Much To Talk About- 92

22 Jan

#1. Jim West’s Latest Tirade

Can’t quote it here for it is an image but West blows a cork once again because someone discovered something he didn’t like and somewhere he didn’t want it to be. West has a problem in that he thinks that biblical scholarship and discoveries can only come via his approved ways and with his blessing. Anything else is fake well, if we listened to that type of thinking we would not have the Dead Sea Scrolls or have the manuscript record.

Scholarship comes in all forms and though I am not a fan of scholarship, there is a true form which i think Craig Evans practices and West does not.  The same with discoveries that reflect on biblical times. We cannot control how they are uncovered nor can we control the lack of provenance that comes with some of the discoveries. They just happen, that is why they are called ‘discoveries’. You are getting something you did not expect

But West is a minimalist who doesn’t believe have the Bible and he wants to be the censor of all things.  He wants to be the official designator of what is right, wrong, true or false and he hates it when he can’t be.  If West were in charge, no one would have a Bible that they could read because he thinks the Bible is for scholars only. No one would know about any discovery about David or Solomon or biblical Israel because he doesn’t believe they existed as the Bible says.

It is sad that the internet has given such people a voice because they ruin archaeology, scholarship and freedom.

#2. Justice??

Justice is a pretty hip word now in much of Christianity, whether it’s evangelicalism or progressivism– and that’s a really good thing. It’s been beautiful these past few years to watch a justice movement explode, see the success of things like the Justice Conference (which you should really attend if you get the chance), and overall see the role of justice seeking become something that people take seriously

Another typical rant over at Formerly Fundie and you will notice that throughout that article that author does not produce one bible verse or solid theological thinker’s advice to support his view of what justice is or should be.  So we know he is not talking about real justice even though he sprinkles God’s name throughout the piece. What we do know is that he is advocating his view of what justice should be only. Everyone has to do things his way or it isn’t justice.

I see the same thing over here when the occasional western English Teacher gets published in one of the local papers. They complain about how Koreans are behaving towards them and demand that all Koreans forget their parent’s instructions, their cultural habits, their rights and freedoms granted by their country and do everything according to the subjective view of that particular Western English teacher. What is ironic is that those English teachers either have no experience or qualifications in the topic they are ranting about or they do not have their own kids and have put their  ideas into practice to see if they work or not. They just do not like something because it isn’t done their way.

The same for justice and that author. The only justice people need to be concerned about meeting is God’s and he has laid out his ideas on how justice should be done but sadly most people do not want God’s idea for justice for it means that their sins will have to go and they will be punished for their error prone lives. You see, everyone wants justice BUT they want it done to the other guy not to them or their lifestyles.

You will notice in that article that that author does not think he is wrong in his beliefs or actions and wants to be left alone to practice his sinful ideas. Justice to him is to let him practice his false teaching within the true church while those who disagree with him get punished for their intolerance. His ideas of justice are warped to say the best about them. His example of the terrorist and the wedding party is not an example of justice or even an attempt to get justice. It is revenge gone bad.

That author doesn’t even know where justice comes from or where its jurisdiction lies so he is vastly unqualified to speak on the issue. Justice comes from legal proceedings, whether they be in a government courtroom, carried out under the auspices of the parents, by school authorities and so on. He doesn’t have a clue as to who wields the authority over justice and how it is administered.

Nor does he know that forgiveness before judging is very important to reaching ideal justice.  it would be nice if those who did not know what they were talking about politely refrained from giving their two cents for they are not helping matters but making things worse by clouding up the issue with their own lack of knowledge. Justice doe snot let people continue to practice their sins.

#3. LBGT Conference

And we weren’t the only ones. Among the 1,500 GCN attendees, there were plenty of other families trying to figure out how to navigate these waters.

I could say this was a prime example of the blind leading the blind but you probably already can see that.  It is the words, ‘figure out how to navigate these waters’ that bother me most because God has already done the figuring out for us and left us with lots of instructions in how to handle these problems. The Bible tells us that God ‘inhabits the praise of his people’ (done from memory) and the key for the homosexual community is to determine if they are God’s people or not.

If they are not then they need to drop the word Christian from their labels and stop saying that God is with them.  if they do see that they are God’s people then they need to drop the words homosexual, gay, and so on before the word Christian for they are no longer a homosexual, gay, lesbian, or transgender if they have been redeemed by Christ. They also must drop championing homosexual causes for they do not belong to that community anymore.

They would need to be working with the members of the LGBT community and showing them how to receive the same redemption they former members experienced.

All the families looked different, as families do. There were the gay couples, walking through the lobby, hand in hand, in love and unashamed. There were the parents pinning on buttons of “Free Mom Hugs!” and “Free Dad Hugs!” to offer rejected children. There were the transgender teens, parents standing proudly at their side. On the open mic night, a night set aside for attendees to share their life stories, a young girl stood before the conference and gave a thank-you speech to her mom. She smiled through the tears streaming down and thanked her for being the most loving and supportive person in her life, from the beginning of her journey to this very moment.

All this tells me is that there are a bunch of misguided people who are misapplying the words ‘love’, ‘pride’, ‘support’. It also tells me that a lot of people do not want to give up their sin for Jesus. Christians are to treat homosexuals according to the way God wants but that treatment does not include support for their sin or calling it good. parents should not be tossing their kids out of the house cutting them off from usual parental aid but they also should not be changing their biblical views because their child probably will go to hell.

It is obvious that the homosexuals only want love and support as a one way street–their way and they could care less about their families and their eternal destinations as they do not work to keep the faiths of their family in line with God’s word. This is one way we know that there is nothing good in homosexuality. They only care that they get to practice their sin and do not have the spiritual or physical welfare of others in mind.

Justin Lee, the usually poised founder of GCN, made a point to speak directly about parents of LGBTQ kids. After a few minutes, he fell completely apart as he mentioned the transgender teenager Leelah Alcorn, who took her own life and blamed her parents lack of acceptance in her suicide letter.

“She should be here,” he wept. “Her parents should’ve been here.”

I am also bothered that the homosexual community refuses to take responsibility for their own decisions and do not tell the truth about these type of incidents. No one forced that person to kill themselves, no one told him to do it and no one points out that the rejection was two-way. That person did not accept his parents views but wanted to force them to accept his. It is very unfair and unjust to blame the parents for your own decisions and then think that rejection only happens one way. That person had a whole community to go to for help and support, suicide was not an option yet he chose that as a way to hurt his parents. He only ended up hurting himself.

The homosexual community needs to grow up and stop putting false accusations on others for their own deeds and choices.

#4. Do Unto Others

It’s got to stop. Churches can’t be in the “shame and shun” business

I am also tired of these articles that over-generalize and blame innocent Christians of things they have not done.  A little understanding on the part of those who deal with those people who feel shamed and shunned would go a long way in healing the fractures in the church. Casting bad accusations at the church only shows the lack of understanding of those who feel the church is wrong. They fail to take into account the spiritual maturity level of the believers in the church, the misguided thinking that takes place because of the spiritual malnourishment in the church, they fail to understand that the church is filled not only with wheat but tares and on it goes.

It is just easier to label and blame the whole church than see the reality and what can be done about it.

One is a man who doubts a lot about the Bible and wonders if God is real or not. Another is a person who told me she’s afraid of going to Hell because her beliefs about God have changed–even though she’s still captivated by Jesus. The third is a young woman who is exclusively attracted to other women.

These are all solvable problems if one directs the afflicted to the right church but if you support their changes then you are only encouraging them to sin against God and make matters worse. The person writing that article needs to get back to God himself as he doesn’t seem to understand sin and what God wants done about it. Sure some people go overboard in their attempts to look spiritual by unjustly casting out supposed sin, sacrificing a salvageable person to achieve that look but God’s rules need to be respected and implemented correctly.

I don’t care what you believe about marriage equality or LGBT issues. For the love of God, stop shunning and shaming gay people who want to follow Jesus. You are absolutely no more holy than they are.

That author doesn’t understand what it means to follow Jesus and it seems that he disagrees with God on what is or isn’t sin. If the homosexual person wants to follow Jesus then they need to give up their sin of homosexuality. It is not rocket science but too many people do not want to give up their sin and call for inclusion when the only thing that is excluded from the church is sin. Any person can follow Christ and be a part of the church, they just have to follow God’s rules on how to do that.

The blame doesn’t lie with the church, unless they have acted inappropriately in God’s judgment, not subjective human thinking, but lies with those who refuse to follow God’s rules. I see this attitude here in this country as well, as Western teacher after Western teacher , over the years, have complained about every part of Korean society and say how bad or broken it is. But the blame doesn’t lie with the Koreans and Korean society, it lies with those Western teachers who refused to adapt to a different culture and followed its rules.

People need to take a hard look at themselves first before pointing a finger at someone else. They need to ask themselves hard questions like, ‘Am I doing something wrong?’ Or ‘ Am I really practicing sin?’ Being honest with oneself first, certainly makes the friction in the church go down as people take stock of their own lives and stop acting judge, jury and executioner over everyone else.

There is a reason why many people feel shame about their lives, it is because they are doing something wrong and refuse to change. there is a biblical reason why they would be shunned–they continue to practice sin and refuse to give it up. The church is not to include sin in the congregation but those who feel shamed and shunned refuse to understand this fact.


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