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01 Mar

As you know I get many different newsletters, so I can stay in touch with what is going on in the Christian, archaeological and science worlds. Today’s first post will be taken excerpts from those newsletters and providing some comment

#1. If You Want To Go Minister— Biologos Book Club

here’s perhaps no other biblical book more closely tied to the church’s conversation about faith & science than Genesis. What was God’s intention for the beginning portions of the Bible? And what about just reading the text “literally”?

Those of us who are committed to understanding early portions of Scripture find ourselves asking these sorts of important questions and the BioLogos Book Club can help. It’s not too late to join us as we explore The Lost World of Genesis One by John Walton, professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College (IL).

What does participation in a BioLogos Book Club look like? You have several options:

  • Use our book club materials with a group you’re currently involved in, whether that’s a class you teach, an ongoing book club, Sunday school class, or small group.
  • Read through the book on your own and join the online book club community to discuss what you’re learning and leave a question for the author.
  • Commit to starting a new group that you lead to discuss the book. The schedule is flexible so even though we’ve been underway for a few weeks, you can still jump in. And leaders can receive a free signed copy of the book!

Someone said recently that BioLogos is an evangelical organization but if you read my series on them you would know that they are no where close to any form of true Christianity. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing and that is about the best way to put it when describing alternative believers. I left the link active just in case any of you want to go and bring the true gospel to them

#2. There is No Discussion

Last November, several members of the BioLogos community sat down in person with representatives from these groups at the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, held in San Diego. The three-hour public dialogue, titled “A Conversation on Origins,” covered topics ranging from divine action, apologetics, the historicity of Adam, and scientific evidence for common descent.

By that I mean origins is not up for discussion. God has told us what he did in Genesis 1 & 2 then left it for us to either accept and believe or reject and go find some alternative. How God created is not a topic for debate, it is a matter of choice.

#3. Christian Environmentalism

What should be the Christian response to the environmental concerns of the Green Movement? Because it has been taken up as a popular cause by people who often are against conservative Christian principles, does that mean we should therefore be anti-environment? Is there something inherently wrong with wanting to be environmentally conscientious? Or have we become so ingrained to fight against anything that is endorsed by secular media and evolutionary scientific propaganda that we don’t even examine what we are fighting?

I liked this topic or issue but I am not so sure I can get on board with everything that author has stated. I think that those believers who want to clean up the earth are free to do so as long as they do it for the glory of God. For those that don’t well, there are laws that need to be obeyed, like ‘do not litter’ and so on. We should be careful with our trash and packaging.

What is our responsibility to the earth and to its inhabitants? Bible-believing Christians are often falsely accused of being anti-earth because we believe that God gave mankind dominion over the earth as stated in Genesis 1:28 and implied again in Genesis 9:1–2 after the Flood. What does this dominion mandate really equate to? Does it give us free reign to mistreat animals, pollute rivers, and poison our atmosphere? More importantly, is this what God would have us do in accordance with His character?

If Christians apply biblical teaching to their actions, then it is possible that we would be better environmentalists because we would know that we need a clean environment to live. Biblical teaching should motivate us to find better, safer alternatives than the cheap way of dumping poisons into the river or storing radioactive containers in caves and so on.

We should rely upon God to present to the world a better way to preserve the earth while not raising the cost of business. I do not think that Christians should adopt secular environmental ideology to get the job done, that would be walking in the counsel of the ungodly. We follow God’s leading even in how to dispose of our waste products.

#4. I Have Complained Twice Now


I have become greatly disappointed in this yearly event as I buy a lot of BAS products when I can. Yet this sale may have some sharply reduced prices on SOME items, most I noticed are the same price as they are regularly sold for. For example, the DVD set Digging Into The Gospels is being sold for $29.95 but that is the same price I paid for the item when I bought it last month long before the sale.

The same goes for Biblical Bad Boys DVD set and Eliat Mazar’s Discovering the Solomonic Wall… book. I want to buy those but guess what, they are in the sale at the same price as they are normally sold at when BAS does not have a sale.

Like I have said, I have complained twice. Once to BAS directly via their contact us page and once to a person I know in their warehouse. Guess what?  No response and no change to the pricing. I would recommend a lot of BAS products but Hershel Shanks is just too expensive in his pricing for me to do that. I used to tell people to wait till their sales but I can’t do that anymore  as their prices are just too high.

ABR has good pricing on their DVDs you should check those out.

#5. An Ongoing Problem

Archaeological looting is a global issue that threatens the preservation of our shared cultural heritage. In the Middle East, archaeological looting and the deliberate destruction of archaeological sites and monuments amid ongoing warfare have captured international attention. Antiquities looted from sites in Syria and northern Iraq and subsequently trafficked are one of the main sources of funding for the Islamic State, the Sunni extremist group referred to as ISIS or ISIL. What, if anything, can be done to protect these objects and sites?

To answer the last question, if they have guns and no conscience then you can do absolutely nothing to protect archaeological artifacts. As a rule, archaeologists do not dig with guns by their side and while a few may have military training that will not be enough against a gang of people who won’t lose sleep over killing you and your group.

But looting has gone on long before ISIS came into existence. It has been a problem  for centuries now and to tell the truth, archaeologists cannot really complain because those who blazed the archaeological trail could be accused of looting as well. The old-time explorers would crate up what they uncovered and ship the items back to their home country’s museums, usually without permission from the nation they were digging in.

Private collectors will always make sure there is a market for looted items. It is a problem I doubt will ever go away.

#6. Black & White

Over the last several decades, many examples of fraternal twins, where one is very dark (called “black”) and one very light (called “white”), have been documented. Fraternal twins usually occur when two different eggs are fertilized by two different sperm cells and implanted in the mother’s womb at the same time.

It is a good article and supports what I have said in the past.  In fact, I talked about albino children in Africa whose lives are threatened because the local shamans believe they hold some mystical power. But there will always be doubters who can’t let go of the lie Darwin told when he was writing his origins theory.

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