Something To Think About

17 Apr

When believers get into discussions with unbelievers, they are often met with the demand that the Bible is not evidence and that the believer must dig up some extra-biblical comment in order to not be using circular thinking, they need to remember that those extra-biblical sources do not have the interests of God in mind nor do they represent the interests of God.

The Bible and those true believing writers, scientists, historians and so on, do represent God’s interest and do have his interests in mind. If the unbeliever wants to know God’s way, God’s evidence then they must remove their demands and look where God has placed it. If they want to know what God is thinking then they need to go to the Bible for that is where God has placed his thoughts, will, instructions and much more.

The believer does not need to jump through the hoops the unbeliever places them in front of them, God does not humble themselves to the unbelievers demands thus the believer should not either. It is the unbeliever who must meet God’s demands and criteria if they want to see the truth and the evidence. The believer follows God’s rules to present their case and defend the gospel, they do not compromise and follow the secular world’s demands.


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