Cosmos- 2 Evidence

20 Jan

I want to quote 3 passages form the late Carl Sagan’s work then comment upon them.

#1. The Earth condensed out of interstellar gas and dust some 4.6 billion years ago. We know from the fossil record that the origin of life happened soon after, perhaps around 4.0 billion years ago, in the ponds and oceans of the primitive Earth. The first living things were not anything so complex as a one-celled organism, already a highly sophisticated form of life.. The first stirrings were much more humble. In those early days, lightening and ultraviolet  light from the Sun were breaking apart the simple hydrogen-rich molecules of the primitive atmosphere, the fragments spontaneously recombining into more and more complex molecules. The products of this early chemistry were dissolved in the oceans, forming a kind of organic soup of gradually increasing complexity, until one day, quite by accident, a molecule arose that was able to make crude copies of itself, using as building blocks other molecules in the soup. (pg. 27)

#2. Four billion years ago, the Earth was a molecular garden of Eden/ There were as yet no predators. Some molecules reproduced themselves inefficiently, competed for building blocks and left crude copies of themselves. With reproduction, mutation and the selective elimination of the least efficient varieties, evolution was well under way, even at the molecular level. As time went on, they got better at reproducing. Molecules with specialized functions eventually joined together, making a kind of molecular collective- the first cell. (pg. 28)

#3. By one billion years ago, plants, working cooperatively, had made a stunning change in the environment of the Earth. Green plants generate molecular oxygen. Since the oceans were by now filled with simple green plants, oxygen was becoming a major constituent of the Earth’s atmosphere, altering it irreversibly from its original hydrogen-rich character and ending the epoch of Earth history when the stuff of life was made by nonbiological processes. (pg. 29)

it is very simple to refute these ideas. There is no scientific evidence for any of this. These words may have been written 30 years ago approx. but even at that time there was not one shred of scientific evidence supporting those ideas. In fact, any evolutionary description of the beginning of life is absent real evidence. None exist. Even when evolutionist cry, ‘we have hundreds of thousands of scientific experiments that point to the validity of evolution’, they have no real evidence supporting their points of view.

Not one of those ‘hundreds of thousands of scientific experiments’ replicates one of those claims made by the late Carl Sagan or any other evolutionist, nor do they address those issues. Though, quote number one could describe God’s creative act and give support for it if you leave out the billions of years and stop before you read the word ‘ponds.’ Life did start just after God created the universe and the Earth but it wasn’t billions of years ago but we already knew that because God told us in Genesis 1.

The rest of that quote is impossible and since God created the atmosphere, the plants did not change anything but derived their survival from what God created. The evolutionist will never come across the physical evidence they need to prove their alternative belief unless they fabricate it because life and the universe never entered existence via their ideas. They came into existence supernaturally, fully formed and designed after God’s prior thinking of what he wanted.

There is no physical evidence for that fact but we see the evidence in the result of creation.

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