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22 Feb

I am not going to write at length on either of these two things as the previous article tired me out and these articles do not need much from me to make the right point.

#1. I Agree

In the wake of this revelation, Platt recalled, “I don’t want to be guilty of selective moral outrage when it comes to this issue of sexuality in our culture.”

It is the bold words that I am agreeing with here as I have not read his whole book nor the whole article. he makes the right point as Christians do seem to be selective in what sins they will be outraged over. We should treat all sin the same and be outraged at all those who practice them, and this outrage should include unscriptural reasons for divorce, adultery, sexual immorality of any kind and so on.

Homosexuality and same-sex marriage are not the only sins in the Bible nor are homosexuals the only sinners in the world.

Instead he suggests that Christians defending marriage should not single out the homosexual lifestyle as the focal point of their discussions. Rather the focus should be on how all sexual sin serves as a reminder of mankind’s errant nature and the need for the Gospel.

One of the reasons why the secular world does not listen to the Christian church is because we are pointing our fingers at those we do not like and saying, ‘thou sinner!’ while turning a blind eye to the pastor, elder, church leader who breaks more commandments than your average Joe.

#2. I Disagree

A lesbian couple in Michigan is now speaking out after a local pediatrician refused to care for their baby “after much prayer”, as gay advocates argue that legal protections should exist in the state to prevent situations like this from happening.

With the pediatrician.  If you are a doctor, you do not have the right to withhold treatment from anyone. Their sexual preference does not matter in this case as they need medical care just like anyone else. Then as a believer, you doubly do not have the right to withhold treatment of those you disagree with. It is just not a moral act to commit.

When Jesus said to do good to others he did not put a caveat in the Bible that says, except for those who are homosexual. Providing medical treatment or guidance is not supporting their lifestyle, their sin, nor is it participating in their evil deeds. You are sinning by rejecting to treat them and by stopping God from using your good work to plant seeds, water those already there or bring the people to a spiritual harvest.

Christians are to set the right example not one that turns people off from Christ and the gospel. I find that Doctor’s actions disappointing and saddening because we are to help those who are in sin. Even though we disagree with their chosen lifestyle and sexual preference, homosexuals are still God’s creation and they need Christian influence just like everyone else.

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