Much To Talk About- 109

20 Mar

I will be gone again tomorrow and possibly Sunday so here is an extra post to cover the absence.

#1. I Thought We Were To Educate NOT Interrogate

Adult interrogation methods do not belong in the classroom, so why are school administrators throughout the United States being trained to use them on their students in order to extract confessions?

John E. Reid & Associates is the largest interrogation trainer in the world and teaches such methods to hundreds of school administrators each year . Last month, members of the Illinois Principals Association, for instance, could register for a “professional development” event on “Investigative Interviewing and Active Persuasion”. The School Administrators Association of New York State recently offered a workshop for administrators on this same topic, titled “Are you Sure They Are Telling the Truth”?

I am sorry but education is not in existence to treat young people like prisoners of war. It is a sad state of affairs when the people given the responsibility of educating children and teenagers treat their young charges like criminals. It is no wonder teachers and school officials have problems with students. We need to return to God’s ways of educating where those in charge have actual boundaries and are taught how to properly handle their students.

#2. Giving Up The Faith

In my experience, one big reason (not the only reason) behind this trend has to do with the Bible–maybe not the Bible itself, but how they are implicitly taught to read it:

But as they grow older, especially when they enter high school or college, they find that their structured world supported by Bible verses is not adequate for providing a compelling explanation for the complex world around them and how the Bible can continue functioning as the anchor it once was.

So here is a simple plea–from a biblical scholar with his feet firmly planted on the ground, who has raised now adult children, and who now teaches young adults and sees the stress they are sometimes under to shelve their questions and misgivings and “hold on” to their faith.
Peter Enns is very wrong. The reason why so many young people are giving up their faith is because they are being taught false ideas from supposed Christian scholars who do not believe God anymore. They are not finding that their Bible centered world is not adequate but instead they are led astray by those who reject God’s truth. They are told that their world is inadequate and then they are told to listen to their teachers and professors who lie to them.
Enns is not a bible scholar with his ‘feet firmly planted on the ground’, he is a false teacher who has rejected God and now leads people away from Him and his truth.
I saw this on the twitter and thought it worth passing along.  It’s sort of a chart of denominations which will survive and ones which will disappear in the next half century.
The list is an image and it is a very limited list so use it as a place to start or food for thought.
This infographic addresses several widespread misconceptions about evolution in a clear and yet detailed manner, and so I thought it was worth sharing here.
Another image, this one filled with lies about evolution. One thing that evolutionists do not tell anyone is that these ‘answers’ to the 5 misconceptions can change, have changed and most likely will change when secular science decides they cannot be defended anymore. There is just too much wrong with those ‘responses’ to the misconceptions that a whole post is required to deal with them.
Suffice it to say that evolution is just a lie and those defending it are lying. They are also making up every discovery they attribute to neanderthals, evolution process, species and much more. They do not have to be correct because they do not have a God overseeing their work.
I’m sure you’ve probably seen a Charisma News article flow through your Facebook or Twitter feed. Perhaps you’ve clicked the link a few times, or even worse, maybe you’ve occasionally strolled into the comment section. If you have, you probably already know what I’m about to tell you, but I think it bears repeating out loud: reading Charisma News articles is toxic to our faith and probably should be avoided. Here’s 5 reasons why I think this is the case:
I only came across it once because an article I used previously by Ms. Vicari was published there. I never even knew it existed until then, so I cannot say how bad  or good it is. One thing I can say is that the reasons used by the owner of formerly fundie can easily be thrown back at him. But I won’t do that at this time.
Instead I will just take a look at them
1. Charisma News Breeds a Gospel of Fear.
I do not know if this is true or not, that owner doe snot point to any specific or concrete examples. He makes stuff up, distorts them and then see i have provided evidence for this point. I still do not know if Charisma News breeds fear but I do know that that owner is not being honest.
2. Charisma News Promotes Anti-Christ Values.
Whose standard of values is he using? Certain not the Bible’s as he does not reference any real ones. I cannot accept his point of ‘love your enemies’ because i do not know what definition of ‘love’ he is using. His or God’s? Then he quotes scripture out of context and misapplies it just to back up his point. Then he still does not produce one real example of where Charisma News is promoting anti-Christ values. It is all his distorted and reinvented version of events.
3. Charisma News Slanders People.
Since when is warning believers of false teachers ‘slander’?
A sad example was an article the other day written by Chelsen Vicari (the same person who wrote a book about how Rachel Held Evans, Sarah Bessey, Shane Claiborne and myself are going to destroy the world or something- and who was caught distorting the truth previously). The article seemed to hint that Rachel was somehow pro-abortion, which is untrue. This article simply followed a pattern of twisting facts in order to smear people, which is slander pure and simple.
Seemed to hint???? Then it did not slander but the article’s words are interpreted by the owner of formerly fundie and rearranged to fit his point. The only person I see twisting facts to smear someone is the owner of formerly fundie. In fact we are not getting facts from the owner of formerly fundie, we are just getting his distorted point of view and no real hard evidence to judge.
The people listed in that quote are out to change Christianity and not for the better. They are trying to import sin into the church and defy God. They need to be outed and stopped.
4. Charisma News Does Not Help One Attain The Fruits of the Spirit.
I do not see how he can come to this conclusion since he provides no real evidence to back up his point. He refers to how he was treated but then, the fruits of the spirit do not require us to allow those who go against God into the church or where more vulnerable believers are.  Keeping false teachers and false teachers out of the church i snot a violation of the fruits of the spirit.  What the problem is that the owner of formerly fundie does not see how he is wrong and in error. He blames everyone else instead of looking at what he believes and making the right changes.
5. Charisma News Might Cause You To Doubt Jesus and the Future of the Church.
Might??? This is not a reason to toss Charisma News over.  That kind of logic would mean that we need to toss the Bible from our lives because its content is used by some people to leave the faith and disbelieve Jesus. Again, it is the same old story– no real evidence or examples. This consistent lack makes me conclude that the owner of formerly fundie got his feelings hurt so now he is using his bully pulpit to hit back, something that is unchristian, does not show the love for his ‘enemies’, or is a product of the fruits of the spirit.
if you are going to attack someone, a person should make sure that they are not living in glass houses.
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