Cosmos- 5 Odds & Ends

29 Jan

#1. Light Postscript

There is a variety of subjects that I found in the next chapter but first I would like to add a postscript to yesterday’s post on ‘light’ if I may.  So many atheists and unbelievers always point out that light was created before the sun. Their belief is that light is not a separate entity from the sun or similar stars found throughout the universe. They feel that light comes from the sun alone but as we see in Genesis, light is a separate entity from the sun was created to be one source of light.

The following does not apply to God for he can conceive of anything whether it exists or not, an ability we humans do not  possess. We need an example to put thoughts into our heads, for example flying. No one would have consider the idea of man being able to fly if they had not seen the birds do it. If there were no birds, man would not build an airplane because there would be no concept of flight and no example to build from.

The same with light. If there was no light, we would not build, let’s say, a flashlight and let it sit there waiting to find some concept to marry it to.  We needed the example of the sun to build upon to meet our daily light needs’. In other words, we needed to know the concept of light and the concept of a source to refine the ideas to fit those daily needs.

We would not be able to build headlights for vehicles if we did not have the concept that light needed a source mechanism. God could easily have created the sun on the first day but he didn’t and his reasons why seem to be hidden at this time. Maybe he wanted to give us the instruction that light is not dependent upon solar stars and can be captured and used in other sources.

Then we can ask, why are there so many stars similar to the sun throughout the universe? The answer is simple. God is using those stars to not only to give us peace of mind. By this I mean, wouldn’t the fears and other emotions of people go to the extreme if all they saw in the night sky was complete blackness? Then, those fiery stars light up the universe so we can see the glory of God.  How would we see the validity of the biblical verse speaking on this topic if we could not see what God did at creation?

God wasn’t wasting his time nor being redundant in his work when he placed a multitude of suns in other galaxies. He wanted the faith of people to be shored up by his work so he let us see it far more easily than if he left the universe dark.

#2. Creation of Atoms

Where do these atoms come from? Except for hydrogen, they are all made in stars. (pg. 228)

Unverifiable and ridiculous but what can you expect from those who will accept any absurd idea as long as it does not contain God.  Do I think molecules are made in the stars? Of course not because it wouldn’t make any sense for them to be made in stellar bodies who have no production capacity even to make their own molecules. To say that they were present in the aftermath of the Big Bang implies that the elements were in existence prior to the formation of stars thus they were not made in stars but somewhere else.

Stars did not come out whole after the supposed Big Bang so where did they get these molecules to pass around the universe in a random offering? They had to gather them from somewhere thus ruining the star manufacturing theory.

#3. Made of Atoms

I am made of atoms…The table is made of atoms…(pg.231)

I heard this argument long before Sagan became famous. It is not new and it is a farce for what it does is tell everyone that we really do not exist and we are not responsible for our decisions and behavior. This thinking probably laid the foundation for today’s refusal to take responsibility for one’s decision that permeates much of society and has been developed over the decades.

To say that we are only made of atoms denies God’s creative work and places our origins outside the truth and biblical descriptions. When you read this page in the book, you get the feeling of how absurd and the question rises, how can intelligent people even consider accepting this way of thinking? Basically this idea removes us from the realm of humanity and makes us  an inanimate object that is either programmable or easy to manipulate because we have no independent thought, no will or desires and so on.

I really do not want to get into a discussion on electrons, neutrons, quarks, and so on or if they actually exist because that isn’t the point of this section. The point is secular man is trying to find ways to be not responsible for their sins and hope to be granted another way to heaven going around Jesus and not following him.

#4. The Sun-

Stars and their accompanying planets are born in the gravitational collapse of a cloud of interstellar gas and dust. The collision of the gas molecules in the interior of the cloud heats it, eventually to the point where hydrogen begins to fuse into helium…Suffering alternate absorption and emissions by the overlapping matter, gradually working its way toward the surface of the star, losing energy at every step, the photon’s epic journey takes a million years until, as visible light, it reaches the surface and is radiated to space. (pg. 237)

Again, an absurd theory based upon unverifiable subjective opinion but still proves that secularists are deceived and will accept any idea as long as God is out of the picture. The evolutionist does not understand what they are looking at and feel compelled to use any explanation, no matter how ridiculous, just so they have an explanation to work from that doesn’t contain the truth.

Even though calculations may help astronomers figure out the length of time it would take for such photons to reach the surface, there is no way to know if their theory is the correct method God put into the sun and other stars. Their calculations are based upon their idea of how things work, not on how they actually do work. This is about as far as I can take this because it gets into a field called neutrino astronomy, a field I am unfamiliar with but here are a couple of links to introduce you to them:

I, for one, think the scientists are making this all up and am very skeptical because it is very difficult to know when they are actually telling the truth and when they are creating something out of an over-active imagination. One of the things I have learned over the years with my involvement with scientists is that they need smaller and smaller particles to search for and follow or they will not be able to ‘do science’.   By that I mean, that scientists are not content with coming to the end of the line in their work and invent sub- microscopic entities to pursue and continue their ‘research.’

I cannot believe half of the things scientist claim exists or works in the manner they propose. I think they are making most of it up.

#5. Origin of Life

The origin and evolution of life are connected in the most intimate way with the origin and evolution of the stars. First: The very matter of which we are composed, the atoms that make life possible, were generated long ago and far away in giant red stars. (pg. 244)

First, the presence of similar matter does not infer that one form begat another. It tells us that God used the same material for Earth as he did for all other planets and stars. Then since we are made of the dust of the Earth, it stands to reason that we would possess the same molecules in our body as all planets have in their make-up.

It is a big stretch to assume some connection other than God made all things from the same materials.

Second: The existence of certain varieties of heavy atoms on Earth suggests that there was a nearby supernova explosion shortly before the solar system formed. (pg. 244)

No it doesn’t. It suggest that the Earth possesses heavy atoms, nothing else. If one wants there to be a supernova then one is reading into the presence of the atoms and not exegeting the truth from their presence. Heavy atoms alone do not provide evidence for a supernova for there could be a number of reasons for their presence on Earth that have nothing to do with an exploding star.  Also, there is nothing that connects heavy atoms to supernovas and even if there was that does not mean one took place prior to the formation of the solar system.

It just means that God placed the same material everywhere. I will leave the two further points for you to read and think on

#6. By Accident??

A star destroys itself thousands of light years away and produces cosmic rays that spiral through the Milky Way Galaxy for millions of years until, quite by accident, some of them strike the Earth and our hereditary material. (pg. 245)

That is so absurd that it is not worth making a comment upon. We are the product of an interstellar suicide?? It just boggles the mind at how ridiculous evolutionists go to avoid the truth.

#7. No Supernovas

Unhappily, no supernova explosions have been observed in our galaxy since the invention of the telescope, and astronomers have been chafing at the bit for some centuries. (pg. 247)

I even doubt that early astronomers observed one. Sagan talks about an early Chinese sighting in 1054 but how do we know that they just did not see a star move into that position and then move on, after all aren’t stars and galaxies moving? But then do we really want one happening in this galaxy?  Like I said, I am skeptical of almost everything secular scientists and astronomers say simply because they are deceived and they do not abide by God’s moral standard. They are free to make things up as they go since they do not believe God exists and his moral standard is not so moral.

We do need to remember that scientists and astronomers are not immune from being deceived. 2 Tim. 3 informs us of this

But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. (v. 13 NASB)

This verse needs to be kept in mind when believers hear what secular scientists say in order to not be deceived themselves. We know that secular experts advocate alternatives to the truth thus their ideas need to be filtered with a lot of suspicion and double-checking. It is not wrong to be skeptical of secular humans words and conclusions. They are not God’s messengers to the Christian or the church.

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