorcing legal

Those words come from the cartoon and again distort the reasons why divorce is in existence. it wasn’t the church who advocating changing the divorce laws. It was not the believer who fought to lessen the tight restrictions on how divorce could be obtained. Those efforts are credited to the unbeliever who did not want to live by God’s rules and wanted their own. They did not want to remain committed to a mate for their whole life so they sought to get some easy way outs put in place allowing them to use any excuse to abandon their vows.

Jesus spoke on this as the modern world showed that it was not so different from the ancient when he remarked how the people go Moses to grant them easy out rules as well. Jesus limited divorce to adultery reasons and he didn’t change them before he died nor did any of the biblical writers.

The thing that is sad is that the christian has taken advantage of these easy out rules and opened their stance against allowing homosexuals to marry to mockery. Marriage is between one man and one woman and it needs to be a lifetime commitment not this modern idea of bailing for the slightest wrong or excuse mentality we see taking place every day.

#4. Another Marriage Distortion

The evidence does not support the claim that Jesus took that text literally, but in fact, suggests precisely the opposite.

This is quite wrong as at no time does Jesus say that what Moses wrote was allegory, metaphor, a story, myth or fable. In fact, Jesus said, if you do not believe Moses how will you believe my words? (Jn. 5:45ff). That tells us that Jesus took Moses literally even Genesis 2.

But this is the type of distortion you can expect from those who do not side with God. They will say anything to show support for their sinful argument.

It is not about one person literally being split in two, but two separate people coming together and becoming one flesh.

No conservative I know, read or have heard speak thinks this but again leave it to those who do not believe Moses to alter what other people believe and think. Everyone, including myself, knows that Genesis 2 is talking about how two people become one and that this takes place after the different details about creation are given by God.

Once again, conservatives show themselves to pay little attention to the details of what the Bible actually says, and to have little sensitivity for the appreciation of symbolism and metaphor

These back door insults just remove any credibility the opponents of tradition marriage think they have.

#5. The Rapture

Former U.S. congresswoman and 2012 Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann claimed that the “rapture of the Church” is looming and will be brought to reality due to the foreign policies of president Barack Obama, and added that God will punish the United States for disobeying His will.

I just touched on this in a previous article and while we want to be taken away from all the evil happening in this world, this fact should not stop us from buckling down and doing God’s will correctly. With ISIS threatening to kill western Christians , with crime up, with corporations and bankers stealing from the poor and others, and on it goes, we just have too much work to do.

Instead of dropping out duties and tools and heading to the church to joyfully wait this event, we need to look to God for how we can actually make a bigger impact for him. While the rapture is a good thing, it should be the last thing on our minds. Paul wrote that we are to comfort each other with words about the rapture (1 Thess. 4:18), not use them as an arrogant tool to tell the world that we are out of here soon.

We should be humbled and striving to make sure our lives are pleasing to God, that our mouths bring forth the truth with wisdom and understanding and knowledge and so on. In other words we need to remain focused on our spiritual duties and not rub it in to the unbelieving world.

Bachmann also said that America’s Founding Fathers designed the country to be based off of biblical principles. Although she said the U.S. is not a theocracy…,

Then if you are going to speak on the issues, you need to get your facts straight. Most of the founding fathers of America were deists not Christian and their views of God are vastly different than a true believer’s. Then don’t do double talk even if it is in the realm of politics. Double talk is not honest nor is it reflecting sound character or integrity. It also makes the speaker look foolish.

Our words are to be wise, intelligent and so on reflecting our belief in God and his character.

#6. He Just Lost The Election-

Republican 2016 presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio from Florida, said Sunday that he does not believe homosexuality is a choice but “something that people are born with.” He also said he believes marriage should be “between one man and one woman” while insisting “it’s not that I’m against gay marriage.”

A prime example of bad speaking and double talk in hopes of winning the homosexual vote and the vote of that community’s supporters. It is also a prime example bad leadership or that a person is unqualified to lead. A good leader knows that you cannot include everyone or change the rules simply because a minority refuses to follow them.

Rules are not meant to be broken, they are meant to guide people to a healthy, safe and peaceful living. We need leaders who will make a stand and be strong enough to defend that stand not flip every time the wind blows in a different direction.

#7. And So They Should

A group of conservative Anglican leaders are reportedly meeting in London to discuss forming a “parallel” church that they feel would be more true to Anglican principles on positions like women bishops and gay marriage.

When your leadership fails you and leads the church or country to destruction and sin, and they will not listen to reason, then it is time to go in order to avoid the punishment that will come upon such disobedient people. There is no biblical command to stay in a church that takes the wrong path and leaves biblical teaching.

The leadership is no longer following Christ but has turned to listening to evil and that is a dangerous environment to remain in. You may not want to leave your friends, but you have if you want to please God and in the long run your exit may influence them to leave and save them.

The church is not obeying God when they practice and support something God did not teach. We need churches who follow God if we are going to make a final impact for Christ. Disobedience is sin and sin does not lead to spiritual success.

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