Much To Talk About-105

05 Mar

#1. The Church & Homosexuality

Pastor Stan Mitchell’s announcement that his evangelical GracePointe Church would fully affirm gay members met with a standing ovation from some, stunned silence from others, but everybody prayed together quietly at the end of it.

A month and a half later, Mitchell routinely receives emails inviting him to kill himself, often including the assurance they were sent in love from other Christians. Half of his 12-member board has left, along with half the average offering and about a third of the weekly attendance — once at 800 to 1,000 people.

The title of the article is Evangelical Churches Grapple With LBGT Inclusion and to tell you the truth there is no real struggle, or there shouldn’t be one as God is very clear on the issue. If they continue to practice the sin of homosexuality then they cannot be included in the church, its leadership or most activities. if they have truly repented and been truly redeemed by Jesus then they are no longer homosexuals and have the same inclusion in the church as anyone else.

The second paragraph is disturbing as it is not Christian to threaten anyone or ‘suggest’ the do harm to themselves.  Pray for these people that God will right their ship before it is too late.

#2. There Is No Such Thing As Race

But it’s not about race…right? 

I am about to agree with Jim West on Rachel Held Evans. His attacks have gathered strength over the past few weeks and I find myself agreeing with them more and more and this latest post just keeps pushing me towards that alliance. If you are going to call yourself a Christian then you need to be prepared to tell the truth about life and people.

The problem in Ferguson and other areas is not racial as there is only one human race.  It is a skin color problem, a nationalism problem but not a race one.  If believers are going to take sides on these type of issues then they should be taking God’s side and bring to the argument true justice, fairness, and other biblical characteristics. We do not need believers taking sides with those who do not have the truth and continue to divide people over their faulty and erroneous points of view.

We need to bring light to the problem, that leads everyone to God’s solution instead of blinding our light and following the deceived crowd to the wrong solution.

#3. A Call To Prayer

A head pastor of large Canadian church has failed to return from a humanitarian mission to North Korea, and the Canadian government has reached out to try to locate him, his Toronto-based church said on Monday.

Reverend Hyeon Soo Lim, 60, has made hundreds of trips to North Korea, where he helps oversee a nursing home, a nursery and an orphanage in the Rajin region, said Lisa Pak, a spokeswoman for the Light Korean Presbyterian Church in suburban Toronto.

Allow God to direct your prayers for him.

#4. How Not To Read The Bible

Genre-calibration—(That’s technically two words, but the hyphen makes it one.) The Bible, like anything that has ever been written, can be classified according to genre—many genres, in fact (letters, laws, wisdom, apocalyptic, prophecy, story, parable, etc.). Recognizing what genre you are in is key to sound biblical interpretation

The truth is not hidden because the genre is not a straight forward narrative.  It would be nice if Enns provided a Biblical verse with the instructions that we interpret the Bible or do it in this manner.

ChristotelicTelos is a Greek word meaning “end” or “goal.” The Old Testament does not so much flow easily into the New Testament, nor do the Old Testament writers “predict” Jesus of Nazareth in any conventional sense of the word “predict.”

Does he want the OT writers to come out and say ‘Jesus is coming  soon’? Prophecies are not always going to be in clear, concise language. I disagree with his comment that the NT writers took passages out of context.

You can read the rest at that link but basically, Enns is telling everyone that we are not to follow the HS to the truth but read the Bible in his deceived manner.

#5. A Bad Sign Of The Times

Teachers and staff from four Catholic High Schools in the San Francisco Bay Area are urging their archbishop to remove morality clauses from the faculty handbook.

When people charged with setting a good example for their charges, this does not bode well.  Morality seems to have become a bad word now as those who want to sin demand more and more freedom from right and wrong.

#6. Why?

Court decisions this week paving the way for same-sex marriage to become legal in dozens of states, including Mormon strongholds like Utah, Idaho and Nevada, have emboldened a growing group of Latter-day Saints who are pushing the conservative church to become more accepting of gay members.

The church’s stance toward gays has softened considerably since it was one of the leading forces behind California’s ban on gay marriage in 2008, but high-ranking leaders have reiterated time and again the faith’s opposition to same-sex unions.

Some Mormons hope to change that, or at least work to make congregations more welcoming places for gays and lesbians.

What does the homosexual community bring to the church? More inspired teachings from God? More divine revelations? A better way to live the Christian life? Of course, the answer to all of those questions is ‘nothing.’  So why are different religious organizations and Christians churches falling all over themselves trying to cater to the homosexual community?

We are people rushing to embrace sin?

#7. Cults Have Secrets

A new report out of the Center for Investigative Reporting claims that the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ parent organization in the United States has systematically hidden child sexual abuse cases for more than 25 years.

If true, I am not surprised.

But in the “many times” Jehovah’s Witnesses have been sued in civil court by alleged victims of abuse, Bundy explained, the freedom of religion has been invoked to protect them.

“One of their frequent defenses is First Amendment defense that basically says a judicial examination of our policies would violate our First Amendment rights because these are Bible-based policies, they’re Bible-based beliefs,” Bundy explained. “And if you read the memos, they’re kind of a cross between bureaucratic language and biblical language.”

I guess I will have to wait till an independent investigation is done honestly to find out the real details.

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