Inspiration Of The Bible

19 Apr

I am going to quote from the book Is All Scripture Inspired? by J.C. Ryle and I would recommend this book to everyone to read. It is great and will shore up your faith about the Bible as the word of God

#1. Inspiration, in short, is the very keel and foundation of Christianity. If Christians have no divine book to turn to as the warrant of their doctrine and practice, they have no solid ground for present peace or hope, and no right to claim the attention of mankind.  They are building on a quicksand, and their faith is vain. We ought to be able to say boldly, ‘we are what we are, and we do what we do, because we have here a book which we believe to be the word of God. (pg.2)

#2. It involves the discussion of things which are miraculous, and supernatural, and above reason and cannot be fully explained.    (pg. 3)

#3. We must not give up the subject of inspiration in despair  because it contains things ‘hard to be understood. (pg. 3)

#4. This question of inspiration is no light one. It involves tremendously grave consequences. if the Bible is not the word of God and inspired, the whole of Christendom for 1800 years has been under an immense delusion; half the human race has been cheated and deceived, and churches are monuments of folly. If the Bible is the word of God and inspired, all who refuse to believe it are in fearful danger; they are living on the brink of eternal misery. No man, in his sober senses, can fail to see that the whole subject demands most serious attention. (pg. 4)

Point #2 for the believer means that when an unbeliever says you cannot use the bible to prove your point or discuss its contents you then ignore those requests or demands.The Bible speaks on things that the secular world wants to ignore and hopes would go away but we cannot let that take place.There is no proving the miraculous or the supernatural per se because such events can be explained away quite easily by the unbeliever. We must rely upon telling the truth and keeping to God’s criteria of faith.

Point#4 describes what believers and churches are already called by unbelievers. The bible tells us that the preaching of the cross is foolishness to those who do not believe and we must be ready to face such accusations. We need to build our foundation upon Jesus and stand strong when the unbeliever or alternative believer attacks the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible. It is not wrong no matter what those antagonists claim.

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