Two Things- 5

18 Feb

#1. God’s Or Man’s Way?

The owner of formerly fundie has gone on another rant about how Christians should act and though I cannot analyze all of his errant piece, I will deal with his suggestions. As I read those suggestions, the question that came to my mind is, ‘does that owner actually understand the Bible and who is in charge of Christianity?’ You will see as you read his ideas on how Christians should ignore God’s teachings and do life his way.

Learn how to greet Muslims in Arabic, and when you pass them on the street smile and say hello with the proper greeting (which actually means “peace be upon you”).

Why should we do that?  Isn’t ‘hello’ good enough for Muslims?  Are we not being friendly when we greet the Muslim in our native language?  Of course, we need to be wary of God’s words found in 2 John 1

10 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your house, and do not give him a greeting; 11 for the one who gives him a greeting participates in his evil deeds. (NASB)

Now more study is needed on the word ‘greeting’ as it is used here but we must be wary of how we greet those who hold to alternative religious beliefs.

Find Muslim families in your neighborhood and introduce yourself. Ask if you can do something nice for them, just as neighbors and no strings attached. Help them with a project on their home, help them with yard work, or invite them to dinner (but make sure it’s halal).

So our food is not good enough for the Muslim? We must change our culture to make someone feel welcome? Sorry but if the Muslim can’t make an exception for those who are not Muslim  and eat the food set before them, then the problem is not with the Christian but with the Muslim.  Though I do not disagree with the first part of the quote as that is what we should do to everyone not just the Muslim but we should let them know we are believers so that the people receiving the benefits know our motivation and perspective.

Find a Muslim and sit and learn from them. Discover what they truly believe– you might be surprised at all the areas of commonality between Christianity and Islam- two members of the Abrahamic faith.

This violates biblical teaching about not accepting false teaching and it is misguided about the origin of the Muslim religion.  Islam is not from Abraham as the latter believed and followed God (of the Bible) not Allah, whose origin is of stone idols. The Muslim faith has nothing to do with  the faith of Abraham and if we look at its origins, you would see there is nothing compatible with Islam in other beliefs

12 “He will be a wild donkey of a man,
His hand will be against everyone,
And everyone’s hand will be against him;
And he will [m]live [n]to the east of all his brothers.”

The Muslim faith did not originate with Abraham. It originated with Mohammad who was born thousands of years after Abraham.

Is their a Muslim community center in your area? Go by for a visit and ask if there are any areas where you could volunteer and serve the Muslim community.

This is just wrong.  We are not to support the Muslim faith or aid its promotion.

Financially support a charity geared towards serving the Muslim community.

Again, this is against biblical teaching. Yes we are to good towards others but we are to do so in a manner that brings glory to God. This does not do so. How do the Muslim people see the difference between God and Allah if any good works are attributed to Allah?

These are just a few ideas, but be creative- there’s no shortage of ways that you could find to love the Muslim neighbors in your midst.

Again, we see no direction to follow God’s leading. Every suggestion comes from the owner of formerly fundie and last I looked, we are not to follow those who do not follow God. God may lead us to help those of other faiths but those directions do not have us compromising biblical teaching or our faith. They also do not have us promoting false religions.

If you want to be friendly to Muslims, then stay within God’s boundaries.  We do not open up to their false ideas and allow their fake beliefs to enter our homes or our lives but there are biblical ways to minister to those members of Islam without angering God and disobeying his word. The Muslim faith is not of God, and Mohammad simply copied a lot of the Bible to make it seem like he was of God when in reality he was just using religion for his own personal gain.

#2. Misguided Thinking

Christianity has repentance as one of its major emphases. When your approach to the Bible has led people to identify as the antichrist people who were not, when it led people to defend slavery, when it has led people to oppose scientific work which was later shown to be correct, don’t just ignore that you were wrong, and don’t just repent and apologize for the error. Repent of the whole way of approaching the Bible which leads you and others into error time and time again.

People who do not follow God say misguided statements like the above quote. They are not happy that God disallows false teaching from his faith and want true believers to follow in their erroneous steps. To lump in people who used the Bible to defend slavery is irresponsible and deceptive.  Such actions just show how weak their arguments are against good and true bible reading.
No secular scientific work has been shown to be correct yet.  But this quote shows that those who do not read the Bible correctly accuse others of their own errors. But along with that, this type of quote shows the lack of understanding on the part of those who reject the true way of reading the Bible. They think that anyone who uses the Bible is a Christian instead of seeing the difference between true believers, immature ones, misguided ones and those who are not believers but really are wolves in sheep’s clothing.
You can’t say the correct way of reading the Bible is wrong when you cannot determine the difference between readers of the Bible. You are falsely accusing people of sins they did not commit while turning a blind eye to their own faulty way of reading the Bible.
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