Points of Interest- 3

17 Feb

It is the holiday season here in Korea and I have been distracted thus the continuation of this series.

#1. Are Christians To Blame?

Finally, the t-shirt company is already protected from making shirts that require them to including wording they find offensive. That is the companies right of free speech. The T-Shirt company in this case is not refusing the customer service based on who they are they have decide not to produce a product they find offensive. This is why the public cake baker cannot deny service to the gay couple but they can refuse to make a cake that includes words they find objectionable.

This is an interesting argument. A bad one but interesting.  The author of that article forgets that the baker enjoyed the federal civil right of freedom of religion which allows them to practice their religious beliefs without harm.  In the baker’s religious beliefs it is wrong to support sin and baking a cake for that ceremony would have violated that religious regulation.

Those who support homosexuality like to cherry pick the civil rights they want everyone to obey and ignore those which support the opposition’s actions.

Beyond this propensity for misunderstanding the legal requirements of a business that serves the public, there are others who believe that Christians are ostracized at far greater rates than any other segment of the population.

What that author does not understand is the Christian faith. People have a choice, God or satan, and believers choose God over evil thus they are set apart by that choice. That choice paints a neon sign onto our backs illuminating the darkness around us and those in darkness just do not like that illumination. They want everyone to be like them, stumbling around without light and ignoring God and his will.

I am not going to go through that whole article but suffice it to say that the author is blaming Christians for the hatred they receive when in reality the people providing that hatred refuse to be tolerant of the Christian belief unless it does exactly as they want. The unbeliever will be tolerant with just about anyone except Christianity because Christianity is a threat to them, exposing their evil deeds instead of supporting them.

#2. Tolerance or…?

This isn’t just an aesthetic issue. America’s stubborn unwillingness to get rid of Fahrenheit temperatures is part of its generally dumb refusal to change over to the metric system, which has real-world consequences.

Why would an article on temperature measuring be here? Well it fits in with the lack of tolerance attitude that seems to be taking hold of the world.  So America wants to use Fahrenheit, why would anyone using Celsius be against that?  Because Fahrenheit users are not jumping on the bandwagon.  The same attitude applies to those who oppose homosexual rights. They are hated by those who are jumping on the ‘civil rights’ argument bandwagon used to support sin and say it is good.

But it doesn’t seem to stop there. The idea of using your free choice and deciding for something that is rejected by the majority seems to be seen as evil yet that feeling is exactly the one the homosexual supporters hate when God is doing the hating.  They only allow free choice when it is something they agree with and when someone doesn’t do as they wish, they act worse than they accuse God of doing.

People seem to want tolerance for their activities yet refuse to grant it when they disagree with the action. Especially when it involves God.

#3. Call Me Weird

ISIS released a video on Sunday showing the apparent mass beheading of 21 Coptic Christians who had been kidnapped in December and January from Libya. Egypt responded hours later by bombing the terror group’s camps in Libya, vowing to eliminate the jihadists’ presence.

but I do not watch these type of videos. I really do not need to see people being killed to know that killing is wrong, horrific or whatever else you want to call it. I am not squeamish nor do I care about being desensitized to such acts. I just do not care about watching someone kill others people.  I also do not need to watch someone being killed to be sad, or sympathetic to their families.

I wonder how the ISIS and the homosexual community would react if the world went back to God’s OT rules and started killing them for their sinful actions. I highly doubt they would like equal treatment or that type of punishment.  They would be the first to call for mercy even though they provide no mercy to those they kill or attack via the court system. Which is another observation I have made over the years. Those who provide no mercy to anyone are the first to cry for mercy when their time has come to be punished for their crimes.

Maybe not all of them but a vast majority of them do.

#4. Now They Look At The Rules?

Now clergy and laypeople alike are rereading church policy on alcohol and the consecration of bishops, how addiction is handled and whether the church itself was in any way culpable in the death of cyclist Thomas Palermo, a 41-year-old husband and father of two.

If they looked at God’s rules and practiced them then this incident would not have happened and the church as well as Christ would not be embarrassed. The Bible does tell us that we are not to be drunk and women are not allowed to be pastors, etc., so if the church had been following the right rules, they would be able to make better inroads for Christ instead of having to back track after a humiliating incident such as this.

#5. Please Resign

Ellin Jimmerson, a Baptist pastor in Huntsville, Alabama, said she was surprised when she was asked to perform one of Alabama’s first same-sex wedding ceremonies after the state overturned its ban on gay marriage. Although she has been supportive of the LGBTQ community, she’s best known for her immigration activism.

If you claim to be a follower of God, then get approved to being a pastor over his people, don’t say sin is okay and perform ceremonies God is against. That makes you a bad steward of your office and a person who is disloyal to God.  It does not good to try to change God or the faith he has established because God does not change nor does his declarations of sin or what is an abomination to him.

People are fooling themselves if they think they can alter his word or rules in order to make Christianity match their beliefs. If you cannot abide by God’s rules, then do to say you have been called to the pulpit, do not try to change the church but go to an organization that fits your beliefs and stop mocking God.

#6. $400 Million…

Construction has officially begun on the Museum of the Bible, a longtime project spearheaded by Hobby Lobby President Steve Green, which is scheduled to open in Washington, D.C. in 2017.

“In many respects this is the kickoff of a three year project. We’ve been working on it for two years, this is the first time that anything major will be exposed to the public,” Cary Summers, president of the Museum of the Bible, said Thursday flanked by artistic renderings of the 430,000-square-foot-building.

I bet when you first saw this article you thought I would comment upon it. And yes I will. Although it is a nice thought to have such a museum with real artifacts and real bibles I cannot agree with nor support the cost. It is just too much money and with so many people in need, I just do not think it is a worthy or christian enterprise.

The Museum of the Bible isn’t the only endeavor the Green family has undertaken to advance people’s knowledge about the Bible.

I like the idea that they want to advance people’s knowledge of the Bible but are they searching for the truth and I think this could have been done at a by far cheaper price tag. How many church mortgage’s could have been paid off with that money, freeing up tithes and offerings to work in the local communities of those churches, who could then advance the world’s knowledge of the bible with less pressure on them?

We will never know because this family has decided to spend their money in one place. Misguided people waste resources that God could use if they would only listen correctly.

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