Much To Talk About- 103

01 Mar

#1. Misguided Thinking

In 2011, I was working at a prominent, Christian-owned craft store (you know the one) when I began to see a real disconnect in the way American Christians practice Christian ethics.

I am not referring to her working in a craft store or encouraging others to shop at thrift stores it is the idea that her subjective opinion is the authority which clearly defines the actions of others as unChristian. Who is to say that her idea is correct and that she knows that what God has led her to do, he has done the same to others?

Christian ethics doe snot mean that we all stop shopping at certain stores and flock only to discount businesses.  it is like the mentality where almost every Christian I ran into for a period of time only bought Grape jelly because being a good steward meant only buying the cheapest jam on the market’s shelves. That i snot Christian stewardship and everyone doing what this author wants is not Christian ethics.

What I couldn’t wrap my head around was this: How can a company that espouses Christian values also support sweatshop labor? The natural next question for me was, “How can I claim to live like Christ if I continue to buy into labor practices that exploit and dehumanize the poor?”

This kind of thinking reminds me of those people who say, ‘I am not going to give my hard-earned dollars to that non-Christian organization’ or whatever person they disagree with.  No matter what you do, you will be giving your money to either some corporation that doesn’t practice Christianity or some non-Christian. You go to McDonald’s or some family restaurant, how do you know that the owner is Christian or treats his or her employees like God would want? Or buys their food products from Christian farmers or middle men?

It is an absurd way to think and will give you a nervous breakdown if you try to live that way.  Christian ethics means being honest with the people you interact with, using the fruits of the Spirit, implementing Christ’s teaching in your lives and so on. You do not have to shop at thrift stores or buy American to be practicing Christian ethics. It is how you conduct yourselves that matters.

The whole article is very subjective and misguided in its Christian thinking.

#2. There Is No Crisis

Another “crisis” article on Christianity and evolution, this by the ever balanced and ever ready to learn from and build bridges toward fellow believers, Grace to You ministries.

Although Peter Enns and I say the same thing we do not come to this issue from the same direction nor do we agree on our view of Genesis. Genesis is not in crisis  people. The only people who have a crisis are those who stop believing God and his word for they have removed the foundation from their faith. The Bible and its contents will be attacked till the end of time but that doesn’t mean God or the Bible are wrong. It simply means that more and more people have stopped believing in the truth.
I hold no hope that this will be an honest affair lacking the melodrama that usually accompanies these programs.  Whenever you get scholars talking about a subject that has been answered for 2,000 years you know you are not going to get any more useful or new information. Maybe I will be surprised but I doubt it.
N.T. Wright is a proud supporter of BioLogos, an organization Phil Johnson has aptly renamed “Evangelicals and Atheists Together.” BioLogos is an organization with the mission of inviting “the church and the world to see the harmony between science and biblical faith as we present an evolutionary understanding of God’s creation.”[3] That’s like being on a mission to draw a round square. They’re trying to make evolution compatible with the Bible when it’s not even compatible with science.
That Peter Enns was talking about and where I read that someone called BioLogos an evangelical organization.  I am sad to hear that NT Wright supports it as it is not a Christian company.  Genesis is not in crisis. Those who are in crisis are those believers who listen to misguided Christians who do not understand the biblical instruction on true and false teaching; and those alternative believers who opt for science over God’s own word.
Renowned Hebrew scholar Bruce Waltke believes the church must accept evolution’s terms of surrender to preserve its credibility:
This is just not true as the church has the truth on its side. Since we side with the truth, we have all the credibility we need and we do not give in to evolutionary demands. They are the ones who are on the losing side, they just do not want to accept that fact. The church must at all cost reject any terms of surrender made by those who have decided to believe lies.
The doctrine of inerrancy becomes useless when men like Wright, Keller, and Waltke let atheists weigh in on what parts of the Bible are acceptable to believe. And while they don’t explicitly deny Scripture, their reinterpretation relegates it to a meaningless text. It is true that not all scholars who take such positions call themselves evangelicals, but they wield great authority in evangelical circles, and their capitulation is spreading like a disease.
Good words of warning. When reading or listening to scholars or ‘experts’ always remember the biblical instruction of true and false teaching. if the words disagree with God then they are not true no matter how much science and evidence they pile up in front of you.

Genesis 1 could not be a more straightforward biblical narrative describing God’s creation week, as John MacArthur explains:

The simple, rather obvious fact is that no one would ever think the timeframe for creation was anything other than a normal week of seven days from reading the Bible and allowing it to interpret itself. The Fourth Commandment makes no sense whatsoever apart from an understanding that the days of God’s creative work parallel a normal human work week.[7]

MacArthur adds:

If the Lord wanted to teach us that creation took place in six literal days, how could He have stated it more plainly than Genesis does? The length of the days is defined by periods of day and night that are governed after day four by the sun and moon. The week itself defines the pattern of human labor and rest. The days are marked by the passage of morning and evening. How could these not signify the chronological progression of God’s creative work? [8]

I also like these words.

#5. Who Didn’t Think This Would Happen?

Photos of three Thailand men who recently ‘married’ each other have gone viral, garnering societal support for the concept of same-sex “throuples” worldwide, but also generating remarks from Christians about the confirmation of the slippery slope that has long been predicted.

When you open Pandora’s box…  I will let you read that article without my commentary.

#6. People Forget Who They Are

Regional presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church (USA) are voting on whether to ratify a vote taken by the General Assembly and regional delegates last year to change the definition of marriage in its law book and to allow ministers to perform same-sex “marriages” in states where the practice is legal.

Uhm, God has already defined marriage and has not given authority to man to redefine his definitions.  Some people think they are above God.

#7. You Are Not Going To Get Fair Treatment From Christian Haters

Seven homeschoolers in Arkansas who were seized by the Garland County Sheriff’s Department last month will remain in state custody for at least another month after a hearing over the matter was pushed back until March.

As previously reported, the children of Hal Stanley and his wife Michelle were removed from their Hot Springs home on Jan. 12 following an anonymous complaint.

The government should know better than to act on vicious rumors but when the target are Christians then logic and rational thinking along with common sense gets thrown out the window.

Also some people need to learn to mind their own business. They need to focus on raising their own children instead of trying to force their views upon others and using the government to do it. The secular world wants Christians to be tolerant yet they cannot practice what they preach.

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