Much To Talk About- 110

#1. The Cult Of Science

I read a lot of books and other materials to prepare for writing ion this site and my latest is a book on how some people escaped from a cult. As I was reading their stories the title for this section came to mind as what has been taking place over the years has demonstrated how secular science is being turned into a cult.  I do not say this because anti-evolutionists keep stating that evolution is a religion and a lot of faith is involved with ‘doing science’.

Instead I am looking at other indicators in the field of secular science that mirror cult-like activities and characteristics which support my thesis reflected in the title of this section. Like anyone else who write these type of theories I need to start with a definition of the word cult.

The definition of a cult is a group of people with extreme dedication to a certain leader or set of beliefs that are often viewed as odd by others, or is an excessive and misplaced admiration for someone or something, or is something that is popular among a certain segment of society.(

We could replace the words ‘certain leader’ with Charles Darwin. Evolutionists demonstrate extreme dedication to his words, his original work on origins alternative, even though they change the content from time to time, they still hold extreme dedication to Darwin’s original evolutionary beliefs. Then like religious cults, science adherents do not even consider alternatives to their beliefs.

Not just for evolution but for all areas of science. Lately, everyone has been jumping on the science bandwagon and even politicians look for scientific reasons to support their decisions. People adhere to science like it is a god as they elevate that field to a position above God and the Bible. They reject all reasonable arguments that expose their error and hold on to scientific reasoning with both hands tightly, turning their knuckles white with the strain.

But there are other indicators that point to this development and one is what the documentary Expelled brought to the public. It was the first situation discussed, I believe, where the scientist wrote about Intelligent Design and was brought immediately under attack by evolutionists to the point where he lost his employment and other benefits that came with his life. This bullying is not rare and all one has to do is sign up at a scientific discussion forum and contradict the accepted scientific theory and let the adverse reaction begin.

Bullying is a common activity with cults as it cannot allow for contrary thought to permeate its organization.  On top of bullying is the drive for a monopoly. Freedom of thought is not allowed in a cult, much like it is not allowed in scientific circles. To get a PhD in anthropology, one has to accept evolution. Then we only have to look to the recent court cases which make it legal for science to have an evolutionary monopoly in the science classroom. This outlawing of alternatives means that those who hold to science as the utmost authority seek to brainwash those they teach.

Brainwashing is a common trait in cult control. To control people, you need to control their thinking and science seeks to do that via forcing evolutionary thought upon anyone they can and by disallowing education and contrary thought. The secularist may disagree with these thoughts but there are just too many examples of cultish behavior in science and among scientists.

Think about it and see if you cannot see these trend among those who lift up science where Jesus should be lifted up.

#2. If You Do Not Like What The Bible Says– Change It

Days after America’s largest Presbyterian denomination approved an amendment to its constitution changing its definition of marriage to include same-sex couples, a lesbian couple will be ordained as ministers Sunday at First & Central Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware.

This seems to be the modern trend amongst many different churches, not just in the homosexual issue but in other areas of church life. It seems that if humans become disgruntled then it is God at fault and not them. We see this with the issue of origins and women in the ministry as well. People who cannot accept what the Bible says, try to find creative ways change what the Bible says.

Both were raised in conservative Texas homes, divorced their husbands and came out in their 20s during seminary.

Wow, a double standard. many qualified men are denied access to the pulpit because they divorced, for whatever reason they had, yet here we find that because the applicants are women, their divorces do not matter nor are taken into consideration when examining their credentials.  It seems that in that particular denomination that if you want to work for God and expound upon his word, you have to ignore God and what he says.

This is not a good trend and as we can see by that particular denomination’s decline in membership, God does not approve either. Here is a link to a list of verses in Proverbs which tell us to listen to God and his ways

It would be wise that if those who call themselves God’s followers should actually listen to his words.

#3. The Bible And The Trowel

The Biblical Archaeology Society is pleased to invite you on behalf of the Catholic Biblical Association of America to attend a lecture by BAS senior editor Ellen White titled “Biblical Archaeology: Is It Really the Spade in One Hand and the Bible in the Other?”

Dr. White’s talk explores the history of Biblical archaeology, how it came to be and the archaeologists who made it happen. White will also examine the reasons why “Biblical archaeology” became a controversial phrase and the motives behind changing the discipline’s name. She will conclude with brief remarks about where the field is heading in the future.

I have heard this complaint for many years now.  Secular archaeologists and scholars complain that Christian archaeological workers are going through the Holy Land with the Bible in one hand and doing archaeology in the other. What those complainers forget is that, archaeology would not have developed as it has if the first archaeologists did not use the Bible to locate biblical cities and people.

We cannot count on extra-biblical sources to document biblical cities for their records focus on the activities of their own people and not those of ancient Israel.  Also, archaeologists are not in the field attempting to prove Assyrian or Egyptian records true as they are doing with the Biblical record for those secular records are not pointing to a Messiah or salvation as the Bible does.

Then, many extra-biblical records do not list certain ancient societies or people like the Bible does. For 1800 years, scholars thought the Bible to be wrong as it spoke of the Hittites. No record of their existence had ever been found outside of the Bible until someone finally came remains for the Hittite people. The Bible was proven correct and secular scholars and archaeologists were red with embarrassment.

To trash those who do use the Bible when they do archaeology is ridiculous because the Bible gives us direction in where to look for people and their cities.The Bible provides the very information archaeologists need to locate the right places to dig.  If it wasn’t for the bible, archaeologists would be running around the desert blindly digging here and there in hopes of uncovering something to research. Without the Bible, there is no real reason to do archaeology in the holy land.

I am not saying that everything an archaeologist uncovers is holy ground or that every rock they kick leads to a holy discovery, believers need to be wise in their use of archaeology. I am saying that the Bible is an important tool when we participate in the field. It contains information most archaeologists do not have to guide their work.

#4. Two Flood Accounts?

Scholars have long recognized that the flood story in the book of Genesis seems to be a blend of two earlier versions of the story that stood independently at an earlier point in time.

Any true believer can answer that point of view with a resounding ‘no’. Scholars nit-pick over minutia that does not matter and often overlook what is obvious and right in front of their faces. Sometimes God repeats himself or some detail but that is for emphasis not to indicate editorial involvement. The importance of knowing that the people of the world forced God’s hand is vital to learn the lessons that God wants us to learn.

One lesson is that God is very patient, much like 1 Cor. 13 tells us about love. God loves his creation and it took him a long time to bring himself to lose his patience with those he brought into existence and remove them from life. We see that same patience today, as man has committed evil act after evil act for 2,000+ years, yet God is still giving everyone a chance to repent of their sins and live right.

God is not rushing to judgment nor a blood-thirsty tyrant just waiting for someone to err so he can zap them.

Scholars ignore these lessons as they seek to find fault with the Bible and God’s actions. Their purpose is not to find the truth and learn from it but to discussed and find explanations that have nothing to do with what God wants us to learn.If believers have trouble or a problem with the ‘doublets’ there is one thing they need to remember, and this is not original with me, the information as it reads is in the Bible because God wants it there.

It is up to us to go to God to clarify what he is saying. it is not up to us to criticize God and say he screwed up with writing his word.