A Warning

02 Apr

I do not know what is happening at Biblical Archaeology Society and its people lately but  something has gone screwy with them recently.

#1. I placed an order with them  about 2 months ago and after waiting for the package for a very long time, I started contacting them to figure out what we can do to solve the issue. Well my contacting them has reached 10 times in the past 2 weeks and all I have received in return is dead silence.

That organization charges $20 extra for shipping international orders yet whenever I look at the postage, the fee does not match up to actual shipping charges. One would think that with paying the extra money you would get better and faster postal times along with some acknowledgement from the company itself. Sadly, that seems to be not the case.

It never used to be like this at BAS as I have always received great customer care but for some reason this year they have dropped the ball.

{there was going to be a point two but BAS made a correction to their website which erased that warning}

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