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12 Feb

#1. Damaged Goods

“It is all about giving grace to her and others like her even though they do not want to humble themselves and make themselves worthy of such grace.”

pretty much everything about your response in your unedited blog space enraged me, but this last line sent me over the edge. Noone on earth can make themselves worthy of grace. Grace is given. That’s why it is grace. Sarah is not lifting herself up as authority to govern over all. She is opening up conversation about a great deal of pain and shame she herself has carried for many years based on a message that is far fro m the gospel. The gospel has been shown more clearly through her story of healing and freedom than continuing to vomit rules and regulations about pre-marital sex. When we mess up as Christians, we know we have. There’s no need to have our nose rubbed in our sin over and over again. She is allowing space for us to move on and accept forgiveness and grace. Grace, again, is free and there for the taking. She has assisted in helping us find the courage to stand up and accept it. I disagree with you. Her teaching is far from false if we are walking towards the road to freedom.

This was a reply posted over at Sarah Bessey’s website after the person read my post on Damaged Goods and as you can see she did not like what I wrote. One of the question that came up in my mind as I read her words was– what Gospel was Ms. Bessey using? It certainly wasn’t the biblical ones as she never referred to one scripture correctly to back up her points. She uses certain passages out of context to make herself feel good but is far from their right application.

I really do not think that responder read my post correctly and applied a lot of her own interpretation to what I wrote as I didn’t ‘vomit rules and regulations’ but then her response is par for the course.

#2. Giants

I will agree with the owner of Remnants of Giants here … How Goliath and his family got so tall will remain a mystery forever.”

Thank you for your agreement with my post!

This is what happens when people distort or misapply what you say. Notice he says ‘thank for agreeing with my post’ when my words actually were agreeing with the little quote I had placed above that sentiment

For the reasons provided above, the conclusions of those who have attempted to diagnose Goliath are far from “fact”. The modern diagnosis of Goliath is an entirely misguided enterprise from the get go.

That is what I agreed with, not his whole post but then I imagine he was being sarcastic or funny and I missed it.  Kind of sad to have to distort what others say just to pretend someone on the other side agrees with you.

#3. Graduation Day

No not a death in the family or anything similar with people I know. it was the educational graduation day for my former students and I went and attended the ceremonies today to see my students one last time. God allowed me to stay in the area so I could have this one last experience and I am grateful.  I miss my students and I miss teaching them so it has not been easy these past few months.

Korean graduations are not like western ones and I am sure westerners would be bored by them as they are not designed to ‘entertain’ nor are they at night.  This was a middle school one which differs slightly from the high school graduations– the high schools’ have lots of boring speeches by local  important men and the education office, along with the principal.  Those will really put an insomniac to sleep.

The real joy of these days are the students as they are so happy. parents come, even dads, grandparents and other relatives as these are big moments in their children’s lives. Lots of pictures are taken, flowers are given to the graduates, and so on. Plus many tears are shed as the students say good-bye to many of their friends as they will not be attending the same high school next year.

Korean education is vastly different from the west and I like it this way over the latter’s.

For me, these days, and I have seen plenty of them, are very rough as I know I will not see most of my students again and I miss them every day.


I will probably be shutting the discussion forum down soon as one of the more recent posters just pushed it too far. He was an Ussher disciple who did not understand what being biblical meant and he self-appointed himself to being my teacher. He did not understand his boundaries nor the fact that he was not qualified to being my teacher.

This discussion forum never really took off so I count it as a failure and only leave it up for people to read the content. The only good thing about having your own forum is that if you get shut out somewhere else, you always have a place to post your thoughts without fear.

#5. Insanity

I and another person have decided that from the nature of his posts, Jim West has gone insane. He blows up at so many different people and gives everyone a piece of mind we wonder if he has any pieces left.

I am not promoting his site but simply commenting on his style of approach to others. The other day he posted the following

Dear Would Be Commentators…

Whilst I understand your desire to ‘correct’ me- your attempts to do so using anonymous names or under the cover of pseudonyms just won’t do the trick.

If you’re too afraid to own your remarks, you’re too insignificant to have your remarks heard.  Man (or woman) up and don’t be cowardly and sniveling.

You’re welcome

I do not care if you use your real name or a fictitious one but for some people they need to make others adhere to their beliefs or you are just not good enough.  It is sad to see such attitudes actually. This is the internet not your tax returns or some other vital government document so lighten up already.  West has problems that is for sure how deep they go is another matter. We are not God and we should not act like him when we have our own websites or ministries.

Humbleness is the key because if we do have our own things (internet or otherwise) we need to be grateful to God for our having them. They are not our domain but his and our attitudes should reflect that fact.


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7 responses to “Misc. Thoughts

  1. Nathanael Eisner

    February 14, 2015 at 11:32 am

    Dr. David Tee, why do you accept hostile witnesses and reject friendly testimonies?

    • theologyarchaeology

      February 15, 2015 at 3:38 am

      You do not know what being biblical means, what it means to follow the HS to the truth, where the truth lies nor are you able to read my mind. You have yet to produce one scripture verse telling anyone to use the genealogies as a measure for the age of the earth.

      You will be heavily edited each and every time you post here.

      To answer your question, I don’t and you assume you are a friendly testimony when in reality, you are not. You do not have the truth nor the biblical way.

      • Nathanael Eisner

        February 15, 2015 at 12:57 pm

        off topic

  2. Nathanael Eisner

    February 16, 2015 at 3:27 am

    you will be heavily edited if you continue here

    • theologyarchaeology

      February 16, 2015 at 4:16 am

      if you want to post at the discussion forum just sign up again. stick to topic here.

      • Nathanael Eisner

        February 16, 2015 at 2:26 pm

        I have stuck to whatever topics you open up in your comments. As for re-joining your forum, I will only consider it if you can make two assurances for me:

        ***A} You do not make the rules for my forum.
        ***B} I was being nice, but it is your choice.

        • theologyarchaeology

          February 17, 2015 at 2:07 am

          Your attitude is why you are getting edited plus the fact you do not know your boundaries.

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