Misc. Thoughts- 2

12 Feb

#1. Teaching Moments

A harbinger of spring is the much-anticipated Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. With a barely there string bikini the 2015 model stares into the camera while coyly tugging the bottom half of her suit as low as soft-porn allows. The provocative cover will be gracing checkout aisles across our nation starting February 9th. And whether you like it or not, you’ll be seeing it in many stores.

I do not know why some people are afraid to use incidents or situations like this as a proper teaching moment with their kids or students. My undergrad alma mater used to not put this issue out on the shelf, even though the models were covered up far more than they are today. Every year, when the swimsuit issue came out, the place for it was either bare or taken by an older more ‘safe’ edition.
It is situations like this that I enjoy as a teacher because it allows me to properly educate my students and get them to think upon right and wrong, moral and immoral, standards, decency and so on. When schools and parents shy away from such moments, they are missing an opportunity to present their side of the issue correctly and help get the children and students on the right path in handling these indecent offerings.
I am not for the swimsuit edition because it is not a sports related activity and Sports Illustrated is supposed to be about sports not soft porn, which I consider this edition to be. But just because I consider it soft porn I am not going to be afraid to say why to my students, if the occasion arises.  Both children and students need to hear real reasons why such photos are not appropriate and those reasons should be presented to them in the correct, biblical manner so that they can have confidence in their parents and their teachers.
Our students and children need to know that they can approach Christian teachers and their parents and know that they will get the straight story, honestly. Why let the unchurched world influence our people and win their minds through dealing with issues like this in an adult manner that satisfies our children and students? We should not be embarrassed about the human body nor about photos that expose certain parts too much. There is nothing wrong with the human body, any part, thus we should be adult about handling these situations. So your kid asks about the picture, there are plenty of wise answers available that will help constructively build your child’s thinking about these issues.
Far better than hiding the cover and avoiding the problem. The Bible says ‘teach your children’ not pass the buck to others to teach them something God does not want them to know. God gave you your children so you can teach them the right way.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a potential U.S. presidential candidate, on Wednesday declined to say whether he believed that humans evolved from other life forms, a theory widely supported by scientists but rejected by many American voters.

“That’s a question a politician shouldn’t be involved in one way or the other,” Walker said during a question-and-answer session at Chatham House, a London think tank.

I am not a fan of Gov. Walker as i think he has blown it as a Christian and failed both God and his people. I do not care what faith you are if you are going to run for public office. What I care about is how good your judgment is, how good at leading you are , how fair you can be and things like that. Political parties mean nothing to me, especially now since both parties basically have somehow cloned each other and became the same.

I also do not think that believing in evolution is a criteria for running for any office. I do think that Christians who run for office need to be a lot wiser, more understanding, far more honest and fair instead of mimicking the secular politicians and creating a black mark for Christ.  We may not agree with abortion or evolution but we have to govern both sides of the state or nation–the secular and the Christian, thus we need God’s guidance and we need to follow that guidance honestly and humbly.

We cannot force our views and beliefs upon others but we need to enact legislation that guides people to the right frame of mind without driving them away from Christ and salvation. It is a difficult road to hoe but then The bible teaches us to get more wisdom from God and why people like Palin, Bachmann, Huckabee and other political people do not do so is beyond me. They were put into positions that most believers do not gain access and as far as I am concerned they have blown their opportunities, though I still hold out hope for Huckabee.

What I see missing from their presentations is true humbleness from God, true gratefulness to God, true wisdom and so on. I see people saying wild and weird things simply because they want the ‘Christian’ vote. Give me someone who is honest over someone who panders to a group of people just to be elected any day.

Sadly, honesty in politics usually means you end up in the trash heap because people seem to like being lied to, like to be told falsehoods instead of the truth. Maybe I am just weird but I do not care which party is in power because both have an ungodly agenda and I do not want to be a part of that driving force. Being the light unto the world means we believers need to remind politicians of who is really in charge and that they will have to give an account of their words and actions before him. But we need to live that reality first for our words to have any effect.

Maybe that fact will sober enough of them up to right the sinking ship and plug the holes before it is too late and the nation is destroyed.

#3. Another Misguided Soul

A former orthodox member of the Church of England’s Archbishops’ Council, who once staunchly opposed the church’s affirmation of same-sex partnerships, has been appointed the new director of an LGBT-activist Christian coalition seeking to change the church’s biblical beliefs about homosexuality after publicly announcing for the first time that she’s a lesbian.

Jayne Ozanne, a 46-year-old lay campaigner who was appointed as one of the founding members of the church’s Archbishops’ Council by then-Archbishop of Canterbury Lord George Carey in 1999, was announced as the new director of the pro-gay network, Accepting Evangelicals.

The network advocates for the Church of England to accept same-sex partnerships at “every level of church life,” and open up its leadership to practicing homosexuals — those who are involved in same-sex relationships and believe God condones gay marriage.

Where does it say that since they have changed positions God should do so also?  Or that the church should as well? If you change your stance then leave the church and go with what you believe and leave the church alone. These people who demand that the church change forget that the church has the right to free choice and should be allowed to make their own decisions as it sees fit

Just like they did when they changed their stance on this or any issue.  Again, if you cannot accept the church’s position, leave for you have no right to demand that the church follow your lead to sin and destruction.

#4. What I Would Like To See

The evangelical humanitarian organization Samaritan’s Purse has exceeded its donation goal of 10 million gift-filled shoeboxes in 2014 in its popular charity program, Operation Christmas Child.

Through Operation Christmas Child, donors from across the United States and 12 other Western countries can donate shoeboxes filled with small age-appropriate gifts that are then compiled and distributed by the ministry to millions of less fortunate children across the world.

Samaritan’s Purse, an organization run by Franklin Graham, the son of world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham, announced this week that it exceeded its global goal for 2014 by receiving over 10.4 million shoeboxes, with over 8 million of them coming from donors in the United States. The shoeboxes will hopefully provide a glimmer of hope to underprivileged children in more than 100 nations.

The church, christian politicians, and church leaders talk about family values yet when it comes to aiding the family, only the children seem to matter. It bothers me because I already know that many supposed christian organizations focus on children because that is what brings in the bucks. Am I being cynical? Not really. I am just trying to broaden people’s perspectives and focus on the whole family.

What got me started thinking this way was when some years back a famous female senator opined in an interview–what about the children? Sorry women, but there are more humans than just children in the world and those humans need our aid just as much as you think children do.  One of the complaints I have been hearing lately is that the church is mostly feminine and by that they mean that men are not going to church as much as women are. Well the reason for that is the church does not understand men, do not focus on their needs and usurp their head of the family roles.

If the church helped men get real jobs so that they could take care of their families you might see a change in the gender population attending church. Taking care of men’s needs will take care of the needs of the children. Men need to see that God cares about them and their role in the family instead of being shunted aside because the church has decided to follow secular culture over God’s ways.

Men are important and they need to see that the church sees them that way. Just as the faith of the woman matters so dies the faith of the man and we need better strategies than usurping their roles in the family and making them obsolete. You want to see less abuse in the family? You want to help children? Then help the men, restore their dignity, their honor, make them feel valuable again. Get them working so that they can take care of their families.

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