While I Am Away…

24 Feb

I would like to make these two recommendations:
1. During the upcoming political season, look for the candidate that represent biblical values instead of ‘family values’. Real biblical values will get you real family values.
2. For those of you who vote for a political party because they are the closest to what you believe, here is a book you should read with an open mind. If you do not believe his examples, do your own honest research and check his facts
With Liberty and Justice For Some by Glenn Greenwald.
It may open your eyes a little bit and show you that the party you vote for, that you say is close to what you believe may not really be that close to what you believe in reality.


****I do not what i did but I can’t seem to get the spacing right with this post.. I fix it then when I click on the update button, the post returns to the style you see right now.

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