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27 Feb

As I was reading the book Liberty and Justice for Some, my mind kept going back to the Larry King show of many years ago where he had a panel of religious leaders on discussing the, I believe, the church’s response to Bush43’s decision to go to war with Iraq. My mind has held on to John MacArthur’s response where he abdicated the church’s role of dissenting against sinful actions and built a defense for blind obedience to government.

He used the verse talking about Christians are to obey their government but that verse never said Christians are to support sinful acts of government. It was sad to see such a travesty take place as the church should be the moral conscience of a nation keeping it on track encouraging doing what is right, just, fair and so on. Instead we have many churches who turn a blind eye to the sin committed by a government, rarely challenging it to mend it ways.

The church should strive towards being two things, amongst everything else it needs to do:

#1. It needs to be Nathan, who was not afraid to stand up to King David and tell him he was wrong

2 Samuel 12:7
Nathan then said to David, “You are the man! Thus says the Lord God of Israel, ‘It is I who anointed you king over Israel and it is I who delivered you from the hand of Saul.
The church needs to get its spiritual act together and become the moral voice of God to those in the wilderness. It needs to practice what it preaches honestly and be the light unto the dark world that Jesus wants. It needs to put aside earthly thinking and objectives and strive to be holy once again.
#2. It needs to be a sanctuary, a safe place for people to go where they can deal with their problems without hassle or condemnation. The church cannot be an extension of law enforcement or any political party but a separate entity dedicated to healing God’s creation. It needs to be a real spiritual hospital where sins are excised not accepted or supported and people are directed and led to the right path not someone’s pet doctrine.
For too long the church has held the reputation that it shoots its wounded well that reputation needs to be replaced and changed to one that tells everyone that they will be healed from their sins, that they can have a safe place to go, where sin is not allowed to enter and people can get their lives straightened out. it needs to be a place where real justice and fairness is taught and applied.
I do not think that many people can handle reading that book mentioned above because it is hard-hitting as it points out the injustice and sin committed by BOTH political parties and their leaders, including presidents. Those who like a particular president may not like the reality of their political heroes and may not want them to have a tarnished image but the truth is, they are not heroes and they are tarnished.
Here are some quotes from the last chapter, American Justice’s Second Tier, and one of its sub-sections, Prisons for Profits. You can decide if you can handle the contents of that book or not:
#1. Like all private companies, the prison industry has an insatiable appetite for more business, thus it agitates in favor of greater demand for services– demand created through longer prison sentences, fewer opportunities for parole, and constant increases in the number of transgressions deemed prison-worthy. (pg. 254)
#2. America’s war on drugs set in motion some of the most brazen systematic attacks on equality under the law in the modern era. But the ‘war on terror’ has taken those attacks to new depths of injustice. (pg. 258)
#3. The American justice system relentlessly ‘looks backward”, however, to seek out and punish the crimes of ordinary Americans and Obama has done nothing to retard the booming growth of America’s prison state. (pg. 259)
#4. While immunizing high-level lawbreakers, the Obama administration not only has failed to extend the protective shield of immunity to America’s whistle blowers but has pursued them with uncommon vigor. (pg. 259)
#5. It’s true, of course, that leaking classified information is a crime. That’s what makes whistle blowers and leakers so courageous. And if all the wrongdoing, including that of the politically powerful, were always fully punished according to the law, one could accept whistle-blower prosecutions. But that is not the situation that prevails. (pg. 262)
#6. Since September 2001, the ‘war on terror’ has opened up an entire dimension in which the rule of law simply vanishes. For those who are accused of being terrorists–even if they are never charged with any crime– there is now a limbo world in which there is exists not even the pretense of due process, let alone equality. (pg. 263)
#7. This is how the multitiered justice system preserves itself: by targeting those with the weakest voices, the smallest constituencies, and the least ability to resist. (pg. 266)
#8. Thus did the pardon of Richard Nixon — justified in 1974 as a onetime exception necessitated by unique circumstances– lay the foundation for elite immunity: a lawbreaking license that spread throughout the political class and then to its partners in the private sector. (pg. 266)
#9. The proclamation of John Adams that we are ‘a nation of laws, not men’ now rings hollow as does Thomas Jefferson’s insistence that the essence of America is that ‘the poorest laborer stands on equal ground with the wealthiest  millionaire…(pg. 266)
#10. And Madison’s proud declaration in federalist 57 that America’s political class, by definition, ‘can make no law which will not have its full operation on themselves and their friends,as well as the great mass of society,; now seems to describe a country entirely other than our own. (pg. 267)
The church needs to learn what God’s justice is and begin to apply it not only to its own members but to the nations of the world as well.If you read that book, you will see how because no one stops them, the politicians and the wealthy continue to subvert and avoid justice while turning the screws on the little guy. I remember reading a little article on one of the lawyers, Barry Scheck, for OJ Simpson. He was trying a case in New York and the judge in the trial spoke directly to Mr. Scheck and said, ‘i will have none of those hijinks you pulled in Lance Ito’s court during the Simpson trial.  Mr. Scheck’s response to that judge was,’ Well Judge Ito let me get away with it.’
In other words, Judge Ito never followed through on any of his disciplinary threats and Mr. Scheck kept doing the same thing over and over because he knew nothing was going to happen to him. That is the way it is with politicians and the wealthy of America. No one is going to stop them so they get to keep on being unfair, unjust and so on because they know nothing is going to happen to them.
The church needs to step up and be heard, bringing disciplinary action so that the wealthy and the politicians know they will be disciplined for their sinful behavior. Right now, the church is ignored, a mere footnote because it does nothing to discipline those who do wrong. Mr. Franklin Graham can spout all he wants to the news media about how America had turned its back on God,
the politicians and the wealthy do not care because they know nothing is going to be done to them. Mr. Graham has no real authority and is just another weak voice in a crowd of weak voices.
Time for the church to stand up for justice, fight for the little guy, and make the elite pay for their sins and crimes.
Here is a link to one website that fights for the little guy
I have heard that there are similar Christian organizations but I do not have any information on them to pass on. We do not blindly follow government nor do we allow them to sin and commit crimes.
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