Much To Talk About- 116

13 Apr

#1. Food For Thought

If God put it in the Bible 2,000+ years ago and he does not lie or change, then what does that mean for us today?

#2. It Is Not A Crime

Cleveland Metroparks plans to seek child endangerment charges against the mother on Monday, he said.

To have an actual crime the perpetrator must have intent to commit a crime and this mother did not have intent to commit a crime against her child. She may be a bit stupid and lacking in common sense but she did not criminally endanger her child. people lose all sense of common sense, rational thinking, logic and God’s wisdom, etc., when a child is involved in a mistake or an actual crime and they go out of their way to ruin families when a simple tongue lashing would suffice.

For some reason, people think they are the parents to the world when they cannot even raise their own children correctly

Oh my.  What are people thinking?  Or rather, why aren’t people thinking?

The thing is this failure to think is on both sides of the situation and sadly, families are torn apart because someone feels the need to force their views upon others when they think the others are wrong. People make mistakes and we need to get back to identifying mistakes instead of categorizing everything under the label of committing a crime.

Jesus said– ye who are without sin, cast the first stone. Those words apply to mistakes like the one linked above.

#3. Why Are Christians Afraid To Die?

But, most strange to say, many who boast of being Christians, are so afraid of [death] that they tremble at the very mention of it as a thing ominous and dreadful. We cannot wonder, indeed, that our natural feelings should be somewhat shocked at the mention of our dissolution.

Well not every Christian is a mature believer like Billy Graham who is ready to go to heaven because their work is completed. Many believers are still trying to grow in Christ, get the right attitudes and do not have time to think about dying just yet.  We make mountains out of molehills instead of understanding where people are at in their current lives.

For me I am not afraid to die,m I just do not want to yet as there is just too much work to be done both inside and outside the church.  Too many believers are listening to the unchurched world and that is ruining the Christian community and someone has to fit the tide. We need to get rid of false teachers from the pulpits and Christian academic institutions and right the church getting it to where God wants it before it is too late.

#4. I Would Laugh But

they tied the joke to a social, sinful, political issue that is not very funny. People just do not understand the seriousness of sin.  They think that homosexuality doesn’t harm society but it does. It is not natural but a perversion thus God did not create that version of interpersonal relations. It comes from the devil alone.

Put 100 lesbians on one island; 100 male homosexuals on another, then on a third but 50 heterosexual couples. Make sure they cannot have contact with any other people and let’s see who has a society in 200 years. God said, be fruitful and multiply but homosexual partners cannot meet that commission so we know their perversion is not of God.

We need to treat homosexuals the way God taught us in the Bible but we do not allow them to enter the church or the faith without their first repenting of their sin of homosexuality.

#5. It Is Not Like God Pulled A Fast One

Whether or not you think that there is an afterlife, and whether or not you think that there are punishments and rewards in it, please join in the fun and think of appropriate afterlife punishments for various misdeeds that you can think of – especially (since we are nearing the end of the semester) educational ones!

He has let everyone know the punishment for sin for 6,000 years. Most people who object to the idea of hell do so because they apply their own limited, fallible and  very human ideas to the concept of punishment for sin. They refuse to use God’s idea or standard as they think they are morally better than God is and reject the fact recorded in Isaiah where God says ‘my ways are  higher than yours and my thoughts are higher than your ways.’

These people like to judge and condemn God based upon their own subjective and short-sighted concepts instead of learning the lessons God wants them to learn and change their lives accordingly. The problem is not with God and his punishment of hell but with those who use that idea to justify remaining in their sinful ways.

#6. This Is Funny And...–

On the one hand, there is nothing wrong with updating names. A ‘computer’ used to mean a person who did calculations for a living.

It made me think how the internet has exposed a very big problem in society. People complain about the rude nature of those who use some form of the  internet to make their views publicly known yet all those mishaps are telling us is how much more work there is to be done by true Christians.  I am not just talking about those people who post their personal habits or situations but also about those who feel they need to judge and condemn others because they do not live life as they want it lived.

The internet tells us how people are tempted to be bullies, receive courage while hiding behind a key board, insulting others, demeaning them because they are ‘different and so on. These are all sins and sinful behavior and the true Christian should be seeing where there is a great need for godly morals, wisdom, understanding and so on and striving to change the internet world through the guidance of Jesus.

Oh many people post biblical verses and Christian thoughts on  the different websites but that is not going to be enough. Believers need to be wise and not follow the crowd, even when they are safe in their own homes.

#7. Driving The Family Apart-

We believe in Sisterhood. Women who Love, in spite of our shortcomings and mistakes and even differing perspectives. Love, in spite of, SO that we can come together and be part of creating change on the earth.

That is not a biblical teaching

We believe in prayer. Period.

What about God, Jesus and the HS? Do not they count?  What about their instructions are they just noise and book cover fillers?

We dare to dream and be an expression of God’s feminine heart on the earth.

Again, not a biblical teaching. What they should be doing is instructing women on how to respect their husbands and work with them as a biblical helpmeet submissive and intelligent contributors instead of someone who has her own goals which drive the family apart? Teaching women to be biblical is better than ’empowering’ them as the latter is not a biblical teaching either.

These people use the cloak of Christianity to hide their sinful and destructive ideas. In the top banner on that page, they claim they ‘are women who love’ yet nothing of God seems to be present as their manifesto page provides the evidence to support that point:

Let us be women who shine with the light of God in us.

Nothing is stopping them from implementing biblical teaching into their lives except themselves.  If they cannot humble themselves and be submissive to their husbands or God’s word then they will not get the rest of the biblical teaching correct. Their role is not to be the leader but the helper and if they reject that role then it is they who have the problem not God or men.

Let us speak to the injustices in our world.

No one is stopping women from doing this. They just need to do it God’s way and with God’s message not their own. They need to submit to God’s teaching first instead of trying to circumvent it because they feel second class or inferior when no such classification has been placed upon them. Such labels have been placed upon women by other humans not God.

These women need to learn from their husbands at home first before stepping out of God’s chain of command and venturing out into the world.

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