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03 Feb

In recent weeks I have been reading so many different stories that I have begun to wonder if the church or its leaders realize who is actually in charge.  The comments made about biblical rules have left the impression that the church and its people think that God is some senile grandfather figure who needs help with his commands.

Here are two passages which are designed to inform us of who’s on top and where we get our marching orders:

For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church, He Himself being the Savior of the body. (Eph. 5:23 NASB)


He is also head of the body, the church; and He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, so that He Himself will come to have first place in everything. (Col. 1:18 NASB)

Yet in spite of these directives there are many public figures who feel that they are in charge and they get to correct God. here are some examples:


Stan Mitchell, pastor of Gracepointe Church, a diverse congregation in Franklin, Tennessee, announced this month that the leadership of his church have decided to fully support the inclusion of gays in their church, including the right to marry same-sex partners.

In an emotional sermon on Jan. 11 first highlighted by Time magazine, Mitchell explained that the decision was the result of a two- and-a-half year evolution on sexual orientation and gender identity. The announcement in the video below, begins at 44:40.

“Some two- and-a-half years ago, we were thrust, I believe, by a divine wind into a prayerful, mindful, painful, invigorating, careful, and hopeful conversation regarding sexual orientation and gender identity,” explained Mitchell in the run-up to the announcement to his congregation.

Then we must wonder if they were listening to God’s answer for their conclusion certainly disagrees with God’s word and his personal feelings on the subject. Then we must ask who told this or any church that they have the right to make this decision?  God’s word hasn’t changed and God hasn’t changed so why would this pastor and others like him think that the answer they received was from God let alone approved by him?


While Noah’s Ark may not ever be found in our day, the Ark Encounter, which is being built in Williamstown, Kentucky, will show the feasibility of the biblical account and point people to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ,” the group wrote.

I do not recall reading in the Bible ‘build it and they will come.’  I do remember reading, ‘lift Me higher and I will draw all men unto me.’ Meaning of course that we are to put the focus on Christ and implement his ways not our own to win people to Christ. I also do not recall any verse encouraging us to spend millions of dollar son a simple structure that will rot and be left behind.

Given the fact that Jesus told us that the poor will always be with us. These projects help us see why Jesus said those words, Money is mis-spent for projects that we do not really need while the poor go without. I do not know how many unemployed people are getting employment through this project but it doesn’t sound like very many which would be a double whammy against AIG.

It is bad enough that misguided people are conducting personal searches of Mt. Ararat looking for the real ark, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on worthless expeditions, do we really need these construction projects that cause more problems than souls it will save.  We really do not need these type of projects to do our jobs for us. We need to follow God’s word and get involved with those in need, sow seeds, water them before we harvest.

This project puts the cart before the horse and may more stumbling blocks than knock them down.


Influential megachurch Pastor Rick Warren and 49 other Catholic and Evangelical scholars and intellectuals have signed their names to an eight-page declaration that opposes society’s growing acceptance of same-sex marriages and labels homosexual unions as a “graver threat” to marriage than widespread divorce and cohabitation because it is a parody of marriage.

Over-ruling God as to what is the greatest threat to marriage.  The greatest threat are those people who do not follow God’s rules about marriage and inter-personal relationships. The Christian divorce rate was quite large  long before the homosexual community started its selfish push towards ‘marriage equality’.  Ignoring God’s word in one’s personal life opens the door to evil getting in and working its destructive magic, not watching same-sex couples tie the knot.

It is more prudent for the church to remove the beams from their own eyes than it is to demonize those who are already sinners. This sounds more like an attempt to incite the loyal church members and manipulate them into taking the wrong actions in defense of marriage. Yet, Jesus never said for us to defend marriage. We are to be the light unto the world thus we are to let everyone know what the true definition of marriage truly is then let others make their own decisions. We are not responsible for the decisions of those who reject the truth.

We are not to be the bullies of the world.


A Church of England priest briefly disrupted the consecration ceremony for the first ever female bishop in the church after he shouted “not in the Bible.” The ceremony went on as planned, however, and the Rev. Libby Lane was ordained as the Bishop of Stockport in front of over 1,000 people.

“It is a remarkable thing that this happens to me, and people have been very supportive of me personally, but actually this is about a moment in the Church’s history,” Lane said, reflecting on the occasion.

There is a growing movement to change the rules of God because secular society and culture demand it.Yet God has not authorized that change. No one anywhere can find any manuscript, ancient or modern, that says God rules about who can be a pastor or leader in the church have been changed or that the originals were wrong.

For whatever reason, people get it into their heads that if secular culture changes then the Bible, and by extension God, is wrong.  Instead of standing by God and his instructions these people are quick to ditch them in favor of a better approval rating from those who have no intention of darkening the door of the church. How can we expect people to come into the church and accept Christ when his supposed followers are out there following the secular world and trying to change the rules?

It is a slap in the face to real believers when those false churches abide by God’s rules and they do not:

A Roman Catholic archbishop said that the Catholic Church will be keeping its ban on allowing women to serve as priests in the wake of the Church of England’s consecration of its first ever female bishop.

If God is in charge of the church why is it that so many of his followers try to place themselves above him and alter his instructions?


The Pro-Life Acton League has sent over 500 plastic handcuffs inside “care packages” that are being delivered to abortion clinics throughout the U.S. this week and include a picture postcard showing the recent arrest of an Oklahoma abortionist with a handwritten message asking: “Could you be next?”

Again we find believers doing something that is outside biblical instructions and most likely done without guidance from God. In looking at all of these examples, plus many more, we need to ask ‘who really is in charge of the church?’  If it is God then why are so many people ignoring what he has said?  We must also ask, where do these people get the idea that they can make such unilateral changes to God’s instructions and commands? Who died and left these people in charge?

But this phenomenon is not restricted to a national scale but the local ones go unnoticed except by those whose lives are affected by the actions of local churches and church leaders. God did complain about this problem in the church when he said,

‘Why do ye call me Lord when you do not do the things I said?’ if we are going to call Jesus Lord, then why are we not reigning ourselves in and submitting to his instructions and will?  Too many church leaders will use prayer, good feelings and other indicators as signs that their will has been approved by God, when in reality, they have been misled by other forces and influences.

Sometimes church leaders get too big for their britches and feel they can appoint themselves as the speaker for God and the church, then feel they can cast spread their opinions throughout the media on any topic whether they are qualified in those areas or not.

Creation Museum CEO and President Kem Ham has spoken out against a few of the features at Super Bowl XLIX, including the half time performance by pop singer Katy Perry. Ham called one of Perry song’s “meaningless garbage,” and in a separate statement criticized a Carnival Cruise ad for supporting evolution.

Too many of these people think they are the moral conscience of the world and stick their noses in where they do not belong as they take over for the HS and then look foolish in doing so. They do more to hurt the cause of Christ than they help it. If the church is going to make an impact for God then it has to reel these people back in and get everyone back to obeying God’s word. Those who do not want to comply then must drop the use of the word ‘Christian’ and the idea that they are following God even though they do not follow his rules or commands.

We follow humbly not push God to the side and say we are in charge.

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