Much To Talk About–112

03 Apr

As always there is a lot to discuss:

#1. The Finding Jesus Series-

I have been able to watch 5 episodes and it got worse with each one. I have come to the conclusion that bible scholars need to stay away from any production involving the Bible or related topics. They just do not know what they are talking about and they do so much eisegesis that their contributions are a waste of time. These series, and it is not limited to just this one, really need to have true Christians at the helm because not only are the re-enactments just terrible but they misrepresent Christ and the disciples.

My new pet peeve has become biblical re-enactments and probably will include all historical acting. They apply too much modern thinking to ancient people and that is not the right thing to do. This series was off the mark from the beginning when they made John the Baptist some wild-eyed illiterate maniac.  Please don’t show these type of series to unbelievers, they are just that bad and have little if anything of God in them.

#2. Pet Ideologies &

But when it comes to the details of the woman’s anointing of Jesus, accounts vary.

Matthew and Mark describe an unnamed woman from Bethany who, while Jesus dined in the home of Simon the Leper just days before his death, anoints his head with expensive ointment to the chagrin of the disciples at the table, who grumble that her offering might be better spent on the poor.

They differ because they are most likely two different events at two different places. One was at a Simon the leper’s house (Matthew, Mark & John) and the other was at a Pharisee’s house (Luke). Then it was probably 3 different women who did this as Mary is named in John and it is specifically mentioned that she anointed Jesus’ feet, while the unnamed woman anoints Jesus head (Matthew & Mark), while Luke has another unnamed woman anointing his feet much earlier than the passion week. The author of the second link would have seen that the reprimand and scolding did not take place at Luke’s account.

But this is the problem with those who let their pet ideology take the forefront and influence their Bible reading.  Feminists have a problem and it is their problem only. They let themselves be deceived by the supposed inequality of scripture and they get on their high horses and start to complain about God, his word when there is no reason to. They make mountains out of molehills as ignore the fact that the Pharisee in Luke’s account is unnamed as well thus the unidentified women were not slighted by God in any way but were treated with the same equality as other men.

People like Ms. Evans just like to cause trouble and look for areas in the Bible to distort to support their sinful causes and it is wrong of them to do so.  They are not following the HS to the truth but ignoring him in favor of finding some violation of their modern social values and then blasting that supposed mistake for all the world to hear. These people do not think, nor do they apply any scriptural instruction to their dissent and leap immediately to condemning God, the biblical writers and the disciples just because they think God should abide by secular culture and not his own rules.

Ms. Evans is dishonest in her presentation and conclusions.

#3. Why Are People Supporting Bullies?

I find it amazing how so many people, from corporate CEOs to Professors to the common man have lined up to support a group of people who have proven time and again that they will bully others, ignore democracy, the rights of others, and use the court system to ruin those who disagree with them and their sinful, selfish objectives.

The secular world is always trumpeting that Christians do not use rational or logical thought in their thinking process yet, we see that the ones omitting those attributes are the secular crowd and others who support the homosexual community. This latter group has proven that they do not care about society, civilization or anyone else yet they can whine about being discriminated against then snap their fingers and have large groups of people jump to their defense, all the while ignoring the discrimination done by the homosexual community.

People have the right to say ‘no’ and to say that ‘they are not interested’ in participating in an activity that violates their personal preference and beliefs. The last I looked, civil rights did not mean that the rest of the population must ignore their own preferences/desires and serve the homosexual community and all their demands. Civil rights is a two-way street and we have yet to see the homosexual community respond to others as they would like to be treated.

So we go back to the question in the title–why are people supporting bullies? Civil and human rights, along with biblical teaching, have never approved of the stunts that the homosexual community has done to those who disagree with them. These supposed supporters of the homosexual community should take the time to teach the latter on the right ways to behave towards others instead of giving them a blank check to bully those who decide not to bow to the homosexual and their selfishness and spoiled nature.

#4. People Do Not Understand Sin

Are Christians so fragile that they are harmed by being employed in weddings they do not theologically agree with?

No we are not fragile but we can see by that question that the unbeliever doe snot understand the nature of sin, what it does to a person nor do they see how God views sin and disobedience. Just because the unbeliever doesn’t believe that God and sin exist doesn’t mean that they do not or that the believer is free to partake in certain activities that God has outlawed or banned.

I have observed over the years that the unbeliever is continually trying to drag the believer back down to their sinful level and we believers must be careful about this attempt to ruin our faith. The unbeliever wants the Christian to be just like them and that desire comes from evil. Whether it is envy, jealousy, hatred or whatever reason they have, the unbeliever is influenced to not accept the fact that the believer has escaped the clutches of satan and sin. They do everything they can to hinder the Christian in their walk with God.
From trying to get them to take their eyes of God and his word to abusing them at every turn, they just do not like the fact that the believer has something they cannot get or refuse to obtain.
But to answer that question– no we are not fragile but being obedient to God.
This is a useless effort but I am sure it makes him feel good to air out his confusion about issues he cannot understand. Instead of writing this letter, he should be seeking to change his beliefs and ask God for the spirit of truth to guide him in his biblical reading and study.
As you can see, I am not a fan of ‘open letters’ for they are over-used and serve little purpose but to criticize the recipient, usually a person who cannot defend themselves.  If you do not understand a passage Jesus left instructions on how to find the correct information and God has not only sent his Spirit to help but appointed men to lead the church to the right solution but only if those men follow the HS to the truth.
God has not left us without real aid but those like Peter Enns who have turned their backs on God and changed his word are out of luck as they cannot receive that Spirit for they no longer believe God and are, for the most part, of the world.  Writing these type of letter won’t help Enns as he probably would not accept the truth anyways (at least that has been my experience with those who have changed their beliefs).

One of the earliest human ancestors, Little Foot, is older than scientists originally believed.

Scientists were able to determine the fossil, which was discovered in South Africa in the 1994, is around 3.67 million years old — meaning it lived a few hundred thousand years before the famous Australopithecus skeleton named Lucy found in Ethiopia…

Using a radioisotopic dating technique, scientists analyzed 11 rock samples that surrounded the fossil to determine the approximate time when Little Foot was first buried underground.

The last part of the quote is why we know the secular scientist is wrong.  There is nothing to prove that the fossil was placed in that location at the same time as those rocks.  For all the scientists know, the supposed fossil ended up there after someone dropped the skull while moving a grave site for ancient construction. But this dating is like all of evolution–it is all made up out of the imaginations of those who refuse to believe God and the Bible.

Nothing about evolution and secular dating is real.

#6. They Are Making It All Up As They Go- 2–

“Our theory,” explains Persons, “was that these large feather fans were used for the same purpose as the feather fans of many modern ground birds, like turkeys, peacocks and prairie chickens: they were used to enhance courtship displays. My analysis of the tail skeletons supported this theory, because the skeletons showed adaptations for both high tail flexibility and enlarged tail musculature—both traits that would have helped an oviraptor to flaunt its tail fan in a mating dance.”
SIgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There is nothing in the fossil he is holding nor any fossil discovered that even remotely hints at this theory. It is just dumb to even discuss this type of thinking as there is no evidence to support it and the theory must be read into the fossil.  These are the people who claim that Christians do not use rational or logical thinking to support their beliefs yet as we see, secular scientists do not use them at all.
My sigh is for the frustration and hopelessness I feel when I read such articles. Their ideas are all figments of their imagination
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