Where Are The Scriptures?

15 Mar

This is a follow-up to the article What is the Bible? It is a question that every true believer needs to ask those alternative believer who dismisses or tries to change the meaning of the biblical text.

This question should be asked of those who take science over Genesis. It should be asked of those who claim that the Bible is a human authored book. It should be asked of those who claim that the gospel or other biblical authors exaggerated the divine miracles or miraculous events. It should be asked of those who say that most of the OT is nothing but a fable, made up by a group of people who sought to have power and control over the masses and manipulate their behavior. it should be asked of those who try to change the translation of certain passages to fit their new and contrary point of view.

Where are the real scriptures IF the current Bible does not possess them? Where are the divinely inspired words from God that set the record straight and tell us the real lessons and accounts God wants us to know?

These people have a great problem for no biblical author speaks of any alternative writings penned from their hands or any other spiritual person for that matter, that contain God’s word. Some books may mention certain sources to find more detailed information about the Kings of Israel and other prominent figures in Hebrew history, but none of those biblical authors make the claim that those other sources are part of god’s word or that they are inspired.

They are simply more detailed histories, something that people have written throughout history.

Then, these people are out of luck with the church fathers as not one of them allude to, quote, or even outright mention alternative scriptures that contain more of god’s words. They do not even write about these alternative ideas being promoted in the modern age by those who seek alternatives to the biblical account. The church fathers stick to the current biblical content and talk about those words and they do not state that Paul was mistranslated, or was over-ruled by other events in church history.

But that is not all.  These people do not even have ancient extra-biblical authors who agree with their point of view. The people who have attacked the Bible who are not believers, did not point to any alternative scripture that has been lost or destroyed. In fact, they do not even mention that any existed. Extra-biblical writers may have talked about or quoted the gnostic or some alternative writings but at no time do they call them divinely inspired scripture that the church discarded.

Plus in all of our ancient manuscript discoveries not one shred of these alternative beliefs are found.

If there are any ancient sources that these people point to, then they are pointing to works that were considered false teaching by the ancient church and was never accepted by the true Christian congregations nor regarded as true scripture.

When these people attempt to alter the current translations, they do so without any real foundation and can be likened to the man Jesus spoke about who built his house on the sand.  They have no validity because they are not basing their work or claims upon the solid rock of Christ but instead upon their own desires concerning what THEY want to believe.

They cannot accept God’s directives thus they seek to change what He said into words they are more comfortable with.  They have their own reasons for these actions stemming from their perception of justice or religion and so on.

If these people make the claim that the ‘orthodox members of the church’ waged war on the alternative views and written scriptures, thus that is the reason why none of those alternative scriptures are extant today then we can counter with the fact that there is NO recorded situation that describes this action. Then we can counter with the fact that their point of view makes God out to be an incompetent who is unable to preserve his word like he promised.

This is the key to their arguments. All their efforts simply demonstrate how weak, incapable and out of touch God is. They are not portraying God as the Most Holy, all-powerful, all-knowing, and so on but as some being who does not care if his creation gets the truth or not.They are saying that God cannot control his own authors, his own people and that his followers have no respect for him as they riddle his word with their own false ideas; though this past point is true of these people as they seek to change God’s word and do not want to obey his commands.

If these alternative works are lost, why are not these people whipping believers into a frenzy and seeking funds to go find these missing words of God? Why are they so busy taking the existing scriptures and altering them when they could just as easy go out and find those missing pages and prove their opponents wrong? To make the claim that the current scriptures are wrong, then altering those scriptures to prove their point is not making their case but basically being diabolical.  It is the same as a creationist saying that Darwin was wrong, then take his book Origin of the Species and altering his words then claim here is proof that Darwin was wrong.

The other thing that bothers me about these people who seek to change the words of Paul and Moses, (among other writers) is that they make severe claims about the intent and personalities of long dead people who are in no position to defend themselves, their faith and walk with God, their writings.  That is just cowardly and a faulty strategy.

They make unverifiable accusations about God’s authors yet produce no real evidence that support these false allegations. They all are baseless charges because those making these accusations are just angry that the whole church does not welcome them and their alternatives with open arms. They refuse to see that their ideas are false, heretical, and conjured up out of selfish, spoiled, sinful desires.Then to top it off, they have the audacity to still make the claim that they are Christian.

Some may still be believers but they are on the down side of the slippery slope that leads them to total unbelief and loss of their eternal home with God. Some may just be misguided or new believers who are fighting their way out of sinful ideologies, both of whom need wise Christian counseling and direction to ensure they are solidly on the straight and narrow path.

Christianity needs members who are wise, understanding who do not throw people out with the sinful bath water. We need to warily and cautiously analyze where these people stand and then approach each person accordingly. We cannot destroy new believers with a fanatical zeal to eradicate sin from the congregation. We need to present the truth with true Christian love in order to allow these misguided and new believers to grow correctly in Christ.

We also need to be educated enough to present good arguments that refute these people who seek to alter the church and Christianity. We need to carefully show that those who seek to change the words of Paul, and other biblical authors, that there is no spiritual, scriptural, historical, archaeological, etc. basis for their points of view. Then we must point out one more important little fact that ruins their arguments.  The manuscript record presents nothing that supports these people’s ideas. All of our fragments, books, and whole codices, give us any alternative to the words we already possess in the Bible.

Nothing we have indicates any changes that these people desire. This all tells us that most of these people are seeking something personal and are not following God’s will to provide the truth to his people.They want to remake the church after their image instead of obeying God and becoming holy as he wants us and the church to be.

We can be confident that we are not missing any of God’s words and that God is capable of preserving his word intact, even while there are myriads of people seeking to alter his commands to fit their sensibilities.

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