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04 Feb

I know I haven’t discussed Dr. Dever’s lecture #3 but I am still debating if I should or not. While I do that I will move to other topics that need highlighting.

#1. This IS NOT Justice

BREAKING: Government spokesman says Jordan executed 2 prisoners after IS killing of pilot.

Executing prisoners in response to the execution of one’s own citizen is not just nor is it justice. The executed prisoners should be tried, convicted and then punished according to the crimes they have committed not for the crimes others have done. Here is a link to a list of Bible verses talking about justice so you can do your own study on the issue.

Why should we study up on the issue and adhere to God’s view of justice? If not only to guide our discipline in our own homes towards our disobedient children, then to be able to provide wise counsel to those in or outside of the church so that they know what is the right.  Revenge killing only continues the violence and hatred and does nothing to solve the problems facing a nation or family.

#2. Why Not have Anarchy?

Conservatives just love the Constitution — or at least they say they do. The thing is that they don’t seem to have any idea how it works. At least that’s a more charitable explanation than saying they don’t care how the Constitution works and merely use it as a fig leaf while they undermine the rights it guarantees. And I’m a charitable kind of guy, so I won’t say that.

Actually, the people who really do not understand the constitution are the same ones who really do not understand the concept of freedom. Freedom needs rules and some people are just not going to get their way as their ways demand a change in the moral code as well as the legal one. People just do not want limits nor do they want limits that are imposed by the cultural practices of a different country. They want their own rights that have been established by the country of their origin and that just doesn’t work when living in a new land.

It is not the new land and its people that have to change and adapt, it is the newcomer that has to make changes to the new way of life in their new country. If the rights and laws do not favor their desires then they have to do some deep thinking on how they should proceed. Either they make changes to their style of living or desires or they can return to their homeland where they would not have these problems.

But Kallam cannot act on those beliefs — especially not as an officer of the state — if doing so would deny others their constitutional rights.

Except that this type of thinking means we are allowing constitutional or civil rights to trump  the moral standard of right and wrong. We might as well have no standard of morality or right and wrong for someone will complain that their constitutional rights are being violated by some law or cultural standard.

But this is why so many people have trouble with God’s kingdom. He is NOT going to change his rules to meet the selfish desires of those who do not want to follow them. The newcomers to his kingdom are the ones who have to adapt and adopt the ways of their new home.

#3. She is NOT a leading Evangelical

God is a God of surprises,” said Jayne Ozanne, 46, as she took up her new job as director of Accepting Evangelicals, a network of Christians who believe the time has come to move toward the acceptance of loving same-sex partnerships and a positive Christian ethic for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual people.

She obviously doesn’t know God either.

Ozanne said that during her years on the Archbishops’ Council (1999-2004) — one of the highest posts in this country’s established church — she prayed for grace to be celibate and subjected herself to a form of conversion therapy where clergy tried to cast out a sexual orientation they deemed demonic.

“It was like trying to cast myself out of myself,” she said.

I am not a fan of this type of therapy because I do not understand it fully. For her she may have been too old to be released from her sexual preference because we know that God gives them over to their lusts and sin but at what age we are not told. For me, this type of work needs to be dealt with when the feelings first arise. Not when one has practiced or accepted this alternative lifestyle.

Then we need to tread carefully in this area because those who are doing this type of therapy may call themselves Christian but do not know God and do not have his power or authority to participate in this area of life. There is a verse which I cannot find that mentions how a demon does not know a certain person so they will not obey his commands and if we participate in these activities, we need to make sure we have God’s actually permission and power to send the demons on their way.

Christians need to be strong and rebuke such people as Ms. Ozanne and do not let them into the church because you would be letting sin and evil in where God does not want it. You are letting the fox into the hen-house.

#4. Misguided Thinking

Supporters of the bill said the current photo requirement conflicts with the Biblical prohibition against the making of “graven images.” The bill would allow those with religious objections to instead have a digital image using facial recognition technology kept on file at the BMV.

The idea that photos are a ‘graven image’ is stretching the meaning of the words God gave to Moses. In the old days when missionaries first went to primitive tribes with cameras, it was thought by the natives that the missionaries were capturing their soul because they had never seen a picture before and did not understand what photos were all about.

Here we have the Amish and other groups not understanding what God meant by graven image and I think the book When Critics Ask: A Handbook for Bible Difficulties explains it best. The say:

The prohibition against making graven images was distinctly set in the context of worshiping idols. There are, then, several reasons why making the cherubim does not conflict with this command not to bow down to graven images. First, there was no chance that the people of Israel would fall down before the cherubim in the most holy place, since they were forbidden to go in the holy place at any time. Even the high priest went only once a year on the Day of Atonement (Lev. 16).
Further, the prohibition is not against making any carved image for decorative purposes, but of those used in religious worship. In other words, they were not to worship any other God or any image of any god. These cherubim were not given to Israel as images of God; they were angels. Nor were they given to be worshiped. Hence, there is no way in which the command to make them violated the commandment in Exodus 20.

Geisler, N. L., & Howe, T. A. (1992). When critics ask : a popular handbook on Bible difficulties (p. 84). Wheaton, Ill.: Victor Books.

Photos for ID cards are not making a graven image nor are owning figurines etc. It is up to the more mature believer to instruct those who are misguided in their thinking and let them know the right way to do things and then let God guide them in their change of belief.

#5. Pat Robertson Says

“You know, when I was a kid, we all got measles, we got mumps” the 84-year-old said on Tuesday’s episode of “The 700 Club.” “They didn’t [vaccinate], you just got immune. But what you had to do was stay in a dark room; you couldn’t read for a week or two. That was the thing. I’m sure that there’s some serious consequences to measles, and perhaps vaccinations is the answer, but I don’t think any parent should be forced by the government to vaccinate. There’s so many different vaccinations.”

He went on to discuss the polio vaccine, which resulted in the eradication of the disease in the Americas by 1994. He claimed his friend’s mother contracted polio from the vaccine.

Though I understand his point of view and agree in part I would not feel it is my place to tell parents what they should or should not do in this issue. This is an issue that parents would have to seek God’s guidance as I do believe that the government is requiring far too many vaccines. They do so because they are afraid and that is never a good reason to demand more health care.

But sin makes people afraid and unrepentant sinners are deceived so they are afraid of dying thus they make weird regulations that affect far too many people and they refuse to take responsibilities for those actions. You cannot just take a doctor’s word for it because they will take one side or another for many different reasons and may not be telling the truth, especially if they are being paid by the government or some organization to speak on a given issue.

Discernment is not just for church and other believers. It is needed in all areas of life to help find the truth so that your family stays healthy. We do not follow the words of a secular doctor simply because he is a doctor, God’s rules still apply in that situation. Like Mr. Robertson, I grew up in a time where few vaccines were available. Parents wanted their kids to contract childhood diseases for the very purpose of becoming immune to them and to help ensure that they will have a longer life.

Immunity is a good thing not an evil but we need to be careful which diseases we want that immunity because not everyone survives childhood diseases. Even the most careful and vaccinated. There is no guarantee when it comes to life and death.

#6. I Am Beginning To Hate The Word ‘Discriminate.’– leade_b_6576084.html?utm_hp_ref=religion

What I’m longing for is, as are so many other people of faith, a little more religion and a little less law. I don’t mean religion in the sense of demanding the right to discriminate against someone, but actually examining why as a Believer one would choose to discriminate in the first place.

It is being used to grant permission to people to sin and practice evil behavior.  it is also a very broad term which can be applied to murder and other crimes.  It is also being badly applied to this issue as the homosexual community is not opening the door for bigamy, bestiality or any other alternative to the real definition of marriage of one man and one woman.

The homosexual community proudly discriminates those alternatives that they do not like. Their use of the word is hypocritical and serves only to meet their selfish and spoiled demands. Believers are not discriminating against anyone when they oppose same-sex marriage or the change in the definition of the institution of marriage. They are telling people that they are pursuing sin if they continue down that path.

Warning someone and opposing their desire to do evil is not discrimination but actually helping them. It is not the believer’s fault that the homosexual community will not listen. If the homosexual community wants access to the institution of marriage then they need to stop discriminating against those who do not practice their sexual preference and want to marry multiple mates or animals, etc.

We need to close the door on this issue by keeping the definition of marriage as God ordained it–one man and one woman– along with strong teaching against adulterous encounters. Heterosexuals need to practice what they preach and stop seeking the easy way out of their legitimate unions. In other words, divorce needs to stop, especially by Christians.

#7. Here Is An Example…–

That’s what happened to James Robertson, a 56-year-old man from Detroit who walks 21 miles to and from work each day. The Detroit Free Press first covered the tale of Robertson’s grueling commute, explaining that he leaves his home at 8 a.m. and does not return until around 4 a.m. Because Robertson can’t afford to own and maintain a car in the Motor City on his $10.55-per-hour salary, he must rely on public transportation, rides from good samaritans and his own two feet to get him where he needs to go Monday through Friday.

Evan Leedy, a student at Detroit’s Wayne State University, set up a GoFundMe account to help raise money to buy Robertson a car. It began with a simple goal of $5,000 and skyrocketed to over $200,000 from thousands of people after Robertson’s story was picked up my media outlets around the world.

Let’s not let meeting the physical needs of people be left to those who do not believe in God. This is the type of action believers need to do in order to plant seeds or water those already planted. These type of good works will bring attention to God and help destroy roadblocks to Jesus. Unbelievers need to see that God cares about them and they won’t, if we keep passing up on opportunities like this.

We may not buy them a car or give them one for free but we can offer rides and do other things to help out.  Instead of placing a track in someone’s mailbox, or public place, help someone out. You do not always have to give a gospel message to evangelize, sometimes you just need to be a friend.

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