What A Waste

25 Jan

I finally got around to finishing the book How it Began by Chris Impey and the last chapter really demonstrates the blindness of the secular scientist as well as the wasting of their talent, intelligence and abilities.  Secular scientists are supposed to be some of the brightest people out there, at least according to our academic institutions but when it comes to origins, life, the universe and so on they really perform at a sub-standard level.

#1. The tools to empower us to transcend the sheltering sky are very recent. We’ve had the scientific method for 5 percent of this timespan, telescopes for 1 percent and a real sense of the size and age of the universe for just0.1 percent. (pg338)

Empower?? That is a strange word to use. The ancients did not have to battle pollution when they observed the night sky thus the tools were not as needed as they are now but there was no overseeing body that oppressed astronomers and other night gazers. He is also wrong about the scientific method as that has been employed since man first started pursuing scientific ventures thousands of years ago. It is only arrogance by the modern scientist to think that the ancients had no access to modern scientific methods especially when they invented the field.

As for the telescope, I pose that the Middle Ages was not the first era of man to see such instruments since glass making has been practiced by ancient Egyptians, Romans and others.

Glass manufacture had its origins in the Palestinian area, and was further developed in Egypt. Glass vessels started to be made during the reign of Tuthmosis I in the New Kingdom. The technique of core forming was developed in both Egypt and Mesopotamia in about 1500BC. This new method by which glass vessels were produced in variety of shapes was important breakthrough in glass making and remained in use for over a thousand years.

Given the ingenuity of mankind, it is not a stretch of the imagination to conclude that the ancients probably experimented with different types of glass to aid different occupations. Curiosity, requests from astronomers would lead to experimentation and possible successful inventions that helped the astronomer view the universe.

#2. Modern cosmology posits the universe as a quantum fluctuation, a random event. (pg. 339)

No modern cosmology does not do that. The unbelief of the astronomers handles that conclusion. How the astronomer views the evidence in light of his or her unbeliefs determines how they view the universe, it has nothing to do with cosmology. Cosmology merely points people to the stars which points people to the glory of God.

We believers know that creation was not a random event, but an act of thoughtful and desiring consideration. There is purpose and reason for the existence of the universe and its contents. For that author to say it is a ‘random event’ means that he refuses to accept the biblical truth about origins and cannot find anything to replace God. They are the ones refusing to believe the truth thus their problem is of their own making for there is nothing out there to replace God with.

#3. How ambitious should scientists be in their hunger for explanation? (pg 340)

We have an explanation but the secular scientist and many alternative believers reject that explanation for they think it stops them from ‘doing science.’ That explanation is found in Genesis one and the only reasons secular scientists are looking for an explanation is because they reject the one they already were given.  They waste valuable time, resources and money in support of their pursuit of alternative ideas to fill that void they created when they rejected God’s revelation. And it is a waste because they are pursuing something that does not exist.

#4. Even if we find a set of equations that describes everything in the universe, we’re still left with  unanswered questions about origins and meaning. (pg. 340)

First, we do not need equations to describe anything. We have our eyes to see what God created. But then unbelievers do not want to give glory to God or credit to him. They are deceived and misled. Equations really do not do anything for anyone especially when they are unverifiable, untestable, and unobservable. What good are equations that remain a mystery because we do not have the capabilities or abilities to prove them true?

Equations may fit the secular scientists’ alternative origin theories but those equations do nothing to help anyone see the truth for those alternative ideas never took place. The universe exists because of a one-time supernatural act thus all the equations offered by the most intelligent of scientists mean nothing except to waste our time and lead people astray.

As for origin and meaning we have that already, again found in Genesis 1. We do not need equations to provide meaning or our origin because we already have those with the words ‘In the Beginning God…’ Those few words tell us that we are wanted, we are special, that we have a purpose in life plus it answers our question ‘Where did we come from?’ The answer, God. That fact should be driving us to seeking him out, for he is our parent.

But again, since the secular scientist rejects those words they have created a void which they cannot fill no matter how hard they search or how many secular scientists are working on the problem. Once they reject the truth, they are left with nothing and something doe snot come from nothing. If it did, we wouldn’t need scientists.

#5. Most scientists have dialed back the grandiosity; they accept that no single theory can be used to understand and predict the behavior of every physical behavior. (pg. 341)

We have a single explanation, not a theory, to understand everything– In the beginning God created… We understand how all the different bodies in the universe came to be, how the came to their orbits, membership in galaxies and so on. it wasn’t a random catastrophic act aided by gravity which just smashed things together and viola an orderly universe came to be.

Everything was placed in their position by a very thoughtful God who made the universe so large that the galaxies could roam without hurting the Milky Way, our system, thus we were protected because of the great expanse of the universe. That act shows a loving, caring God who had forethought and the ability to make it all happen.

We do not need to predict anything. That is a false idea made up by secular scientists to show everyone that they are doing something for the money they make and spend. The many failed predictions tells us that secular science doesn’t have the techniques nor the ability to discern the answers. It has to enlist the aid of pseudo-science to confuse and baffle people.

#6. Instead, all roads point back to the big bang…(pg. 341)

That is what the secular scientist wants their field of research to do but in reality they are simply deceiving themselves. All roads point back to God and his creative act. it isn’t God’s fault that secular scientists veer right when they come near this realization and continue down the road of deception giving credit to a non-existent event.

The secular scientist just doesn’t want God. Why? That is anyone’s guess but most likely it is because they are afraid to face the fact that they have wasted their lives, intelligence, money and so on by pursuing the wrong ideas. They would rather go to hell than humble themselves and admit they were wrong before it is too late. That is the great waste in all of this. Secular scientists would rather throw away life with God in heaven instead of correcting a simple error on their part.

These people need a lot of prayer so that they will make that decision and not waste their souls for something that never existed.

That is not only a waste but a tragedy.


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