I Am Cutting Back

on my schedule as I am just too tired and exhausted to keep up the pace.

I do this for free and receive no income for my any of my Christian work. I understand that some bloggers make money off their websites but I do not. I do not know how to obtain that financial return or where to look to apply to get it. But I do not care about that. I had hoped that people would have found and followed the links to the website where my books are for sale and purchase a copy or three.

I was hoping to have my income come from book sales but that ha snot materialized yet and when I mentioned my two new books were available for purchase in a post, I lost most of my regular readers. How sad.

Well I am tired and will only post part time, if that. I can’t even get Biblical Archaeology Society to respond to my e-mails as the products I ordered from them  have never shown up. It seems that they need that pittance or they will go broke and leave the business.

I also take a lot of flack and that criticism has taken its toll. I need to regroup, re-energize and refocus. I am alone in doing this and do not get the support others enjoy. That lack overwhelms the odd ‘like’ this board receives from time to time.


So do not expect a daily or even a thrice weekly posting. it will come when it comes.

8 thoughts on “I Am Cutting Back

  1. (1)Honestly sir. I was an ally. I loved your rebuttals of Dr. Collins. But you have set standards for yourself and teaching that force others away from you. You believe one can’t use the genealogies which God gave to us in His Word. If they mean nothing then God wasted whole sections of The Holy Bible giving them to us. Instead of focusing so much on the Biblical dating method’s uncertainty, you should accept friends from those who agree with you.

    (2)You believe in a young earth, I believe in a 6,000 year old earth. You are a Creationist, I am a Scientific Creationist. You do not like modern archaeology, I am trying to find evidence to support that dislike I share with you. We should be friends, but you pushed me away when I could defend my position. You cut my posts apart, deleted my comments, and ultimately removed all evidence I was ever on your forum.

    (3)I, too, find few friends in the faith willing to back me up and encourage me, even if only while our paths cross. But at least my standards allow for others to be able to match up because I have actual beliefs founded on something. You have no foundations. You believe in a young earth, yet every Biblical and Scientific means to know that you reject. Without the Biblical evidence for a young earth, you have no means to disassemble archaeology, which is in stark opposition to The Bible. The science confirms this dating system. Look at the Mayan Calendar too, it supports the Ussher chronology!

    (4)Why don’t you just let those who are fellow Creationists join you and fight with you, rather than turning them into no better than the secular evolutionists they are trying to show the light to? You have a good heart, but you have a lot of issues you need to work through. We all do, but we can’t do it alone. You need friends, and that is why I contacted you in the first place. I am willing to work with you to try and put the bad blood we have collected behind us and start fresh. What do you say?

    P.S.—do not forget, I bought your Archaeology book because I wanted to support you.

    1. “P.S.—do not forget, I bought your Archaeology book because I wanted to support you.”

      I will respond to this first and think about the rest later. I remember and appreciate it.

  2. I put numbers in your post for better discussion clarity.

    #1. You misunderstand the purpose of the chronologies. They provide heritage not a time marker. There is no biblical verse teaching us to use the chronologies to date the Earth. There is no biblical teaching telling us to even date the Earth.

    I haven’t stopped anyone from posting except you.

    #2. You misread me. I do not dislike modern archaeology. I dislike the lies coming from the secular camp who use modern archaeology to further their sinful agenda. Also, there i sno biblical teaching to use science to date creation.

    We can use science to rebut the lies coming from secular science but their is no mandate from God to date the longevity of Earth and its inhabitants.

    You think more of yourself than you really are. You were not making any sense. These are MY forums and I get to decide who posts here or there. I also gave you the opportunity to take over the discussion forum and I would walk away but you refused the offer so do not whine about it.

    #3. You continue to insult me and say things about me that aren’t even true. My foundation is the Bible thus you are wrong.i do not reject any biblical means about creation, in fact I speak about using faith a lot, which is a God given teaching.

    You really do not know what you are talking about, that is why you disappeared from the discussion forum.

    #4. You can have the discussion forum if you want but I won’t work with you.

    1. First of all, if you did not want my friendship, you could have simply said “no”.

      Secondly, if you are honestly still offering your forums to me, then I will accept them on one condition. Are they able to be renamed to match the new ownership? Or must they stay “Archie’s Forum” in the web-link? And you must understand that once you step down, you will not retain any position above a member like those presently there.

      1. Archie’s Forum” — i do not know. i am sure you can contact the server and make changes

        step down– i plan on not being there and will delete the link from my other websites.

        you do realize that you are only being given 1 of my websites right? the discussion forum only.

        you will need to sign up again so I can promote you to the right status which will allow you to take over.

        1. Fair enough on contacting the servers. And of course I know I am only getting one of them. You will find my account reestablished when you wake up tomorrow,

  3. people may think i have been harsh to eisner but if you take a close look at his arguments for using ussher and calling his date of creation as ‘biblical’ is the same as the views expressed by old slave owners who used the Bible to justify their ownership of slaves.

    they were being ‘biblical’ also. we really need to be careful when tossing the word ‘biblical’ around because of the danger of supporting sinful practices and ideas.

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