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This post will be a bit different as it will start with a text and not a link to a website.

Now He was also saying to the disciples, “There was a rich man who had a manager, and this manager was [a]reported to him as squandering his possessions. And he called him and said to him, ‘What is this I hear about you? Give an accounting of your management, for you can no longer be manager.’ The manager said to himself, ‘What shall I do, since my [b]master is taking the management away from me? I am not strong enough to dig; I am ashamed to beg. (Lk. 16 NASB)

Now this passage is usually used by pastors to talk to their congregations about money and how to spend theirs. This post i snot about money though I will mention one thing. God’s law of tithing is not over nor was it just for the Jewish people of the OT.  Jesus did not overturn this law nor did any of the disciples so we should be dedicating 10% of our income to God and give it to the church.

As Jesus said, we give to God what is God’s and he is being quite generous with the percentage he requires.

This post is more about being good stewards of God’s word and as you know, I have documented many instances where different groups of people, and individuals who have decided to adopt and follow alternatives have used God’s word to support their false ideologies. They seek to alter what the biblical writers have written, claiming that God did not say what we have recorded in the Bible and that the translators put their own spin on the words they were changing from Greek or Hebrew to English.

Then as you know, I have pointed out that those people cannot produce one ancient to modern manuscript from the record we have that even remotely agrees with those weak attempts to disobey God and change the rules of the church. They are fighting an uphill and impossible to win battle.

The warning that is coming here is to encourage true believers to learn the truth correctly from the HS and learn how to apply it to their lives and present it to others correctly as well. We are God’s stewards here on earth. For many reasons, God has chosen to work through us to get his message out to everyone else. This fact means that we have to learn how to handle God’s word correctly, understanding what it says and teaches then passing that knowledge onto others so that they will know the truth and can abide in it.

As you can see, there are many people out there, Junia Project, Matthew Vines, Bart Ehrman and so on, who will say all sorts of things against the Bible and its writers. From calling the works forgeries and fakes to saying that the translators were influenced by their earlier cultures and changed God’s word to fit their personal views. Those false accusations do not come from real evidence but from the desire to practice something God said not to do.

The people who make those accusations are actually describing their own behavior not the actions of the biblical writers or the translators. These people forget that God promised to preserve his word and we know that their alternative renderings are not correct because we do not have one manuscript supporting their point of view. Their opposition comes from their own heads, their own work based upon nothing but their own sinful desires.

They also forget that we have no historical record describing any conflict in the early church, similar to the one they are creating in this modern age. we have records of people trying to change scriptures to fit their point of view, Marcion is one such example, but they have all been shown to be in error and put from the church.  The early councils did much to establish the correct format for the church to follow till Christ returns, though that format has been usurped by the RCC and other false denominations, cults and philosophies.

In today’s world, as in times past, there will always be people who disagree with God and want to change the church to fit their ideas instead of being humble and following God’s way. Such people refuse to acknowledge or believe that they are being deceived, tempted and led by evil. I have seen it far too often. They will use every trick in the book to get their sinful way sanctioned and brought into the church. This is exampled by people like Rachel Held Evans, Michael Vines, Peter Enns, to name a few.

They cannot bring themselves to believe and accept the Bible the way it is written so they turn to secular sources, in disobedience to God, to find a new way to read the Bible, a way that caters to their viewpoints and tells them what they want to hear. It is easier for them to do this than to follow God’s simple instructions to test the spirits, to not follow the ungodly, and to follow the HS to the truth.

Why they do this is a result of their opening the door to doubt and letting evil  use that opening to ruin their faith. Sadly, they use their faulty learning to ruin the faith of so many others.

We need more people who are true believers in Jesus to be good stewards of the word of God. Not just to counteract the actions of those described above but to teach those who are unwary so that they can be forewarned and armed ready to defend their faith and not lose it at the slightest opposition. We need men, and women, who will represent God as he represents himself.

Since God says he created all things by speaking then we represent that fact. Since God said that women are to be silent in the church and not have authority over a man, then we represent that teaching and humbly obey it. We do not let secular culture influence our practice of our faith or how we fulfill our stewardship duties to God’s word. Since God said Abraham, David, Solomon, etc., existed and did their recorded deeds, then we represent those facts as written by God. We do not let the lack of archaeological discoveries change that view nor do we let the lies of secular science alter our representing that God created all things supernaturally.

Then we continue to obey God by following his Spirit to the truth and teaching that, with love, instead of the latest Christian fad, prosperity gospel or progressive belief. We remain the light unto a dark world. WHY?

Because if we do not do it, no one else will. The Roman Catholics will not do it, the Mormons will not,nor will the Progressive Christians or creationists. Neither will the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the secular biblical scholar or archaeologist and on it goes. They all want Christianity their way or out of existence and do not care about God or his way of living life.

It is up to those who are true believers to make sure the truth is heard and that it is heard correctly. We do not shove it down people’s throats, we do not picket their meetings or activities, we do not impose our will upon others but live the life of faith the way Jesus wants so that we can be told that we are good stewards and not unworthy of our position.

We cannot waver in our beliefs either. We need to be strong so that others can draw strength from our resolve.  This may sound harsh but it is not written in that spirit. It is a call to stand tall in the faith so that those who oppose the scriptures and who want their own sinful ways do not win in ruining the church or lead more away from Jesus.

We need to be courageous and get brave enough to kick those who do not follow God or his word correctly out of the pulpits, the Christian classroom, any level, out of church leadership positions and replace them with  those who are true believers who are wise, understanding, faithful and who will seek the truth as they strive to be good stewards of the word.

We are given a great responsibility, may we handle it wisely and with success.

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