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21 Feb

#1. Writing A Review Without Watching The Movie

Whatever arguments there may or may not be for the historicity of the exodus, culture-war rhetoric seems armed and loaded here, yet it is the very thing evangelicals need to avoid, not encourage. It simply falls on deaf ears.

That is my main concern with this documentary–that it would encourage further retrenchment, drawing of lines, and “here I stand” moments.

Peter Enns has done it three times, though in the last one he is claiming to be actually reviewing reviewers but even that is difficult to do without seeing the movie that was reviewed by the reviewer under inspection. What Enns doesn’t seem to acknowledge or want is the spiritual warfare God has said we are in.  Of course lines will be drawn because there are only two sides–you believe God and that he told the truth in the Bible or you do not. There is no third option. it is a battle between good and evil thus the believer needs to entrench themselves in the truth and dismiss those who call for an opening of the defensive lines.

Thornbury’s line of reasoning is common among evangelicals: “It needs to be true, so it is.”

I will disagree with his summation of Thornbury’s review because the Exodus doesn’t NEED to be true, it is true and because of that fact we make our stand with God.

I venture to guess that Thornbury would not tolerate this type of argument from someone who does not share his ideology–say, atheists or ISIS.

Of course not simply because those groups of people do not have any truth in them nor present any truth. They also do not present God’s words of history but use their different ideologies to gain world dominance and force others to capitulate to their will. Enns’ comparison is illogical.

Neither point I am making here concerning these two reviews, or the film itself, has anything to do with answering one way or the other the question “What happened?” Neither does it imply that history should be a non-issue for Christians.

We know what happened. it is not our nor those reviewers’ fault that Enns cannot accept the Exodus as historical fact.

#2. I Do Agree With The Question In Image Two

Would a gay florist be forced by the government for this guy;s funeral?

I guess that image is a picture of the late Westboro Church’s leader but his name escapes me right now. As I have said I agree with West on very little but his stand against same-sex marriage and the whole appease the homosexual issue has me agreeing with his pointed questions. I do not think there is a government official or judge alive who would even remotely consider forcing homosexuals to provide services to those they disagree with ideologically.

The homosexual community should consider themselves lucky that no one is pressing the government to execute the practicing homosexual like God has commanded.  Their bullying of those who disagree with them shows who really has the hatred and who is not standing with God. If the homosexual community were with God, they would not be putting others out of business because their requests were turned down. They would be practicing, turning the other cheek and going to another florist who would help them.

All the homosexual community has done by their bullying is make enemies and making people resent their special treatment.

(Actually liked the whole post at that link. Very thought-provoking)

#3. He Thinks He Is God

Case in point: I issued a call to love our Muslim neighbors in our communities–

The owner of formerly fundie seems to have lost it as he thinks he is the one who gets to tell the Christian where they are to minister and how they are to do it. it is amazing to see him think that he is the authority over others when he is far from God. i have seen the same attitude in James McGrath as well. He thinks because he is a professor he is an authority over anyone he wants. he tried it on me and got nowhere.
But then the alternative believer is deceived in their thinking and perspective so it should be no surprise that they think they have the right to issue calls to the true church.  They don’t but then you can’t tell them that.
Day in and day out, I am faced with the heartbreaking reality that perhaps the last unreached people group has been sitting right in our very pews– those who have succumbed to an Americanized, civil religion, that is only loosely based on Jesus.
I think he should take a long hard look in the mirror first before accusing those in the church pew of the sins he commits.  Jesus already warned us that the church will be filled with both the wheat of the faith and the tares, thus it is not news that many in the church need to truly come to Christ. What is news is that the alternative believer thinks those who stand with God are in need of a missionary. That is pure comedy worthy of the late Robin Williams.
Maybe he should think about removing the beams from his own eyes first before issuing any calls and sending missionaries to real believers. The audacity of his attitude undermines his supposed call and commissioning. he seems to forget that the church listens to Jesus’ voice, not to those who have left Jesus and created a religion after their image.

#4. Take Your Pick &

Beginning on March 1, a new six part documentary series from CNN, Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery.  The teaser trailer is now online:


I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while, but there’s another Jesus film on the way this spring — Killing Jesus.  It’s adapted from Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard’s book of the same name and airs on National Geographic.  Here’s a “first look”:

Whether you are killing or finding Jesus i can almost bet with 100% sureness that both films are going to be inaccurate,badly written, filmed and acted, along with directed. The secular world can never get it right because they do not care to and because they are blind.  But then, real Christians do not do much better in their productions of the biblical accounts either. I have seen far too many by supposed Christians that were just as bad in their writing, filming, directing and acting.

I prefer that the biblical record stay off the stage, and both the big and small screens. The Christian life and beliefs work much better when they are put into practice in real life.

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