Why Is There Suffering In The World?

27 Mar

Bart Ehrman is well-known for stating that his main reason for leaving the faith is because of the amount of suffering in the world. In fact he joined the blogging world using suffering as his excuse and decided to charge people to view his thoughts with the money going to charities of his choice.

Bart has started this site as way of raising money to combat hunger and homelessness. ALL proceeds from the site go to charity! (Bart doesn’t keep one thin dime).

Why he would blame God and make him pay by deconverting over an issue that God had already provided an escape doesn’t make sense. Ehrman forgets that God gave man free choice and it is not God who is responsible for the suffering we see take place each day and at all levels of civilization. The Bible tells us

This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil. (Jn. 3:19 NASB)

And keep in mind I am not talking about the suffering we endure via natural causes that no man can cure. I am talking about the suffering that comes when man does evil. We all know the stories, the newspaper accounts, the investigative reports and so on, which record the evil taking place even by the very people and systems put in place to stop such corruption and evil.

Man can stop suffering but he needs to give up his love of evil and repent of his sinful ways. Sadly, they prefer worldly riches and comforts to God’s eternal ones. If Ehrman should blame anyone it is his fellow humans who have inflicted needless suffering on the rest of humanity, yet he fails to do so preferring to take his anger out on God instead of humbling himself and seeking God’s solution to the problem.

Why people blame God is beyond reason and very foolish. As said earlier, God provided a way out for people who do not want to see suffering in the world yet they ignore that option so they should not blame God for their refusal to accept the correct answer. In fact, they need to stop blaming God for things he has not done. God has not twisted man’s arm and forced him to make the sinful decision to hurt others.

They should blame the being they declare does not exist–Satan. He is the one who gets man to do evil not God. But for some reason, man refuses to place the blame where it belongs and that failure is a result of deception.  An act sinful man refuses to accept being influenced by. If people like Ehrman do not target the real source for suffering, they will never see the end of that problem.

You do not stop an ailment by addressing the symptoms and you cannot stop suffering by donating constantly to charity. You need to get to the source and destroy it root and all. Sinful people, like Ehrman, cannot achieve that result for they are part of the problem and do not serve the One who is the real source for ending suffering. They do not hold the key to end suffering for they do not believe in repenting of their sins nor calling other sinful men to repentance.

All this means is that no matter what Ehrman does, suffering will continue because he lets the one who brings suffering to operate untouched and unseen.

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