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19 Apr

Again I am going to quote J.C Ryle as he says things so much better than I. I am only going to make quotes here so you really need to get the small book to see the complete context with examples. Chapter 2 outlines his argument for the inspiration of the Bible and I highly recommend that all believers buy and read this book if they want to grow in and shore up their faith

#1. Sermons, and tracts, and theological writings of all kinds, may be sound and edifying but they are only the handiwork of uninspired man. The bible alone is the book of god. (pg. 5)

#2. It throws more light on a vast number of most important subjects than all the other books in the world put together. it boldly handles matters which are beyond the reach of man, when left to himself. (pg. 6-7)

#3. The Bible alone gives a reasonable account of the beginnings and the end of the globe on which we live. (pg. 7)

#4. The Bible alone gives a true and faithful account of man. It does not flatter him as novels and romances do; it does not conceal his faults and exaggerates his goodness; it paints him just as he is. (pg. 7)

#5. The Bible alone gives us true views of God. (pg. 8)

#6. By the Bible alone we know that God hates sin. (pg. 8)

#7. By the Bible we know that God loves sinners (pg. 8)

#8. By the Bible we learn that God knows all things (pg. 9)

#9. The Bible alone teaches us that God has made a full, perfect, and complete provision for the salvation of fallen man. (pg. 9)

#10 The Bible alone explains the state of things that we see in the world around us (pg. 10)

#11 It is another fact that there is an extraordinary unity and harmony in the contents of the Bible which is entirely above man. (pg. 12)

#12 The writers were men of every rank and class in society. One was a lawgiver. One was a warlike king. One was a peaceful king. One was a herdsman. One had been brought up as a publican, another as a physician, another as a learned Pharisee, two as fishermen, several as priests. They lived at different intervals over a space of 1500 years; and the greater part of them never saw each other face to face. And yet there is a perfect harmony among all the writers! They all write as if they were under one dictation. (pg. 12-13)

#13 It is another fact that there is an extraordinary wisdom, sublimity and majesty in the style of the Bible which is above man.      (pg. 13)

#14 With all our boasted attainments in science, art and learning, we can produce nothing that can be compared with the Bible    (pg. 13)

#15 There are no weak points, motes, flaws and blemishes. There is no mixture of infirmity and feebleness, such as you will find in the works of even the best Christians. (pg. 14)

#16 Every honest and unprejudiced reader must see that there is a gulf between the Bible and any other book which no man can fathom. (pg. 15)

#17 The men who wrote the Bible had no special advantages. They lived in a remote corner of the civilized earth. They had, most of them, little leisure, few books, and no learning, such as learning is reckoned in this world. Yet the book they compose is one which is unrivalled. (pg. 15)

#18 it is another fact that there is an extraordinary accuracy in the facts and statements of the Bible which is above man. (pg. 15)

#19. There is scarcely an institution which has not gone through a process of sifting, purifying, refining, simplifying, reforming, amending and changing. But all this time men have never discovered a weak point or a defect in the bible. (pg. 16)

#20 The march of intellect never overtakes it. The wisdom of wise men never gets beyond it. The science of philosophers never proves it wrong. The discoveries of travellers never convicts it of mistakes. (pg. 16)

#21 Nothing is found that overturns one jot or tittle of the Bible’s historical statements. (pg. 16)

#22 Who could have thought it possible that so large a book, handling such a vast array of subjects, should at the end of 1800 years, be found so free from erroneous statements. (pg. 16)

#23 It is another fact that there is in the Bible an extraordinary suitableness to the spiritual wants of all mankind (pg. 17)

#24 it is the only book in existence which is never out of place and out of date. (pg. 17)

#25 It is the only book, moreover, which seems always fresh and evergreen and new. (pg. 17)

#26 In short, it suits all ages, ranks, climates, minds, conditions. it is the one book which suits the world (pg. 18)

#27 Not only were its writers isolated and cut off in a peculiar manner from other nations, but they belonged to a people who have never produced any other book of note except the bible! There is not slightest proof that, unassisted and left to themselves, they were capable of writing anything remarkable, like the Greeks and Romans. (pg. 21)

#28 We have the right to ask them how they can possibly explain the origin and nature of the bible, if they will not allow that it is of divine authority. We have a right to say, ‘Here is a book which not only courts inquiry but demands investigation. We challenge you to tell us how that Book was written.’ (pg. 22)

#29 In short, the difficulties of unbelief are far greater than the difficulties of faith. (pg. 23)

Those are a lot of quotes, I know but I wanted to get you as much of that chapter as I could just in case you are unable to find it. The Bible stands alone and that fact tells us that divine authorship and inspiration are behind its construction. Nothing else explains this phenomenon. The ideas that a conspiracy involving priests just does not hold any water and would be impossible to produce the results the inerrant and inspired Bible enjoys.

I do not know I I will publish any more of this work as it would be better for you to get a copy and read the complete context instead of relying upon me to not miss something important.

If you want to read up on JC Ryle then click on the following link:

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