Much To Talk About- 102

27 Feb

Time to play catch-up.

#1. Sons of God

Anticipating an issue which has come up in the current debate about monotheism and polytheism in ancient Israel and classical and later Greece and Rome, David Clines suggests that this split between human and divine options may not be so clear-cut, in particular with respect to rulers, and even more in particular to antediluvian rulers:

I have talked about this before and I think scholars are over-thinking the issue.  The term ‘sons of God’ is not referring to divine beings, angels, evil spirits or even the line of Seth.  It simply refers to those men who are believers in God. We just need to look at the following verse

26 To Seth, to him also a son was born; and he called his name Enosh. Then men began to call [s]upon the name of the Lord.

As you can see, the word men is a general usage which means that the descendants of all Adam’s and Eve’s children started to walk with God.  Sons of God simply refers to humans who followed God and the words ‘daughters of men’ means those women who did not follow after God.

#2. It Gets Tiring

What such critics fail to realize is that they are reading the Apostle Paul through the lens of a 21st century perspective, rather than the 1st century world to which Paul wrote originally.”

Land, who is also the executive editor of The Christian Post, explained that in the 1st century women were considered property with few rights or protections. In his writings, Paul describes husbands and wives as equals even in the most intimate parts of their relationships.

When people continue to make these type of arguments. They say that some Christians are looking at the teachings of Paul through 21st century eyes when arguing against women in the pulpit or authority over man, yet fail to realize that they are looking at the word ‘equality’ through those exact same lenses and apply a 21st century meaning to a 1st century passage.

I do not want to get into an argument over whether women were considered property or not that is not the issue here. The issue here is whether or not Paul wrote God’s guidelines for God’s church or not. If he didn’t then where are God’s guidelines for the church and who actually wrote them? For me, Paul did write God’s guidelines for God’s church thus this argument is moot. It is not about equality or property but that God has ordained that his church be led by godly men.

This push for ‘equality’ is not God-driven but secular motivated.

#3. It Gets Tiring II

I say men and women are equal when it comes to spiritual authority in ministry! My mother has been preaching, prophesying and working hard along side my father in the church all my life,” Haddon said on Instagram. “My mother never got it twisted. When she went home she was a mother, a wife and never tried to be the man of the house or took her spiritual position into our home.”

Haddon went on to further insert his opinion on the matter by saying, “I say yes to a female pastor, bishop or whatever office God calls her to if she can respect her husband as the pastor of her home.What do you think?? #PreachersofDetroit.”

Unfortunately for him,  a mother’s example or life is not enough to change God’s word. it doesn’t matter if she didn’t twist her role at home or not, she twisted her role in the church.

#4. If You Are Going To Fight For Equality

Campus housing specifically for 15 alternative sexualities, including sadomasochists, is acceptable, but fraternities that just allow men are not, at Wesleyan University.

Wesleyan University housing has an option for students who want to live with others identifying with one of 15 categories — LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM. The university’s inclusiveness excludes, however, male-only fraternities.

Then you need to be completely equal. The reach for equality is going way to far and into the absurd.

The letter stated: “Because fraternities are male-exclusive and the possessors of some of our campus’ largest party spaces, they explicitly and implicitly cultivate a gender-based power dynamic that privileges men, the hosts, over women, who are among the guests. This power dynamic engenders sexual assault because women are institutionally encouraged to ‘repay’ men for their hospitality, often with sex, and men are institutionally provided with a control over their guests, especially women.”

This is not a good enough reason to be unequal. It shows revenge, retribution, injustice, favoritism and discrimination against men.  The arguments made for minorities work for single men as well.

#5. True Christianity

I’ve known a fair number of Christians who think this way about their own denomination, no matter how small–in fact, the smaller the denomination, the more likely one might be to think this way. (And I know in my student days in seminary I felt I was drawn this “chosen few” mentality.)

Most, though, bristle at the notion that one tradition has a corner on the mystery of the Christian faith.

After all, if you keep narrowing things down to your own tradition, you encourage a process of endless theological fine-tuning, that often ends on one very small group (or even one person) within a micro-movement, within a small denomination, within one of hundreds of Protestant denomination, etc., etc., being correct.

Jesus said, ‘my sheep hear my voice’ and that is a good boiled down definition to identify true Christianity. People who make these arguments doubting true Christianity, are those who have stopped listening to Jesus’ voice and have started to listen to the voices of unbelievers. They toss out a lot of the bible, alter different texts to fit their new beliefs, anything but actually humbling themselves and listen to the voice of Jesus.
Then they attack those who do listen to Jesus’ voice.
A South Carolina judge has denied a motion to reconsider a ruling made in a $500 million property dispute case in favor of a diocese that voted to leave the Episcopal Church due to the national denomination’s increasing acceptance of homosexuality.
I know that this is a standard practice with the different organized denominations. The Alliance has the same clause yet I feel that such clauses are unfair and unChristian. It is the local congregation who spends the money, not the denomination thus the buildings of the local church belong to the people not the denomination.
To grab property that one has not paid for is equal to stealing and if more Christian denominations have this clause in their agreements with local churches then they need to amend those agreements so that they can erase one sin that is hindering their work for Christ.
Some well-meaning Christians regularly use Christ’s words in Matthew 7:21-23 to push people to “do more” in order to prove they are genuine believers. But this is a misguided approach. While it is true that some professing believers are not connected at all to the Lord, it is also true that the real problem lies with a lack of repentance and a lack of faith.
It is a good article and worth reading

“I meet so many young people who come from Christian homes or maybe went to a Christian school, K through 12, and yet they get to college they have a real faith crisis,” McFarland said. “It always breaks my heart when I see young people that really become agnostic, if not atheist, because they get to the university and they’re confronted with the objections to the faith and they don’t know how to answer it.”

McFarland also told CP that “we’re trying to evangelize the young people” so as to “equip them” to “defend their faith.”

We believe that it’s time for a whole new generation to experience 1st Peter 3:15 in becoming ready always to give an answer, a defense for the faith,” continued McFarland.

But I would change the word ‘evangelize’ to the word ‘teach’ or ‘educate’. The latter words imply a deeper effort, one that actually helps students learn how to correctly defend their faith with real information.

“It was trying to get something a little bit more mobile that wasn’t as big, as expensive and that we can hit a lot of churches around the country, equipping them biblically.”

I would also change the word ‘hit’ to something far more biblical and appropriate.  Attitude plays a large part in equipping believers and sometimes attitude gets in the way of success. Maybe they should take this a little more seriously. If they already do, it doesn’t come across in their terminology and the wrong terminology does influence people away from your goals.

#9. I Like This Idea

The Rock Church’s Marriage and Parenting Pastor Darren Carrington says parents need to teach their children from an early age about dating and marriage so they can spot “counterfeit” Christians who attend church but show no spiritual growth.

Not much to add to that thought.

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