I Am Disappointed

05 Feb

knowing that no one cares if I am disappointed or not I am still going to talk about it today.

#1. Publishers–

The first example is a personal one which I have encountered with several magazines after I have submitted articles for publication.  It seems that no one wants to be taught anymore and want to remain in ignorance riding on the experiences of others, instead of learning how to it themselves.

I won’t give you the details where the following response came from  my goal is not to insult or turn people against them and because the same train of thought has been told me many times over the years by others so this is not an isolated case.

Thank you for submitting your query to Leadership Journal. We appreciate you thinking of us. Your topic seems interesting and one that could be of value to our readers. It seems from the way you have described your article that it would lean more on the academic side of things which is not really our style here at Leadership Journal.Our articles are first person narratives. We have found the most compelling conversations are stories from people’s lives. Instead of a more academic article do you have personal experience with the topic? We learn from each other’s well told stories.

You really do not want to know what I said in response except that I told them I was disappointed in their attitude and approach to publishing.  Is the Christian public so influenced by secular culture that they will not read anything unless they are ‘entertained’ all the time? Do publishers lose readers because the magazines are boring when they include academic articles meant to help the readers’ faith?

Have we sunk so low that academic articles are now seen as sinful, bad and very wrong? I do know that experienced based articles leave other Christians vulnerable because the lessons learned by the authors’ of those pieces are left out and so are the needed instructions on how to face those who oppose your Christian views. I do not like to see Christians being left to probable defeat because publishers, pastors and church leaders refuse to properly educate their people and give them the academic material needed to shore up the faith of the congregation and show them how to defend themselves against those arguments brought by unbelievers.

One of the reasons why I started this weblog was to get academic material out to those believers who need the information to remain strong in their faith. The publishers certainly do not help in that regard. Also, I do this because I know my Christian needs are not being met by the current state of affairs. Do we really care so little about Christians after they have accepted the gospel message that we cannot make the effort to ensure they are getting the proper spiritual food and have them grow up in Christ?

The following quote is part of my reply to that publisher:

No questions, just disappointment and sadness that Christian magazines continue to hinder God’s work by their targeting experience over teaching.  Jesus did both. He taught then he sent out the disciples and when they returned he taught them some more after listening to their experiences. There is no biblical command to focus on experiences as those are subjective, and a depends issue. It depends upon the people involved, how much they know, who they talk to and how ready the other participants are to hear the words presented.

If the believer is poorly trained then I doubt they will impress their opponents or make any headway.

And you can see the frustration I feel as it seems that Christians are bent on hindering their fellow believer and keeping them ignorant while the secular world is off teaching and sharing making sure those who strive against the Bible and its truth are fully prepared for battle. It is no wonder we have politicians who claim to be Christian yet are a big embarrassment to Christ and the faith, no one teaches them the truth no one helps them learn anything Christ wants them to learn.

It just makes me sad , disappointed and angry because we should be doing better and greater things for Christ– he even told us we would but for some reason those who do want those achievements are belittled, cast out, shuffled to some place where they cannot accomplish anything and so on. Christians talk a good game BUT lack greatly where the rubber meets the road.

#2. They Never Stop Do They?

Many accuse feminists like myself of wanting the world to be a debauched, libertine, orgiastic sin-fest. But this isn’t what sexual liberation means. Instead, liberation is the ability to choose for ourselves how we will engage in sexual activity and explore our sexual lives. It means a sexual life free of shame, of condemnation, of accusations of sin. It means forming a life-giving sexual ethic, instead of one based on shame and saying no.

They are not satisfied nor content with saying that God is wrong when it comes to same-sex relationships but now must continue down their road to destruction by saying he is wrong about morality and the sex life.

A major part of the problem is that simply saying no to sex until after the wedding is an insufficient ethical system.

I wonder what it is like to be greater than God? These people, like Ms. Evans, seem to think they are and they seem to think that they know better than he does. What is next on their list to correct God on?  I will admit that many church people do not know how to talk about sex or having a good sex life in marriage but that is something that has to be dealt with by church leaders, parents and correct biblical teaching. Not by a bunch of people who think they are superior to God and his ways.

We do not throw out morality because some people received bad teaching in their lives. When the problem arises in a christian couple and they come to us for help then we give them the truth about how sex can be good in a marriage. We work with couples not browbeat them or demonize sexual relations. One thing that I learned from my stay at a YWAM base in Montana many years ago, and it was the only thing I learned from them, was that GOD created sex and it was GOOD.

Evil perverts what God has made thus we need to combat evil in our sexual discussions not the misguided victims who come to us for aid.

The abstinence until a heterosexual marriage part of purity culture denies members of the queer community access to the same wrestling with and discussion of sexual ethics. Instead of sexual liberation, we find bondage (and not the fun kind).

No it doesn’t. it just denies them access to those words which deceive or that tickle their ears.

A sexual ethic needs, first and foremost, to be based on knowledge of yourself as a person. It needs to give you room enough to explore your own wants and needs and desires free of shame. You cannot say yes until you know how to say yes for yourself and what sexual activity means to you, in particular, not forced on you from what culture or church have told you.

So she is suggesting that you ignore God and his ways and follow hers. How heretical and false. We follow God’s instruction and as we refrain from pre-marital, adulterous and other sexual sins we learn how to do sexual relations right for when we finally marry our mate.

We, as the church, must take the lead in correcting our mistakes. We must teach consent, communication, grace, love, and healthy boundaries in talking about sex. Simply saying “no” until the wedding day isn’t enough to equip people with the tools to live out their sexuality in a healthy, God-honoring way.

No, we need to teach our people God’s way and that since God created the body it is okay to use the different names for those parts of the body that are considered sexual along with the names of subjects that are related to those parts of the body. We need a biblical adult attitude towards sex and sexual activities and we need to follow God’s guidance in how to do this instead of following some feminist who rejects God and his ways.

Most important we need to equip the parents correctly so that they can talk to their children privately. This issue is a parent to child issue not a public one where those who disagree with God get to stick their noses in where they do not belong and pervert the true spiritual process of teaching others.

The church today has a lot on its plate to correct and change but first we need to get those people, publishers, alternative believers and other false teachers out-of-the-way so those who care about the church and its people can be heard. The church needs to grow up and be strong and right now it is immature, weak and scared and the latter is not found in biblical teaching anywhere.


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