Similar Stories, Different Countries

19 Feb

At first, I thought they were about the same person as the main characters were both prostitutes and both have been saved and now both are working to save other prostitutes from their lives.

The first story comes from Canada and it is found in the Momentum Section of the Canadian Alliances website,

and is titled, Defend Dignity Forums: Abolishing Prostitution in Canada

 After getting her two sons off to school each morning, Trisha Baptie devotes her time to abolishing prostitution in Canada.

 She knows why it needs to be abolished—she’s been there. For fifteen years, Trisha was trapped in prostitution in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. It was a progression from growing up in a dysfunctional home and being sexually exploited from a young age, to being placed in social services before her 13th birthday and learning how to engage in prostitution at her mixed-gender group home.

It is an interesting story, although I do not totally agree with her assessment;

 “I don’t think women choose prostitution; I think prostitution chooses women,” Trisha explains. Prostitution is searching for its victims in vulnerable girls and women who have a history of being sexually exploited, dropping out of school, lacking caring role models, living in poverty, not learning that their bodies are to be cherished. “Without gender inequality, without poverty, without child social welfare, prostitution wouldn’t be tolerated,” Trisha points out.

 I think she is right in part but not in the total picture. I can’t helped but be reminded of a father who saw some ‘pimps’ sitting by their car and their words to him were, in a few years we are going to get her and she will work for us. (Paraphrased)  Although oppression is part of prostitution, the real motivating factor is money. The people in charge of the girls will oppress ,torture, abuse etc., the women in order for them to make more money than if they worked at ‘straight’ jobs.
As part of Defend Dignity’s mission to abolish prostitution in Canada through awareness and advocacy, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) and Defend Dignity regularly co-host forums in cities across Canada.
The person in charge of this mission may be a bit naive as everybody knows about prostitution and how it works.i do not think this purpose (in bold) is going to get to the root of the problem and stamp out the industry. Prostitution has been going on for thousands of years and since women, if they are lucky to work on their own, can make an awful lot of money selling their bodies. It is a temptation that is hard for some to pass by and the same goes for those women working in strip clubs. I know of one girl, and this was years ago, who bought a home in cash just off the tips she would make
It will be a fight to free women from the hold of evil in this profession.
The second story comes from the Christian Post,

For most of her life, former stripper and prostitute Annie Lobert sought a man to swoop into her life and rescue her from the hardships of growing up in a broken home, just like in the fairy tales. Now the founder of Hookers for Jesus, a ministry for sex workers, Lobert says too many women are placing their hopes for love and security in the wrong place.

Jesus Christ, she said, is the ultimate knight in shining armor, able to rescue them from a life of sin and transforming lives and relationships

I like her focus on Jesus, something the other organization doesn’t do, and one of the problems women have with their men is that they create this fantasy ideal in their heads and when the fantasy, say Cary Grant, turns out to be Gabe Kaplan, then they are disappointed and take their frustration out on their man instead of changing their thinking.

Women need to think like God wants them to, it will go better for them in their relationships if they get rid of the fantasy and focus on being women of God.  But this isn’t really about women and their view of their Prince Charmings.  I like the fact that these women are seeking to rescue, for lack of a better term, prostitutes from an ugly profession.

Prostitutes need the gospel just like anyone else and they need help, support, teaching in order to fully escape the chains of evil and become disciples of Christ. I hope that some of you are led to help support these groups as it sounds like they need more people rolling up their sleeves and pitching in. Just make sure to do it Christ’s way so that the women are truly helped.

The other side of the coin is, men, you need to stop looking at women as sexual toys. You need to learn how to be men of God and step up to be the real leader God wants you to be. Women may have been made for man but that doesn’t mean we toss out the Bible when we interact with them. many Christian men do the right thing, but sadly, their numbers lack 100% participation from the Christian church and that is not good. This lack raises stumbling blocks to Christ in women and those outside of the church and it may even make women leave the faith and that is not good.

As the Bible says, ‘Men (& Women) love darkness rather than light’, but let’s not make that enjoyment easier for them. Be good lights unto the world and do not forget those people considered inferior, the sex workers, their pimps, madams, traffickers, and so on down the list. They need true Christian love which plants, waters then waits for the harvest time just like the rich, and the powerful do.

When Jesus said, ‘if you did unto the least of these, you have done it unto me’, (paraphrase) he was including those we turn our noses up at and pretend that they are not there. Being a friend to sinners doe snot mean supporting and participating in their sinful activities, but it means we do not ignore them and we are there when they need us, providing Christ’s help as he directs.


P.S. There is a second article in the Momentum page that talks about Dignity House, and is linked to Defend Dignity mentioned above, and it provides a more fuller explanation of what is  going on in that work, better than the defend Dignity article. The article is titled: Dignity House Submitted by: Shona Stewart

Shona had started a ministry, Setting the Captives Free Ministries, Inc., to help women exit the sex trade.

Shona also developed PEARL (Prostitutes Exiting and Restoring Life), a faith-based program to help women…

Dignity House is a three-bedroom house that women can call home; Dignity House has capacity for four women who are serious about exiting prostitution –
The house seems small and its capacity certainly only touches less than the tip of the iceberg of the problem with prostitution so please seek God and see how you can help them.

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